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  1. This is my stock ksp recreation of SpaceX's starhopper test vehicle, which recently hopped 20 meters untethered on July 25, 2019 and will hopefully hop 200 meters in August. It's still a WIP though, but I'm almost done with it! Here's some images: My Recreation (using Making History for some parts) Real Life Starhopper My Stock Starhopper Recreation "hopping" Real life Starhopper hopping My Starhopper Recreation after hopping, back on the ground One time I tried landing it on the VAB, and this happened (turns out its pretty durab
  2. The date is February 20, 1962. NASA is about to launch the first American into orbit, John Glenn. In this mission you will be recreating the Mercury-Atlas 6 flight, which brought John Glenn into orbit and back. It includes some realism, with some things that actually happened during the 3-orbit mission. Operated by NASA as part of Project Mercury, it was the fifth human spaceflight, preceded by Soviet orbital flights Vostok 1 and 2 and American sub-orbital flights Mercury-Redstone 3 and 4. I think I did a pretty good job at recreating the mission using the mission builder, and I hope you will
  3. I am taking up Mopoii's The Martian Challenge - Recreating the film's Ares III mission and logging the mission here. Of course this has been done before, but this time Squad has made robotics available in the latest DLC "Breaking Ground", which helps to create cooler and more accurate craft. Wherever possible I have mirrored real life rockets in the game, like the Constellation Program Ares I and Ares V, the US Delta II and Atlas V, and Chinese Long March 3C. The fictional craft also mimic the conceptual artwork where possible and are built to a realistic scale. The use of robotics a
  4. I have NO MODS installed, I've tried completely reinstalling the game, I've tried restarting my PC, I've tried launching the game from steam and directly from the directory, I've tried restarting steam, And nothing works. I got no error logs and the game worked before. The only thing I know that might have been the cause is that I've tried installing Realism Overhaul via CKAN and ever since it didn't launch. I have no idea what to do anymore.
  5. This seems to be an issue that appeared after updating from 1.7.0 to 1.7.1 every time I try to launch the game (in 64 bit) it will load about half way to 2/3 the way through and then stop and sit on a file. Ex. It will display Squad/Spaces/Placeholder/internal/Placeholder. Also on every one it gets stuck on it’s in a ‘spaces’ folder. As far as for RAM I have 16gb ant it is always at 60% utilization when the game stops loading (about 5.6gb). Also, when I delete the file that has broken the game and relaunch it just goes to another internal.cfg file and freezes. Btw when I say freeze I mea
  6. Game needs stock procuderal wings and parts (Plates,and tails,fuselages,etc). This can increase craft diversity and realism of game.
  7. Hello, I am playing KSP 1.6.1 with RO and a bunch of other mods, however I am struggling to replicate the Luna missions. I am using the pre-made "RN Stock Luna 2" craft (from the Soviet Probes and Soviet Rockets mods by Raidernick), the craft has plenty of Dv, but I am still unable to reach/impact the moon. Correct me if I am wrong, but here is my understanding of how the real mission went: 1. Launched from Baikonur 2. Reached an altitude of about 200-300km (could not find an accurate number), before the main engine of the second stage ran out of fuel 3. Removed the fa
  8. Salut à tous, petit topic pour vous dire que je lance un serveur discord KSP ouvert à tous le monde (de préférence francophone). Le Serveur vous permettra de rencontrer d'autres joueurs KSP, d'échanger des vaisseaux, de jouer en ligne (mods), mais aussi de partager sa liste de mods.... Bref j'espere vous revoir de l'autre coté ^^ Le lien : https://discord.gg/E7GMFVF
  9. The Veneium (Based on one of my missions) (First story under the code-name Expedition 5) ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ "Even a small group, can succeed in everything, or destroy the world" - Me CHAPTER LIST (Now): Short info: Every mission related to Expedition 5 will fall under the code-name Expedition 5. Warning: this warning is written in comic sans MS. A little bit bigger info: Even including the fact that the story is about a
  10. I have this weird issue where my craft, without SAS on, will go out control. I don't have any extra controllers attached that would send inputs into the game, and I have tried the old trix of Alt+X to correct any trimming but it seems to be fighting me. When I rotate into certain positions as well, it will always want to be on a slight angle. I recorded this wild situation. Any help would be lovely! If you notice in the bottom left where Pitch, Roll, and Yaw are, they are not on their zeroed position, they are slightly off while SAS on like they are being forced. It is so weird!
  11. Hey folks, If interested, I've just uploaded a new KSP video on YouTube if you guys want to check it out. Would appreciate the feedback and pointers if you guys have em'. I wanted to make this for new players who are joining from playstation side and haven't gotten the chance to play Kerbal Space Program before (like myself!) Just want to say that I think Kerbal Space Program is a great example of an outstanding game. Great message and gameplay combined - I could go on for hours .. but then people think you're nuts. here's a video I made instead... Here's the link:
  12. Background: There is photographic evidence of life in the deep oceans of Laythe. Kerbal scientists want more conclusive evidence. Funds are short, so private contractors are asked to bid for the chance to change the way Kerbals see their place in the universe. Build a lowest cost mission to Laythe, from KSC launch pad, to the DeGrasse Sea biome, do a Mystery Goo experiment, and bring the science back to Kerbin. The twist is: The Mystery Goo experiment must be done on the DeGrasse Sea floor. Rules: Stock parts (including Making History) only, no mods that change game
  13. The rules are simple: list as many dumb ways, no matter how big or small, your KSP missions have failed I'll start it off... Confusing retrograde with prograde. You can probably guess what happened next...
  14. Can someone give a tutorial on node attachments. How to place them on your mods parts. I have learned how to create mu files to export into ksp, but my nodes are not in the correct place, and my collision mesh isn't working correctly either, I mean I can place them into the construction area, but cannot select them again to move them or reposition them.....so please someone help me
  15. Have been wondering lately as to when the majority of people here started playing, so I created a poll. POLL i gave you guys one chance to use the "other" option...
  16. I wouldn't really call this a full graphic novel because it's pretty short, and it's my first one so it's probably not the best, but I still hope you all enjoy it! This will be the first part of a series taking place in the "Beyond Home" version of the Kerbol system. I was inspired to make this part specifically because of Tribute's in-game description, which is really great. Well, all the descriptions are great, really, as well as--actually, you know what, just play the darn mod, it's amazing. Here it is: Sorry about that typo on page 4, btw. I'll try to make as little of
  17. I think most of the players have met a problem: when you create something that is used for displaying and filming, the framerate will drop below 5 due to the physics calculation, and sometimes crafts will explode during the filming process leaving a stuck KSP on my computer. If the physics calculation can be temporarily shut down, things will get way better. Are there any mods that can achieve this purpose?
  18. Hi, I love the idea of realism with plane building in KSP, challenge and functionality as well as a realistic look and testing process over performance when building aircraft. Hi have played around with building my own turbofan engines in KSP and fitting them on planes trying to get the best performances without killing my test pilots. I've successful built a handful using propeller parts to build a fan, smaller propellers part clipped to make a low pressure compressor stage and small jets engines to act as a high pressure compressor stage (and deliver most the thrust). I then use st
  19. Hello, and welcome to the munar base collaboration challenge, where we as a community will be working together to build a mun base under restrictions, like a budget! (Inspired by the Kerbin Collaborative Space Station Challenge by @Ultimate Steve) The Beginning Its been about 50 years since KASA has first went and landed on the mun. KASA hasn't been back since then, and people are urging them to return. KASA has given us a total budget of 1.75 million kilofunds (AKA 1,750,000 funds) to build a mun base that will deliver crews and tourists to and from the base. The base will be c
  20. Hello! I updated to the new KSP version 1.7 and am getting so bad performance. I still have KSP 1.6 installed with better time warp, Kerbal engineer and restock mods installed and I'm getting higher performance overall. Meanwhile in KSP 1.7 I have only better time warp installed and the performance is bad. How can I increase my FPS without making the graphics looking pixelated (DO NOT TELL ME TO UPGRADE, THAT'S NOT AN OPTION!!!) My laptop specs: MODEL - Asus X540SA OS - Windows 10 Home 64bit CPU - Intel Pentium n3700 1.6GHz up to 2.4GHz boosted. GPU - Intel HD gr
  21. Welcome to the first annual KSC Car and Air show. This is a special contest for builders of cars, trucks, planes, and other wacky stuff. It is a community driven air show where KSP players can upload their craft here to be a part of this event. After all the slots are full, I will set up all the stuff in a save file, and then I will announce the winners of each category. I will also share the save file with everyone else, so they can find all the craft in one place. Have fun! Uploading guidlines: PLEASE INCLUDE A CRAFT FILE!! Also, please include sc
  22. Thought this idea a long, long time ago when I first brought my laptop to boarding school (My school allows it anyways) & I was 'bashed' by my batchmate who's went crazy with Mobile Legends - Bang Bang (Indonesians can explain this even more). In short, MLBB is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena in form of a mobile game, developed by a Chinese game developer, Shanghai Moonton. It's on par with PUBG Mobile around Southeast Asia, but IMHO PUBG Mobile surged with popularity even more than the knockoff MOBA game (The game (MLBB), at early stages, blatantly used assets from League of Legend
  23. Hello, I used to play KSP but quitted. Now that I started playing again I seem to have a problem. I can't add a maneuver. I can't click on the node and add a maneuver. It's really annoying cause I can't launch anything to other planets. I can get in orbit without it but I need to get to Minmus for some missions. Picture of it
  24. I don't have any experience in modding ksp and I am playing on 1.3.1 with realism overhaul and I want to create my own parts but with realistic stats who hard is that? And who can I do that? Thanks for helping
  25. So today I created a stock falcon 9 and crew dragon/dragon 2 spacecraft if any one wants to use it. Download it from kerbalx, its for 1.6.1: https://kerbalx.com/JohnsterSpaceProgram/Falcon-9-and-Crew-Dragon This craft includes a falcon 9 which you can try and land the first stage if you want, and crew dragon (which recently was flown on the DM-1 mission). Carries 5 kerbals to your space station and back, or around the mun. Check the action groups to see what you can do with the crew dragon and falcon 9 first stage. The main reason I made this was so I could recreate
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