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  1. http://spacedock.info/mod/541/Avalon%20Astronautics%20High-Tek%20Parts?ga=%3CGame+3102+%27Kerbal+Space+Program%27%3E My first mod ever!!!! The description on the mod's page shows what it adds so check that out. If you have any issues/suggestions/advice please feel free to PM me. As you can tell by the stock models & lack of textures, I have no experience in making/using either of those, so I am looking for people who are willing to do that. If you can, please tell me in either a reply to this topic or a PM. See Ya In Space!!! The custom flag was created by the glorious user Kuansenhama, he is really just amazing. -KspNerd/CrashAndBurn
  2. Hello dear reader. This is a thread for organizing and sharing in a single place the work I'm doing to revive, resurrect or maintain abandoned mods. Or anything in general, really. The general idea is to grab old, abandoned, orphan, incomplete or otherwise currently unused mods and give them new life in the current KSP version. I'm very open to suggestions and contributions. I do config file / Module Manager tweaking, and some of coding. I am absolutely terrible at 3D modelling and mediocre at best at texturing, so it is unlikely I'll do any of those. So, without further ado, below is the info on the already resurrected/tweaked/refreshed/updated mods: Current KSP version: [1.0.5] Sam Hall - Kerbonov Kn2 Status: Up to date - Original Thread Kerbonov Kn2 is a parts pack that adds a very nice cockpit with beautiful interiors, a mini jet engine, probe-sized RCS thrustes with monoprop in them, RATOs, a probe-sized decoupler, and some other goodies. Download: Changelog: 1.1: Engines now use ModuleEngineFX The decoupler now has the default KSP sound, because the bundled one wasn't working. All nodes have been checked so they comply to the new attachment rules. Thermal information has been added so things can now explode properly. All credit to Sam Hall Tweaking based on the excellent previous work of aristurtle: Forum post License: CC 3.0 Share Alike with attribution TurboNisu - Stockalike Parts For Useful Aesthetics Status: Up to date - Original Thread TurboNisu made this excellent parts pack that fills some gaps in the stock variety. Download: Changelog: 1.2: Revisited truss attachment nodes. Tweaked all masses. Added missing thermal info. Added License to the download 1.1: Fixed attachment nodes in all girder and truss pieces. Added thermal information Weaked weight for little truss pieces. All credit to TurboNisu Tweaking based on the excellent previous work of a__gun: Forum post License: CC Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported pizzaoverhead - Battery Indicator Status: Up to date - Original Thread pizzaoverhead made this very neat little mod that lets you tell at a glance the status of the Z-100 Batteries. He wanted to add more stuff but hasn't touched it in a while so I did. Download: Changelog: 1.5: Added color for locked batteries, defaults to blue. Added a gradient mode for the light so it changes smoothly. Made colors configurable via config file. 1.6: Increased the gradient steps to 8, so the colors will step in the middle of each pair. Added color for full batteries, the default is white. Added a percentage between full and caution, called okPercentage, default is green. All credit to pizzaoverhead License: GPLv2 - Sources included in the download. -- This is my way of saying thank you both to this amazing comunity, and the mod devs who work for no other reason than making more fun available for everyone else.
  3. I made something smaller a.k.a. cupcake lander. I don't know if I should post actual craft because it's so simple. VIDEO
  4. While I love the work of @Porkjet, I think the Mk3 passenger module could do with some improvements. This has been on my mind since .90 Its extremely large for only holding 16 kerbals and no other functions, it has allot of wasted volume. first idea: I would cut it in half (2 windows) and only carry 8 kerbals allowing you to just squeeze in 8 more peeps to your shuttle without cutting out cargo space. if you need to move more than 8 kerbals then add another one OR just put loads of seats in a cargo bay. (this is the most efficient way to move kerbals) second Idea: add service bays above and below the cabin. like this: this way you could add extra RCS, Fuel or science parts, even a small rover or escape pod. *edit: if the doors opened as pictured above, you could put landing legs in there!!! *editedit: or vtol engines! or wheels! oh my! thoughts?
  5. So, I'm working on parts for my little Jool DIRECT mod and I wanted to make a new 1.25 m engine. After looking at the LFB KR-1x2, I decided to do what Squad did and cut the single KR-1 engine off the rest of the model, leaving me with this. The problem I'm having now, is what tweaks to make to it. If I just divide the information from the "Twin Boar", I'm left with an engine that gets 1000 kn of thrust in Vac, 933 kn in Atmosphere, and a slightly worse Isp than the "Vector". The LFB KR-1x2 gives a description that the KR-1 sacrificed thrust and efficiency for the booster design. Would this be a good fit as a upper stage J-2x or RL-10 analog to compliment the KS-25 "Vector" when that is used as a lower stage booster?
  6. Sorry. Figured it out. @DuoDex please delete this thread.
  7. Non aerostat album parts: landing gear is stock and fans are from RoverDude's Exploration pack. WARNING – early WIP. Ever since I started playing KSP I've wanted to play with airships. I found Hooligans airships and had fun with those and then Procedural airships. While I really liked both of those mods I wanted to go in a bit different direction with this. I also wanted to learn how to make mods so.... Currently I have models for rigid aerostats (think Hindenburg) and non-rigid aerostats (think Goodyear blimp – technically semi rigid for the newest one). These consist of three centers and three end caps. Gondola parts include a cockpit that has some extra info display functionality for aerostats, a crew compartment and a gondola tail. Three hydrogen cylinders, one fin with a control surface, a probe core if you want the extra aerostat display info without the gondola and finally a tweakscale MM patch. I'm new to 3D modeling so the models are rather basic. Operation wise you have a lift cell and the lift cell contains a balloonet or a balloon within a balloon. The balloonet allows you to vary the lift gas volume so you can maintain a set altitude – the bigger the balloonet is inflated, the less room for lift gas, the lower the altitude you stabilize at . Gas cells (lift cells and balloonets) can rupture if subject to too much pressure. If a gas cell is ruptured it doesn't pop like a balloon but will start leaking gas. To prevent disaster the gas cells have an emergency relief valve that will vent gas at a set pressure and while it should prevent a rupture in most circumstances, it won't save you if you ascend too fast. To control the craft right click on envelopes to control each envelope individually: Cell Main/Cell Balloonet to select the part of the envelope to control - lift cell or balloonet. Step +/- to change the amount to change Lift +/- to change the selected (lift or balloonet) fill by amount. Dump to manually dump gas Or on a areostat controller (cockpit or probe core) part for info/control of all envelopes: Pressure Hold on/off to automatically try to keep pressure at 500 Pa Venting on/off to allow over pressure venting - also called ERV or Emergency Relief Valve. When you stabilize at your desired altitude turn pressure hold off. Working Lift calc's – parts will fly. Cells will randomly spring a leak if over pressure(1500 Pa for now) - probability increases with time over pressure and how far over pressure. Not working Under pressurized non rigid aerostats work just as well as when properly pressurized. To Do List Add hatches to the gondola parts (you can't EVA at this point). Add a GUI Move over burdened right click menu to GUI. Auto trim function. (or /- trim) Auto altitude function. Auto pressure function – for non-rigids. Graphical status for each lift cell. Add configuration window. Allow change of lift gasses – currently Hydrogen only. Add hot air, and heated gas options. Part scaling - needs to independently scale length and diameter so part count can be reduced. More envelopes, gondola parts, better models, better textures. Balance the pieces. Required mods: Community Resource Pack. Recommended mods: At this point I haven't played with this enough to be able to recommend any mods to go with this but AirPark looks very promising and KAS should be perfect for anchoring to towers or the ground. There is only one size of envelope so TweakScale (MM cfg included) is needed if you want bigger envelopes. Download And a final warning – progress is going to be slow. License CC BY-SA
  8. I've been thinking about some things lately, regarding part mods that include hull parts (as opposed to wing parts etc.) with cross sections that are not circular. The classic examples of such parts would be the stock Mk2 and Mk3 parts, which follow a standard set by Squad. Mk3 and the B9 HL hull parts fit each other - as I understand it this was a deliberate choice. Well, why not make this choice some more? The ability to add to parts produced by others makes sense, and can only improve the quality and flexibility of parts mods. As such, I propose setting down a standards board made up of an appropriate set of volunteers, who will determine which hull shapes to standardize, and what the precise standard should be for each. I myself lean towards being quite liberal about permitting new standard shapes - simply because I like creativity and new ideas - so in the end it may simply come down to collecting and publishing these shape descriptions in an appropriate format. But the main thrust is simply to have definitions for hull shapes that are stable, accessible and usable, permitting modders to create compatibility with others more easily. Some thoughts on what shapes it would make sense to include, sorted by the mod pack where I've seen them (which may not be the originator, please correct me in this case): B9 Aerospace (bac9) S2 S2W HX Mark IV Spaceplane System (Nertea) Mk4 OPT SpacePlane Pack (K.Yeon) Type J Type K Other types will surely come up as well - I know I've seen them, and I know I must have forgotten some also. Really, any hull type part that could be standardized meaningfully is a candidate here. It would provide us with a repository of information on what shapes are used, and prevent insularity among parts mods by making compatibility easier. So, thoughts?
  9. Hi gang, TP here. A quick question, have you ever noticed the amount of non-connected struts? I keep finding myself scouring the sides of my rockets, trying to pry 1-2 more parts away from my total part count. Maybe it is just me (as a part-manic, sue me) or maybe its a common thing?
  10. Hot Contents Orbital Systems A Mod by Sequinox and Joco223 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Q: What is Hot Contents Orbital Systems? A: Hot Contents Orbital System is a mod that aims to have multiple parts for every purpose imaginable. Stock engines are very limited, so I aim to develop a mod to where you can look for a part that fits what you need and it will be there. Q: Wait a minute, you're not a modder! A: o_o You got me! This is my first mod I am developing for the community. I started off making some Real Plume configs for the Launchers Pack mod. From there I decided I would like to do something I can truly call my own. Q: Where can I give you feedback? A: You can always tell me how I'm doing by just replying on the thread! Feedback is always welcomed and it helps me develop a better mod! Q: Alright, cool. Anything else we should know? A: All of my mods will use GitHub for the main download. I believe that GitHub should be used by every mod creator due to the fact that you can see what you are downloading. If you wish, there will always be a download on SpaceDock. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Image Gallery ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Downloads: GitHub SpaceDock ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hot Contents Orbital Systems requires: RealPlume (Not included in the download!) SmokeScreen (Included in the download!) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Planned Stuff: Grey: In planning Red: Modelling Yellow: UV Mapping/Texturing Green: Unity stuff/Config files Strike Through: Put on hold HC-2 Lower Stage Engine: A small 1.25 engine. Comparable to the Merlin 1C. HB-2: The next tier of upper stage engines. (READY FOR RELEASE) HA-Multi Engine Adapter: A 9 engine adapter. Comparable the the adapter on the Falcon 9 1.1. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Change Log: v.Demo-1: Added HC-1 Orbital Engine v.Demo-2: Added the HCE-2 Polished up some stuff with the HC-1 v0.1: Added the HB-1 Added the HC-FT-1 v0.2: Added HC-SB1 Rebalanced the HB-1 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Help Wanted! We are currently looking for someone who can do unity configuration and create config files! If you are willing, please message either me or @Joco223. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- License CC BY-NC-SA What does this mean? You are allowed to remix and redistribute our work so long as you give credit, provide a link to this license and make clear what changes you made. You may not redistribute this mod for commercial uses. Development Team Sequinox - Creator, Thread Maintainer, Unity Configurer, Config File Configurer Joco223 - Modeller, Texturer Other Credit: @Nhawks17 - For the beautiful Real Plume Stock Configs mod @sarbian - For the amazing SmokeScreen mod.
  11. Kerbalized version of the ship Sidonia from Knight of Sidonia Anime converted in a Heavy Asteroid recycler Ship THIS UPDATE IS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH OLDER VERSIONS Kidonia is a heavy ship-carrier that relies on asteroid resource extraction The package include cap with Grappler-Drill, Sas, Command module, Cargo Bay, Science Lab with integrated Nuclear Reactor and Recycler for depletedfuel (nuclear waste), Huge Tank, 3.75m ISRU, Thermal section and Engine Patch inside for Snacks, SimpleConstruction and for increase mass of asteroids Dependencies InterstellarFuelSwitch Kerbal Joint Reinforcement ? (not a dependency but highly recommended) Recommended mods Custom Asteroid SimpleConstruction Suggestions For Place the Grappler inside the cap bay hold ALT+Shift Cap Bay Doors and Grappler Arm animations are Delayed on this way you can use them in the same ActionGroup LICENSE: CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 Changelog Download ; GitHub SpaceDock Regards Luca
  12. Hello everyone! I recently obtained some files and were told to look after them, so here you go! I myself haven't done any of the modeling or texturing But I did do a lot of config editing. Mostly rewriting RP configs, names, discriptions, etc... Download Link: Dev Release. Still kinda funky. If the Mods take this down because license issues, I'll need help understanding how to do that... Credits: Myself- Pretty much nothing! @DECQ- Falcon 9 Models and textures @MeCripp- Helping me figure out how the hell stock fairings work License: Haven't quite figured this one out yet either... Advice? Do I even need one?
  13. Well, some of you may remember me, others may not. I'm the guy that made the perfectrons and one of the first launch escape system mods. Of course, that was long long ago (.24.2 being the last version I updated my mods for). Since then, I made very few advances and a few new parts too, but never got around to finishing them. I also kept myself from posting in the forums (lots of things going on at that time with the forum, arguments here and there about cancelled features and whatnot). Also there were way better mods at the time that did the same as my parts, so there wasn't much point in keeping them alive. Even the mod linked in my signature is dead. Long story short, I never updated my mods (sorry to the people that kept waiting for them) nor did I made progress with the things I had been experimenting with. So here I release all the parts I had been working with to the public domain. Included are: Perfectrons, all 3 variants LES, the 2 released variants (Apollo and Soyuz) and an unreleased, WIP, Copenhagen Suborbitals model. A radial engine I never got around to finish The ARES based SRB (the Kickback didn't exist back then) The A-RCS, a high powered, 5 direction RCS specifically for rocket control (see THIS video, around 0:18 and 3:35 to see how they were supposed to work). Vernor didn't exist back then either. The BPC release candidate, a fairing system to convert the mk1-2+LES combo into a good looking one. Cancelled because sumdum heavy industries made its glorious entrance. Not included in the file: Textures (They were horrible, and never got around to fix them) Configs (For obvious reasons) UV Maps (some models have theirs set up, but I highly suggest you re-do them) So yeah, the file only contains .MAX and .FBX files to import into 3DSMax or any compatible software (I think blender can import them? never used it really). The techniques used are pretty average ones, nothing to be proud of really. Note: some of the files are actual scenes ready for render, and scaling may be wacky in some cases. In some cases there is a stock mk1-2 pod. Some pictures (they are too big to hotlink, and are not in an album, sorry): About licensing and derivative works: They are now in the public domain. you are free to do whatever you want with them. Giving credit is most definitely not needed (although appreciated of course). LINK: https://www.dropbox.com/s/hpebuwt9cubkk2g/unreleasedparts.rar?dl=0
  14. Have you ever said "I don't want to live on this planet anymore"? Now you can! We at Kerman & Kerman Orbit and SurfaceStructuresare proud to present you the all new product line for Kerbals who want nothing more than to live on another planet! This mod adds several new parts that are designed to be used in a planetery base for the Kerbals.This includes Habitats, Greenhouse, Laboratory, a Cupola derivative, Command-Center and others. It is designed to fit with the other stock parts and feel as "Kerbal" as possible. The mod has been released! Further development and discussion of this mod will be continued in the RELEASE THREAD
  15. I have taken the liberty of updating the SnackPartsByWhyren so that the connection nodes work correctly in 1.0.5. This is currently a WIP. I have kept the original license WTFPL. http://www.wtfpl.net/ here is a link to the original authors thread. http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/83028-snacks-life-support-parts-by-whyren-v5-8312014/ here is the link to download the updated version from Kerbal Stuff https://kerbalstuff.com/mod/1452/Snack%20Parts%20By%20Whyren%20UPDATED%205.1
  16. I read in the devnotes that you can now search parts by internal tags. I thought that this might be a good thing to crowdsource, because there are so many relevant tags that could be added to the stock parts. And who knows, someday we could even tag mod parts! What do you think?
  17. Hi, today @katateochi the owner of KerbalX and me had a talk about his plan to include vessel statistics into his vessel hosting site. I told him that i wanted to do a similar thing for DMP a while back and would love to have a "wich mod lincludes part x" search on SpaceDock. I suggested to include CKAN into this, since they distribute metadata. In addation tot he parts stats it would be great to have an image of that part so my idea is to ther have some sort of headless render setup or/and some sort of mod that generates them on players ksp games (as crowdsource campain). EIther way non of us has the time to implement those things but i would be willing to contribute the needed Server resources to make it happen. The reason for posting it here is to ask for opinions, ideas how to implement it and folks who are willing to build such a setup (given that CKAN and the rest involved are ok with it)
  18. As mentioned in the main development thread, KPBS has grown big over the time and some users might not want to install a mod that is too heavy/big. So the result of this thread decides in what form the mod will be delivered when it is released! Happy Voting! Ps.: when none of the choices on the poll are the way you want it delivered feel free to suggest another way in a post! I just added the new question to the poll.
  19. Alright, so I have a ridiculous question. would it be possible... to swap out a part completely.. for a part from a mod...? I don't know because I don't know crap.
  20. Hello all, I love modding this game really heavily, and I am rather fond of parts packs. I do find though, that after 60+ mods, I am running 2,500+ mem. I was wondering if there was a mod that would allow me (Ingame) to remove specific parts while not removing mods, or, if anyone had any advice how to do this in the game folder? I do not have much experience and ability with modding game files myself. Plenty of the parts packs have specific parts that I never personally use, while I use the other parts from those packs in every build. I'd like to be able to remove those that I do not use, if possible. Thank you all.
  21. Earlier today I had an idea concerning Mk2 parts while thinking of a mini seaplane (external seat, Mk0 main fuselage) and somehow that turned into smaller Mk2 parts. I was thinking Mk0 with 3 wing connector d's angled into each other on each side and offset slightly into Mk0 fuselage. They could possibly fit into normal Mk2 cargo bays, but I cannot try it now. Tell me what you think about it.
  22. Hi, is there a mod that adds powerful solar panels which can be retracted and, while retracted, have some 2400°K heat resistance, like the stock 1x6 and 2x3 panels? I was looking at Near Future Solar, but the larger panels don't retract. Basically, I want to make an ore tug/refinery which can aerobrake without the hard time of finding a way to put the solar panels so they don't burn during aerobrake
  23. Hi! I would suggest to include stock rover parts, for example Chemcams or something like that. Also please more space shuttle parts AND misión, like crew transfering (what would be related with máximum time that a kerbal can stay in space). A training center to train kerbals habilities. That would need more habilities, for example, endurance, strength, etc. Medical center that would be related to the maximun time a kerbal can stay in space, again. I think that focusing on space stations would be really important so more experiments and parts can be constructed. I already have a lots of mods that give me basically what I expected from stock possibilites and features, so maybe you should include them as stock features, like PlanetaryBase, Infernal Robotics, Life Support, ScanSAT, Tarsier Space Technology, Station Science, etc. But highly needing Rover parts, because there are too less parts to build, just 3 wheels, and I dont find any Rover parts pack or something.
  24. I have been trying to figure out what is causing this issue for days. Sometimes, when I load my career save, I get a bunch of craft loading errors saying that various mod parts are missing. I can go into sandbox and sure enough they're gone. The thing is, it doesn't do it every time, so I can't figure out what to do to even start troubleshooting this. I thought it was running out of memory at first, but really haven't had any failure to load problems or crashes. Every now and then it will crash after a few hours of playing but memory usage usually stays around 1.6 to 2 Gb, which should be well under the limit. The thing is, it's parts that I have on ships already that there was no problem with the last time I opened KSP, hence the craft loading errors on opening a savegame. This is driving me absolutely insane because it doesn't do it reliably and I have no idea where to even start troubleshooting. I have tried, without success: - Deleting and reinstalling whichever mod it decides not to load parts from. This worked once, but only made different parts not show up in the future. - Verifying steam cache: This did nothing despite replacing one file. - Deleting and reinstalling all of my mods: Didn't seem to do any good. -forcing openGL: was doing this before, no change. Tried forcing DX11, it loaded faster but the exact same parts were missing. I'm running 1.0.5 build 1028 It most frequently happens with Universal Storage cores, some DERP parts from USI Survival pack, and one of the SXT tanks. But it's happened with other parts as well, seemingly without any rhyme or reason. Modlist:
  25. so um i need some help my game loads up good but when i open up space station or space plane hanger no parts load
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