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  1. I have done a lot of EVA. Using mods I have built stations and ships in space and bases on the ground with a kerbal. Many times have I travelled from one ship to another wearing nothing but a spacesuit and a smile. There is no first person view from a spacesuit unlike ships in IVA. There is an up and down in a spacesuit but not in a ship and of course there should be no up or down. I suggest that the spacesuit be a command pod. A separate entity. Effectively make it a ship. Then when we EVA everything can look the same as it does now except hanging in place on a ladder
  2. Is there a mod that converts or creates maneuvers for low TWR burns? I forget who had the pre-calculated dV for Kerbin escape burns in their signature which is kind of what I'm looking for but that's only helpful when you're doing only-prograde burns. A lot of planetary transfers require some amount of normal/anti-normal and it would be nice (easier) to get proportionately the right amount of normal burn to get to your departure inclination. Ideally, it would be cool to set up a maneuver node (typical maneuver node procedure) that gets you the transfer you need then click a button that c
  3. Though I am just a new guy here, (with only 200hours gameplay)I think there is still great potential here, and KSP could be push even further. I just tried KAS+KIS. It allows me to tweak my station in the orbit like NASA. So I guess give Jeb, Bill and Bob more capability is possible. As for now, I can just control them one by one, quite annoying. what if I can give them orders? AND maybe even multiplayer? Imagine this: I want to upgrade my station around kerbin, need help. So I send a quest to KSC with my plan. Then a contract is created with deadline for other players. Once accepted, he will
  4. After making a series of rockets that where doomed with the jiggling disease when taking off, and placing 100 batteries in one tiny space. I watched as I played 50 hours without even coming into orbit.. I made a lot of crazy creations and, went trough a lot of beatifull and crazy moments. But after I lost the sense of progress in career mode, and none was there to share my funnt experiences, it made me quite dissapointed. There are a lot of mods, and a lot, a lot, of screenshots, guides, and videos. I sense that everyone would like to share their creations more than currently possi
  5. Love the game. Has totally consumed my life in spite of my short temper and lack of patience. May have already been suggested but nothing sets me off quicker than going to click on anything and the game registering (either by mistake or because I clicked on something else) that I clicked on what I wasn't trying to click on. Please give us an option during designing our space ships and space planes that enables us to, maybe through a right-click context menu option, lock an item (and by extension all it's mirrored components) in place so that it can't be interacted with any further.
  6. I suggest, that we merge all threads in the "General KSP discussion" into one single thread. It will be great, that way, there will only be one single thread, everything will be in one place. Because of that, every new Member will immediately find all the Information about KSP, since there is only one place to look at, anyway. Sounds right? No? Well, I didn't think so either. Merging all threads into one thing is a terrible idea, because threads become cluttered, it becomes impossible to follow conversations about different topics. The threads become effectively unsearchable, because
  7. As someone who's made a multitude of OPs for craft threads, mission reports, and even on rare occasion, mods, I've taken to enjoying the power and precision of working with the code in my posts. The new What-you-see-is-what-you-get editor is great. The immediate feedback on my formatting is invaluable, but sometimes I want to see through the formatting. The KSP community is inarguably one of the more intelligible gaming communities and I think there's enough of us who are versed in C#, HTML, and Kod knows how many other code languages that people would appreciate this. Caveat 1: This sho
  8. I would like to suggest that Squad take a genuine look at the efficacy and practicality, both on their end as programmers and our end as users, of integrating voice activation in the future. I know that's by no means easy. Limitations are obvious, not the least of which being how many languages are enough. Thoughts?
  9. The options that some parts have for action groups seems rather limited (or even a bit arbitrary). For example on an Elevon you can set action groups to toggle, extend and retract. But on the context menu for the same Elevon there are quite a few more actions available; state toggle (which covers the action group options), deploy toggle (inverted or normal) and a toggle for pitch, roll and yaw. The action group options "extend" and "retract" are kind of pointless when you have "toggle" and the really useful one to have as an action group (the deploy toggle) just isn't available as an
  10. I'm by no means on the up and up with forum code, but I do know that the capability of having user specific forum themes (colors of titlebars/backgrounds/etc) goes back to the early 2000s. Why is our only option eye-sight scourging white? Is personal settings for a milder shade to the format an option or soon to be one?
  11. I think that too much space is lost because the forum is not as wide as the old one, meaning that all fonts appear larger and you can't see many threads or posts on one page without scrolling. I think that the forum should be made MUCH wider. It would be a step towards the better style of vBulletin.
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