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  1. (Picture below by @damonvv, uses Modular Launch Pads for the tower) Trailer by @DevNovalight on Twitter Like what I do? Want to directly support development? Consider donating via Patreon or Paypal! Set up recurring donations through Patreon ...Or make a one time donation via PayPal DOWNLOADS Spacedock | Github MANUAL | DEVELOPMENT | BUG REPORTS Made by @CobaltWolf, @Jso, @Zorg and @Invaderchaos Massive support from B9PS and SAF provided by @blowfish (Un)official wiki maintained by @Fr
  2. Latest Release Source Sample Craft (also found in WildBlueIndustries/FlyingSaucers/Ships/SPH) Gerra Kerman, test pilot. She liked the sound of that! Here she was, standing in front of her first assignment, parked on the tarmac at KSC. Gerra whistled, marveling at the design and then began walking around the strange aircraft. It had a disc-shaped body easily 6 meters in diameter and over a meter thick. Add the trailing wings, and the aircraft spanned 8 meters. Its leading edges had gray carbon panels, ready to resist the heat of atmospheric entry, with dark heat-resistant ti
  3. KSP 1.11.1 Restock [1.3.1] Last Updated January 31, 2021 Release Album It's no secret that some of KSP's artwork is not great. Placeholder art made by a number of amateur artists throughout the game's development has resulted in a scattered mess of styles and qualities which is most evident in the part artwork. Recently Squad seems to be attempting to do something to attempt to address it, but they're taking the art in a direction we stylistically disagree with and does not solve the inconsistency issues that plague the game. Because of th
  4. The challenge is simple, but a bit hard to define. Sorry about that but here goes. THE SETUP Start a Science Mode game. No money. No contracts. You'll be busy enough trust me. Make it with (almost) any settings you want, but document them. Use any mods you want, but document them. Challenge yourself! The only setting you MUST have is that you MUST enable saves and reverts. Not many challenges require that one, eh? I would also suggest not making the science gathering all that difficult. I did this with normal science and it wasn't exactly easy. Though you could probably knock down ga
  5. The KSP forum moderator's team presents the Threads of the Month February 2021 edition Greetings, fellow forum members, As you can see, I've decided to do this month's thread of the month. Normally, I run from such things because I am more of a background kind of guy. But for some reason, I felt like volunteering to do this. Maybe it is caused by the never-ending and no end in sight lock downs, the ever growing stack of junk to grade already this semester. Maybe it's a combination of the two. Who knows, but as I told the moderation team a while back ago, hell would have to freez
  6. What it does Adds various helpful LED "indicators" to enhance your ships. Broadly speaking, these fall into two categories: Standalone parts: radially attachable LED lights with customizable colors, which can be toggled on/off with action groups. Enhancements to existing parts: add LEDs to stock parts to provide a visible, automatic indication of part status (such as whether a fuel cell is on or off). For details, please see the IndicatorLights wiki, which includes a complete player's guide and modder's guide. Download from SpaceDock License: CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0
  7. I know there are already quite a few tutorials about this topic but I want to write my own anyway Let's not waste any time and start directly In general, there are two methods to install mods: manually and via CKAN. Both methods got their advantages and disadvantages. Manual installation CKAN installation Advantages: Every mod can be installed manually Full control over the installation process Disadvantages: Updating mods one by one can be quite annoying
  8. Talk like Up-Goer Five: Express complex ideas using only very simple, common words. For anyone who has somehow managed to miss it, a while back xkcd had an absolutely brilliant strip: a schematic of the Saturn V, carefully labeled.... but with all terms restricted to only the thousand most common English words. This is where the KSP community gets the term "you will not go to space today." https://xkcd.com/1133/ This game is to talk like Up-Goer Five. That is, you have to express complex ideas using only the most common English words. Here are the rules: The person be
  9. Due to various reasons we are currently unable to do any further battles. For that reason, this thread is currently on hold until that situation changes. This thread is a continuation of the Air Superiority Fighter Competiton Unlimited by @Box of Stardust (who's still co-owner of this thread) Blablabla there used to be something about war. Let's be honest though, we don't need a reason to build fighters, we do it for the fun of it! This is probably the most rigorous BDA dogfighting competition out there, with the loosest rule set promoting maximizing combat aircraft pote
  10. There are threads dedicated to many aspects of KSP that range from Your first hour in KSP to what you did today to what made you face palm to missing debris. I would like this thread to be a place where we can share those moments where inspite of things taking a direct collision course for disaster you stood firm and though courage, skill and maybe luck you pulled success out and made a moment a legendary moment. Let this thread stand as a place where inspiration can ignite the imagination!
  11. Hey! I've always been in love with atmospheric flight, but it was not until I played KSP that I found a fondness for spaceflight. I've always had a love/hate relationship with maths, i.e, I love the practical science/engineering/business applications of it, but it costs me horrors to do anything beyond basic equations. Anyway, a few weeks ago, as I was browsing the Internet, I came across a small PDF booklet that piqued my curiosity. It was titled "HOW to DESIGN, BUILD and TEST SMALL LIQUID-FUEL ROCKET ENGINES." I gave it a quick reading, skipping over most of the maths, and realized that t
  12. I'm literally never going back again, this is probably the hardest challenge in any game i've ever played. No real point here just venting, went through about 20 ship designs, last one made it to 14k then ran out of fuel. Didn't even get past the first layer of the atmosphere
  13. The KSP Moderation Team is proud to present Threads of the Month Awards, for July 2019! We have an embarrassment of riches this month as the new updates and expansions are bringing out the excitement and creativity of our forum members. There's so much good stuff that we're holding some of the nominations over for next month so that all the selections get a turn in the spotlight. The first winner this month is @Brikoleur with his very informative and well written helicopter tutorial. @ManEatingApe and the contributors to this thread are flinging kerbals for fun
  14. This craft is a 1:1 scale full stock replica of the H-4 Hercules, more popularly known as the Spruce Goose. This craft, while relatively simple in its design, ended up being one of my more involved replicas, with a large amount of work and experimentation put into replicating the design. The craft is powered entirely by 8 of my R-4360 turboprops, which combined produce 3200 kN of thrust. The wings of this replica represent my first attempt at fully constructing a custom aerofoil. The technique used is effective, but I have since improved upon it,and you can expect more advanced versions of it
  15. UPDATE - 05/07/2019 Let's add more digits! We now we have two, two-digit inputs with a three-digit output. We've about tripled the number of gates. We're at about 700 parts now instead of the 250 earlier. I used a wonderful, free program called Logisim to help me get my logic correct before I began the upgrade. You'll see in a few places there are two NOT gates attached, which shouldn't make sense. But being mechanical this NOT/NOT arrangement gave me leeway and space to move and reposition those logic segments so everything lined up.
  16. THE LIGHT FANTASTIC CHALLENGE Aerospace as art... I've been having fun playing with lights on my craft, and I wanted to see what others would come up with. So, the challenge is simple: Build a plane, sub, SSTO, lander, space station, orbiter etc and make it look amazing with LIGHTS. There are no restrictions at all on this challenge. GO NUTS!. Post photos, or even better yet, video of your craft. This is an example I built a while ago, but I plan to enter a new one in the challenge. (more examples under the hidden items).
  17. Yes, you heared right, I have made a fully stock - that means no DLC - version of the famous Lockeed L1049 Super Constellation complete with stock Props and build in 1:1 scale. All this with a farly moderate partcount of 628, well, moderate for that scale of plane. Dowload link: https://kerbalx.com/HB_Stratos/Lockheed-L-1049-Super-Constellation I liked the plane so much I´ve made a whole cinematic dedicated to this plane. If you skipped over it, please watch the Video above, It was a lot of work but truly worth it.
  18. This is a repost version, because the last one had some swear-words.
  19. I actually have no clue where this goes, so please move it if it's in the wrong spot. What a wonderful day it is, on the really old outdated and frankly nostalgic at this point launchpad, where a mission is about to take a place. A mission that will Make History and... Actually I'm pretty sure noone's going to jump at this. You can see the moon-Alright you know what, that's enough of that. If you wanna skip everything and just download the file, click here. This post is an absolute mess and I do not blame you for just wanting to skip most of it. If you want to read my ramblings, plea
  20. Sandwiches are mainly Meat, Lettuce, Tomato, Onion and Mayo. Tacos are mainly Meat, Lettuce, Tomato, Onion and Salsa. Are tacos a sandwich and are sandwiches a taco? Also, this post has gotten on the TOTM awards!
  21. I asked this on reddit and had some good feedback but I have one more day so I wanted to get any additional info. its been a year since I played at a buddies, my computer was a brick. My wife blessed me with a new computer I get tomorrow and I will be downloading ksp. The thing is I had a stroke last Father’s Day and I still haven’t regained movement in my right arm or hand. How hard would it be to play? Any suggestions? I’m getting a mouse with 6 buttons and I can use in my left hand. Any thoughts would be appreciated, thank you.
  22. Biggest Plane with a Juno! The challenge is simple: design an airplane powered only by a single Juno. Fly it from KSC to the Island airfield. Largest aircraft (by mass) on landing wins. Rules: Only stock parts FAR will have its own leaderboard. No other mods that affect physics allowed. No cheats The only propulsion allowed is the single Juno. No sepatrons, other engines, infiniglide, kraken drives, etc. Staging is fine, but your score is determined by the mass of your craft as landed A safe landing is not required, but any lost parts won't be
  23. Yes you read it right 8139 parts, I just survived a lag hell with most of my sanity still intact... I think. Without the use of tweakscale I believe this is the biggest station ever created! (please correct me if i'm wrong) For quite a while I wanted to go big, really big so last week I finally went for it and build this space station. The pictures in orbit are of a incomplete version so they look a tiny bit different than the one in the SPH During this build I discoverd the true reason why there are ION engines in this game, and no not to provide thrust. They turn out to be
  24. So I thought I had posted a comment last night wherein I asked for advice re buying my son a suitable PC on which he can play KSP. He already plays it on his PS4 and maybe on his iPad as well or his netbook. The thing is, I don’t know if I successfully submitted my request for advice since I’ve yet to make my bold foray into the 20th century, let alone the 21st century. In other words, I don’t have a firm grasp on tech in general, and even less so when it comes to KSP. My son absolutely loves KSP and has been wanting to play it on PC for ages. He is 13 years old and of late has been exper
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