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Found 18 results

  1. It looks like it's time for me to set up a Minmus Base, I wasn't planning to but I went and accepted some Minmus contracts and one of which was to return a sample of ore. Easy enough I thought, clicking away. Now Babylon K is in orbit of the Mun and has it's own mobile mining base I thought I'd revisit the Minmus contracts. I've already got a station in orbit and a survey sat out there. Errr, that Ore Requirement - I'm sure that said 50 units of ore not 3050 units! I'm going to need a bigger boat!. So like I say I am going to have to build a full on Minmus Base. Me being me I can't do anything simply and I've decided on a modular, expandable form for the base and I've already done a little bit of research right here on Kerbin. As you can see from the picture. It's based on a cross shaped module made of a micronode, girders, docking ports and wheels. Each Module is a rover in its own right and the docking ports, when modules are arranged in a grid do indeed interlock!. An amusing side effect is that the entire base can be driven like a rover itself. I may need to unlock a few technologies before continuing though - Rovemax M1 Wheels might be better. I thought about waiting until I could unlock the HubMax Multi Point Connector but I believe the micronode and strutting will suffice.
  2. On Rura Penthe I am running a convert-o-tron 250 which requires 200 KW of Cooling and a Max Cooling of 750 KW two Drill'o'matic excavators requiring 200 KW between them and a max of 200KW between each this seems to be a total of 400kw required my base has 4 x Medium Thermal Control System fins - each with a core heat xfer of 250 KW, max cooling of 19494 KW surely this would be more than enough to keep everything cool, so why are the fins glowing red hot, running at more than 100% ( keeps flickering to 100.5%) and sparking? I shut down the drills and ore processing ( the tanks were all full anyway) to stop explosions happening. The picture below shows my base layout. Is in fact happeneing because all the tanks got full?
  3. There was a mod that let you mine ore from asteroids and convert it into TAC Life Support resources, but for the life of me I can't find it. Does anyone remember what it's called?
  4. Hello! Today I made something that I thought was impossible, I made a very high part count (yes it's laggy from time to time) ore extractor meant for low-gravity planets such as the Mün or Minmus. I'd like to share a few screenshots of it for you. Extracting ore Demonstrating the ore extractor on the launchpad It works even at night!
  5. I put a surface base down on Minmus with a drill, but it's in a location with no ore to drill up. I don't really care about the difficulty of locating biomes with resources and such, so is there a way I can edit the game files or install a mod to make the entire Minmus surface covered in recoverable ore or make the drill always dig up ore anywhere at the fastest rate possible? Thanks.
  6. I recently got a mining base at Vall. Whenever I am at a seperate craft, and I come into range of the base, it always seems on the verge of exploding. Many parts are always on the verge of exploding, including the many radiators I have mounted. Notably, my drills and my refinery are not overheating. What the heck is happening here? None of my other bases (which all use practically the same design) do this.
  7. So, after completing a Survey Scan on Minmus in both my Career and Science, I've noticed that ore seems to be in the same locations. There's 90 percent ore at the poles and one equatorial lake, and no 100 percent. Ore seems to be quite consistently the same. The wiki does mention that ore is randomly placed, but so far it seems like it isn't. Is this simply a coincidence?
  8. I watched a great movie called MOON (which i heartly recomend you) So the mission is simple : You build your moon base and find the very good place to mine ore. you're supposed to collect ore with a rover (How?-Just use MechJeb set up coordinates and let youre rover(s) move .when finally obtain a 9 large cannisters of ore the real challenge begins!You're supposed to take all of the ore and return it back to kerbin but not converted.Dont use cheats but youre still alowed to use mods instead. If you manage to obtain more ore and make video /footage of it send it somewhere...i dont know ...just leave a link to your mission And i will appreciate that (meme intended)
  9. This is my first mod that I am considering making. The stock Ore tanks in KSP, in my opinion, are too big for smaller landing craft (with the radial holding tank as an exception). Therefore, I am planning on making a mod pack for myself that will give more Ore tank sizes, and also thought about releasing it to the public. Furthermore, the game has two inline-mounted ore tanks, both 1.25m and 2.5m, respectively. However, I do believe that they are too long to fit on a lander of some sort and I would like to make a half-version of the 1.25m ore tank, with exactly half the storage capacity. This wouldn't change the fact that it is 1.25m, though, it would only change the height of the tank. This would in turn enable it to be mounted on crafts more compactly. If this mod is what people may consider using after development, then please reply to this forum as this is going to go ahead for my personal use but I would like to see if the general community would like to also use these parts. The textures will probably be similar, but they might not be identical for reasons to do with copyright of Squad's textures. I will look into this. Speculated parts list: 0.625m Tiny Ore Tank; capacity around half of the 1.25 version. 1.25m Small Ore Tank; only difference to stock one is the height; therefore the capacity is half that of the stock 1.25m one. (Possibly) 3.75m Extra Large Ore Tank; for huge landers and bases; capacity twice the size of the 2.5m stock tank. These ore capacity numbers may change in development if they seem too high or too low for the relative size of the tank. All of above is true in the hope that my creativity skills with 3D design software is good enough to create a decent mod pack. Please submit your opinions below. Thanks. UPDATE: The first fuel tank is done. This one is the 1.25m half-variant one. The picture below shows the normal stock 1.25m Ore tank and next to it is the modded one. Cost: 750 Mass: 0.25 Ore Capacity: 150 THIS MOD HAS NOW BEEN TRANSFERRED TO THE "DEVELOPMENT" SUB-FORUM:
  10. Hello, I have contract to collect 500 ore from the Mun. Thats all just drill it and leave it there. So I built this... However for some reason the drill won't transfer into the side mounted tanks. The decoupler is set to crossfeed so I'm stuck. Here's the craft file; Could someone tell me why this is not working please? Many thanks in advance
  11. This is my ship can hover it is for mining enjoy! please comment what you think! i let the video at the bottom enjoy!
  12. I am trying to mine on the Mun, and using the orbital scanner, i set the cutoff to 70% and found a good spot to land. When I landed, I used the surface scanner and it said 2.34% concentration. I tried again with another spot, and it only said 7%. Why is it saying 7% when the orbital scanner said 70%? Is there any way to get the concentration up even higher?
  13. This is an ISRU factory I'm planning on sending to Minmus. It has: 1x Drill-o-matic (the 1.25 ton version, not the Jr.) 1x Convert-o-Tron 125 (the smaller one, because it balances nicely weight-wise with the drill) 8x radial ore tanks (at 75 ore per tank, total capacity 600 ore) 2x Thermal Control System (medium) 4x Radiator Panel (large) about 4.5k electric charge capacity 8x gigantor solar panels. I'm using some mods, but most of them hopefully aren't relevant to this question -- exception might be TAC life support because the kerbals need electric charge to stay alive. The complete list is: Chatterer - Contract Configurator - 1.9.6 Contract Pack: The K Files - 1.1.1 Contract Pack: RemoteTech - 2.0.1 Contract Pack: Tourism Plus - 1.4 Kerbal Attachment System - 0.5.5 Kerbal Engineer Redux - Kerbal Inventory System - 1.2.5 KSP-AVC Plugin - 1.1.5 Final Frontier - RCS Build Aid - 0.7.7 RemoteTech - 1.6.9 SmartParts - 1.6.6 TAC Life Support - Kerbal Alarm Clock - 3.5 TweakScale - 2.2.6 Waypoint Manager - 2.4.5 So here are the actual questions: If I'm planning on running the drill and the convert-o-tron pretty much continuously until the LFO tanks are full... Which processes ore faster, the drill producing the ore, or the convert-o-tron 125 turning it into fuel? In other words will my ore tanks fill up because the drill is faster, or empty out because the convert-o-tron is faster? If my ore tanks fill up, will the drill shut down? If so will it start back up when some space becomes available? If my ore tanks empty, will the convert-o-tron stop working, or simply wait for more ore to be put in the tanks? I know the answer to question 1 potentially depends on the abundance of ore at the dig site, but I'm looking for a general answer based on people's typical experiences. This is my first attempt at using the stock ISRU system, I don't want to waste funds and time sending a mission that has no chance of working, and for mental health reasons I don't want to start up a separate sandbox to test this out for free first. Thanks in advance for any replies. Hints regarding electric charge and heat dissipation would also be very welcome.
  14. I was asked enough about this and had some issues learning this (which is to say I thought I knew what I was doing and didn't!). So as I figured this out I decided to do a tutorial on it for my youtube channel. I have some slides to go with it too. You can find the slides to go with it here: Hope this helps some people out! I already have a few other tutorials and will be working on more in the future.
  15. Greetings, So I am working on resource implentation for all the BIOMES, Planets, Moons, in KSP, OPM, maybe one or 2 extra planets/moons for OPM. We are using STOCK resource generation now, and only basic resource implementation is provided. This game is going places, but players such as myself and modders especially make it go further. A premise or 2 for resources in this game is to add realism or extra challenges; survival, building things in space, like more spacecraft ! So I was thinking..."ORE??" Scan and drill for ore and convert it to rocketparts; there are mods that get into this, some of which are either pretty basic and others which involve a level of logistical thinking that boggles the mind ! Well since we are going down this wabbit hole, why 'ORE' now? Let us drop ORE and define the basic metals needed to build spaceships and provide survival needs (the survival needs are provided by chemicals to grow hydroponically for example and are pretty straight forward; however even here...); in drilling for basic metals, we also get rock which contains limited amounts of various chemicals; carbon for one. We could even have silicon. In some of my processes I use 'chemicals' as a broad term for needed extras to complete water purification for example. There may be some chemicals, like liquid chlorine, I use to clean water; we could get this and remove the chemicals if we wanted; we could be more specific in our processes. ORE is not very specific. There are many kinds of ORE (and some drillable materials that are not ORE): iron, bauxite, gold, etc. Rocketparts would then be replaced by iron, aluminum, gold...yes there is a rabbit hole here; why not start diggin ! There probly isnt much ore out there to build spaceships with; maybe some planets/moons have alot of a specific material though. We could use iron altho it is very heavy; we can make steel or alloys in processes to make the materials less dense. I am going to drop ORE completely from the resources list !! Where ever it is used I am going to simply replace the process with an alloy ! I havnt a clue what the best space ship material is; so I am going for an alloy; I note that a material called karborundum is out there; I dont like how it is probly implemented; it sounds like one of the hardest materials out there (and less dense too I think) called carborundum; this could be an endgame material. Metals could have a shelf life; after a certain amount of time it succombs to raditiation leakage; the parts have to be salvaged. The only problem is the resources dont deplete as far as I know. I opt for dropping ORE as a resource material for building anything, but maybe leaving it for the primary source game resource. The new resource system now shows percentages of any resource so why have ORE (from a 'vet game player's' point of view). An easy option would be to drill for ORE and have processes extract the materials based on the presence of the resource on the planet/moon (!); well I just had this thought now! Say we scan for ORE and other materials; say bauxite is at 5%; this would mean we have a 5% extraction rate of Bauxite from ORE; or we drill specifically from Bauxite present on the planet/moon. Do we keep the ORE and extract material presence in it (more processes code), or do we mine for specific materials? Looks like mining for specific materials is better as it drops out one process. So I am dropping ORE as a drilled resource...what do you think !? Commander Zeta
  16. I'm trying to mine ore on Moho, but every single spot I land at is apparently devoid of any ore whatsoever despite being right in the middle of the pink zone derived from orbital scans. I know the surface scanner is technically more accurate, but still, you'd think I would have found something by now in my fifteen attempts at surface hopping. Am I missing something super-obvious? Three Kerbal lives are at stake.
  17. Hi! I have accepted a (what I thought) juicy contract of extracting Ore from Gilly and "bringing" it to Eve. Little did I know that it actually wanted me to *land* it on eve. I should really start reading the fine print, huh? Anyway, my plan is to make use of this contract to pay for my Gilly mining infrastructure, including a mining station and a lander. I want to land on Gilly, mine the Ore, transfer it to a tanker, rendezvous with a dedicated eve landing module, and transfer it to the landing module. My question is: does this still count? I mean techically it should, because it's still "the ore". But I have no idea how the contracts actually track it, since it's just a number in a config file. Will my plan work, or do I have to do that directly?