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Found 9 results

  1. This is a public service announcement This post is not an official endorsement by Squad, Private Division, or Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. Official Veterans Administration announcement here. Click here to register on Games to Grunts Steam and an organization called Games to Grunts have put together a deal for veterans of both the military of Canada and the United States. Although the announcement specifically refers to American veterans only, the parent company, Operation Supply Drop's website and sign-up page allows Canadian veterans the ability to get free games, too.
  2. This is inspired by a lot of Kerbal Mission Reports, and I've been wanting to create my own content for a while, but the real instigation was Angel-125's Heisenberg mod and his mission report. Then I found Plan Kappa, and I knew for sure that I wanted to do some sort of Mission Report / fictionalization of my main game save. Mod List Overview I wasn't a big fan of the existing nation maps of Kerbin, so I made my own. I've been using Kerbal Konstructs for some time, so this version of Kerbin contains Kerbinside, Kosmodrome, the BAD-T airfields, and possibly additional bits and
  3. Thought this idea a long, long time ago when I first brought my laptop to boarding school (My school allows it anyways) & I was 'bashed' by my batchmate who's went crazy with Mobile Legends - Bang Bang (Indonesians can explain this even more). In short, MLBB is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena in form of a mobile game, developed by a Chinese game developer, Shanghai Moonton. It's on par with PUBG Mobile around Southeast Asia, but IMHO PUBG Mobile surged with popularity even more than the knockoff MOBA game (The game (MLBB), at early stages, blatantly used assets from League of Legend
  4. EDIT: I just updated this mod to add TAC-LS and Snacks compatibility, and updated to "modern" USI-LS balance standards. There may be errors or inconsistencies, and I am actively soliciting feedback from users to refine the balance. The 2.5m part supports one kerbal. The 3.75m part supports 3 kerbals. This isn't going to be anything groundbreaking, but I present the Panarchist Space Alliance greenhouse: This is a basic greenhouse using the model ZZZ put in public domain, coupled with configuration files for 2 parts which include support for RoverDude's "USI Life Support" mod, Sna
  5. https://www.google.com/maps/space/iss/@29.5603808,-95.085575,2a,75y,41.85h,84.65t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sXD68A8T_h04AAAQvxgbyMw!2e0!7i10000!8i5000 I think you'll all enjoy this. Don't get lost!
  6. About mod update inquiries, aka "Please update your mod to (insert just-released KSP version here)" For everyone interested in updates to their favorite add-ons, please do not pester modders in the add-on thread, modders volunteer their time and requests or inquiries for updates just derail threads and will not make updates come any sooner. In case new KSP version is released and the mod is not advertised as compatible or supports only previous version: 1. Please make sure that at least a reasonable amount of time has passed since new KSP release. Modders may be well awar
  7. Just messing around with the alt-f12 cheats menu when i found this: It's not intuitive at all. I don't know what most of those orbit parameters mean, and i think eccentricity is broken. However, it seems to have most of the features of Hyperedit. You can set your ship to orbit around another planet or rendezvous with other ships with it. I'm not sure if it can directly change your velocity or land your ship at certain coordinates or edit the orbits of planets themselves, but in its most barebones form, it looks a lot like hyperedit. I guess a lot of you have found this already,
  8. Plusses suddenly appearing in your thread title are the result of a bug that @Deddly just uncovered. It means a moderator on a mobile device tried to open your thread in a new tab. No need to panic, the sky isn't falling and the forums aren't about to explode (more than they usually do). The bug only affects moderators on mobile devices as far as we know, and can be avoided. I've just thrown this post up so people know what's going on. I'll unpin the thread when the seniors and admins get around to whacking this one.
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