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[1.7.1] Cormorant Aeronology - Mk3 Space Shuttle

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1 hour ago, Pak said:

I'm a big fan of Jeast's Canadarm. That's the one I use when I feel like dealing with IR


Checking out the MMU Rack I whipped up really quick. Has guides to align your MMU after redocking and a handy spare Monoprop tank. (Left is empty, Right has docked MMU)



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One thing I've heard @TheReadPanda lament about a lack of in the stock game is a rudder capable of splitting to double as a speedbrake, a-la the real space-shuttle. Perhaps you could (via RealChutes) squeeze a drag-chute into the root of the tail-fin? (I believe that's where the real space-shuttle's drag-chute was stowed until landing) and I'm pretty sure RealChutes has a setting to make it deploy automatically on touchdown, which means you could arm the drag-chute BEFORE landing and it'd automatically open when the wheels hit the runway.

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Last shuttle I made I put on two rudders, about half clipped into each other, then set the deploys appropriately and linked then to the brakes action key.  Worked like a charm.

Oh, and the drag chute, I think you can get a real chute to attach on the base of the rudder, or you can pop a regular one on the center attachment node between the engines.

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5 hours ago, Pak said:

Update posted to Spacedock and Curseforge. 

Spacedock Shuttle Lifting Body

Good luck and enjoy. Let me know if you find any weird little stuff I missed


I'll be moving things over to a new release thread when I can. 

I might try a clean install, but in 1.0.5 shuttle parts do not appear.

Does work with 1.1

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No sound effect when activating the oms engine... no highlight when hovering over it either.  Flies well and works well however...  

Does the MMU dock with the Clamp-o-tron Jr?

No MMU here but...



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Sounds work fine for me. Those are all stock so shouldn't have any issues unless something else is modifying that.


None of the parts highlight right now actually. I forgot to change my textures back to KSP/diffuse which does the highlighting.  It'll be swapped out next patch


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55 minutes ago, trooperMNG said:

Can someone share a working shuttle using this mod? I have trouble setting CoM and CoL with the boosters and ET!

Shouldn't that not be a problem with vectors. I mean, that's how the real shuttle overcame the problem :wink: 

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13 hours ago, tg626 said:

See 4th bullet point in this post


oops, my bad.

Ok, only short shuttle(s) for now.


Thanks for pointing that out for me.  Somehow i missed the post.

Just shows never enough coffee or bacon.


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