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Kerbal Science Innovation

Creat 30/06/2017

This is a science mod which use the science of today and the science of the future



Version : 1.8.1

Change log :


Version 1.8.1 for Kerbal Space Program 1.3.1

Released on 2017-12-31

Deleted plugin

Deleted GWS

Deleted the probleme with Gamma Ray Burst


Version 1.8

Released on 2017-10-29

Update to 1.3.1 KSP

Delete Selene and Morpheus

Add a French translation

Update to english and spanish translation

Update to the plugin


Version 1.7.1

Released on 2017-09-22

-Add a patches for TweakScale (only, Atomic fontain, Dark matter collector, selene fuel tank, Morpheus "Payload")

-Change Cost of selene fuel tank

-Change the place of polaris Ray-X in the Tech Tree (move in Basic Science)

-Change some cfg file so sa to ordonnate the paramater


Version 1.7

Released on 2017-09-15

-Add Texture Replacer in the mod (Not use for the moment (it for two new parts which arrive in the future update)

-Add new texture for Morpheus (the payload)

-Change the center of mass of Morpheus

-Change the cost and the entry cost of all the parts

-Add new part create by PR1ME (the new member of KSI)

                          -Microverse Battery + texture for Microverse Battery and a cfg. file

                         - Dark matter contaiment module + texture for Dark matter contaiment module and a cfg. file

                         - file name "Ressource" for the new ressource, the "concentrated dark matter"

-Add a new manufacturer = PRIME SPACE MANUFACTURER

-Add new description/Title/ ... in the localization en-us and en-es

-Add new localization in the community TechTree


Version 1.6.1

Released on 2017-08-27

Bug fixed


Version 1.6

Released on 2017-08-27

-Add new part "Polaris-Ray X"

-Add new texture for "Polaris-Ray X"

-new localization for the spanish language

-new localization for the english language

-Change the place of Morpheus and Selene Fuel tank in the Tech Tree

-Change mass of Morpheus



Version 1.5

Released on 2017-08-25

-Add Morpheus (Payload)

-Add texture for Morpheus

-Add Selene Fuel Tank

-Add texture for Selene Fuel Tank

-Add a cfg file for Selene Fuel Tank and Morpheus

-Add a new cfg file for the Localization.


Version 1.4.3

Released on 2017-08-23

-Add new description in the en-us localization (preparation for the Morpheus Project)

-Change the cost of Gravity Waves Sensor, Dark Matter Collector and Atomic fontain so as to a better game play with the contact pack.

-Change the Mass of Gravity Waves Sensor, Dark Matter Collector, Dark Matter Sensor and Atomic fontain so as to a better game play with the contact pack.


Version 1.4.2

Released on 2017-08-21

-Add a spanish translation

-Add a new manufacter "Scorpius Space Science Laboratory"

- -Add custom experiment for all science part


Version 1.4.1

Released on 2017-08-03

-New cfg file for Dark matter collector so as to increment (correctly) in the Community Tech Tree


Version 1.4

Released on 2017-08-03

-Add a new part : Gravity waves sensor

-Add a new tewture and NRMap for Gravity waves sensor

-Add a new .cfg file for Gravity waves sensor

-Add a plugin for Gravity waves sensor

-Change the name/ Title of atomic cloack in AtomicFountain (Caesium 133).

-Change the description of AtomicFountain (Caesium 133)/Dark matter collector/Dark matter sensor

-Change the manufacturer in Scorpius Science Laboratory Industry

-Increment those parts in the Community Tech Tree


Version 1.3

Released on 2017-07-26

-New 3D model for Dark matter collector

-New texture for Dark matter collector

-New file cfg for Dark matter collector

-Change mass of Dark matter collector


Version 1.2.2

Released on 2017-07-24

-Correction of the center of the mass of the horloge cezium 133 (atomic cloack)

-Change mass of horloge cezium 133 (atomic cloack)


Version 1.2.1

Released on 2017-07-07

-New configuration for Dark matter sensor


Version 1.2

Released on 2017-07-07

-New science part : Dark matter sensor.

-New tewture for the dark matter sensor.

-New configue for dark matter sensor


Version 1.1.3

Released on 2017-07-04

-correction of experimentActionName and resetActionName for Horloge Cezium 133 (atomic cloack) and Dark matter collector.

-New description for Horloge Cezium 133 (atomic cloack)

-Change the mass of dark matter collector.


Version 1.1.2

Released on 2017-07-02

Bug on Dark matter collector fix


Version 1.1.1

Released on 2017-07-02

-Rename of the part Black Material Sensor in Dark matter colllector.

-Rename of the experiment action name of Black Material Sensor.

-Rename of the reset action name of Black Material Sensor.

-Change of the description of the Dark matter colllector.


Version 1.1

Released on 2017-07-02

-Add Black Material Sensor (new science part).

-Add texture for Black Material Sensor.

-Modification of:the mass for Horloge Cezium 133 ( Atomic cloack).

                        the description for Horloge Cezium 133 ( Atomic cloack).

                        the experimentActionName for Horloge Cezium 133 ( Atomic cloack).

                       the resetActionName for Horloge Cezium 133 ( Atomic cloack).


Version 1

Released on 2017-06-30

No changelog provided


Download From :   PTEr7uY.png





Author : @Ourshinigami


Scorpius Space is enjoy to show you those part !






Scorpius Space Science Laboratory

AtomicFountain (Caesium 133)

Description : An atomic fountain is a cloud of atoms that is tossed upwards by lasers in the Earth's gravitational field. If it were visible, it would resemble the water in a fountain. While weightless in the toss, the atoms are measured to set the frequency of an atomic clock.



Dark matter collector

Imgur : Dark Matter Collector

Description : This is a dark matter collector.


Dark matter sensor

Imgur : Dark matter sensor

Description : Dark matter has never been directly observed; however its existence would explain a number of otherwise puzzling astronomical observations. The name refers to the fact that it does not emit or interact with electromagnetic radiation, such as light, and is thus invisible to the entire electromagnetic spectrum. Although dark matter has not been directly observed, its existence and properties are inferred from its gravitational effects such as the motions of visible matter, gravitational lensing, its influence on the universe's large-scale structure, on galaxies, and its effects on the cosmic microwave background.



Polaris-Ray X

imgur : Polaris-Ray X

description : X-ray fluorescence spectrometry is a chemical analysis technique using a physical property of matter, X-ray fluorescence. When material is bombarded with x-rays, the material re-emits energy under Forms, inter alia, X-rays; This is X-ray fluorescence or X-ray secondary emission. The spectrum of the X-rays emitted by the material is characteristic of the composition of the sample, by analyzing this spectrum, one can deduce the elementary composition, Ie the mass concentrations of elements.




PRIME SPACE MANUFACTURING is enjoy to show you those part !jTm71TE.png

Author : @PR1ME



Description : A battery containing a miniature universe with intelligent life that can produce massive amounts of energy. "It's just slavery with extra steps." Requires concentrated dark matter to keep the microverse stable.



Dark matter contaiment module

Description : A specialized container to store dark matter at extremely high densities.






Language : [English] translate by @Ourshinigami and @Aelfhe1m and @PR1ME

                       [Spanish] translate by @fitiales and @Ourshinigami

                      [Français] Translate by @Ourshinigami  Télécharger la viersion Français ici puis suivez les instruction dans le "lisez moi"


Contract Pack



Version : 1.1

Change log:


Version : 1.1

Released on 2017-09-15

-Add a contract for Polaris-Ray X

-Add contract pack configurator in the mod


Version : 1.0

-No changelog provided

Downlowd of the contract pack : Space Dock

                                                                  Curse Forge


Requires :



Author : @Ourshinigami @Aelfhe1m


Language : [English] translate by @Ourshinigami and @Aelfhe1m

                       [Spanish] translate by @fitiales








Thanks to @Aelfhe1m for the plugin of the gravity waves sensor. (deleted now)

                  @TheRagingIrishman , @artwhaley, @steedcrugeon for their help in my start.

                  @fitiales for the translation in spanish

If you want help me, let me a personal message, the help is welcome


Source of the plugin for GWS : here

Licence:  Licence Creative Commons Attribution - Pas d’Utilisation Commerciale - Pas de Modification 3.0 France.

Licence for the flag of the Kerbal Science Innovation Contract Pack:Flag icon made by Freepik from www.flaticon.com

Licence : MIT for contract pack configurator and for texture replacer.


Edited by Ourshinigami
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I think the one thing lacking in KSP is a sense of great discovery.  The anomalies are certainly fun and exciting to track down and discover.  Obviously some of them must be alien in origin.  But until; your mod there has been little, if any attempt to depict the theoretical science of space exploration.  We need hard to find microbes, a black hole perhaps, maybe even fossil remains, or alien artifacts.  So, I applaud your contribution.  Gotta go find me some dark matter now. Steven Hawking has promised me a signed copy of his book if I bring him some.

Have a great day.

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Actually, this is a collector (now) and I work on a Dark matter sensor (will be more realistic and more elaborate).


In this case, I search how can I do for what the collector can't  find dark matter on kerbin, or Duna, or Eve but only in the space.


For the black hole their is a mod (but not in 1.3) but for me it isn't fonction (why, I don't know). to me, a Wormhole will be really interested (like the black hole)


And you are right

Edited by Ourshinigami
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I would like change the place of Dark matter collector in the comunity tech tree but I do not succeed. Someone can explain me please ? an example ?

Edited by Ourshinigami
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On 4-7-2017 at 6:04 PM, Ourshinigami said:

Seriously ,if someone can help so as to move my part in the comunity teck tree (where say I can't) please.


It is making me crazy. :confused:

Found a solution yet? the easiest method is to use a simple MM Script which is triggered when CTT is installed

	@TechRequired = new_tech_id


Edited by FreeThinker
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Can you say me where is the fault ?

    name = Dark matter collector
    module = Part
    author = Oursshinigami
    mesh = DMC.mu
    scale = 0.8
        rescaleFactor = 0.95
        node_stack_bottom = -0.96, 0.02, -0.983, 0.0, -1.0, 0.0, 1
    TechRequired = scienceTech
    entryCost = 20000
    cost = 10000
    category = Science
    subcategory = 0
    title = Dark matter collector
    manufacturer = Oursshinigami
    description = This is a dark matter collector (Why not)
    attachRules = 1,0,1,1,0
    mass = 0.2
    bulkheadProfiles =
    crashTolerance = 10
    tags = experiment material research science
    angularDrag = 0.5
    dragModelType = default
    maximum_drag = 0.1
    minimum_drag = 0.1

        name = Dark matter collector
      experimentID = mobileMaterialsLab
      experimentLimit = 1
      xmitDataScalar = 0.85
    experimentActionName = Collect dark matter
    useStaging = False    
    useActionGroups = True
    hideUIwhenUnavailable = False
    dataIsCollectable = True
    collectActionName = Collect dark matter.
    interactionRange = 1.5
    usageReqMaskInternal = 1
    usageReqMaskExternal = 8


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@Ourshinigami There is no fault in your configuration (for the tech tree node). The matter is that when CTT is installed, then your part will move. @FreeThinker's suggestion of an MM patch is how it is done. Just put the MM info in a new config file reserved for MM patches.

Also, you might need this.

bulkheadProfiles = srf //for anything that is surface attach and not stackable. This is for when you sort parts by form factor in the VAB or SPH.
bulkheadProfiles = srf,size1 // Multiple profiles are valid
// size1 for 1.25m
// size2 for 2.5m
// size3 for 3.75m


It is mostly easy to match a tech node's ID (as in the config) to it's title (the display name) but you will need to have the CTT's main config file GameData\CommunityTechTRee\Tree\CommunityTechTree.cfg open in an advanced text editor, and the layout image open on-screen.


Inside the spoiler is a portion of the CTT config.


Look at the commented line above every set of nodes. Once you can match any node ID under that comment to a title in the image, it becomes easy to isolate the row around it.

// Aerodynamics row 1
	//pos = -2170,1201,-1
	@pos = -2170,1180,-1
	//pos = -1946,1201,-1
	@pos = -1946,1180,-1
	//pos = -1723,1243,-1
	@pos = -1723,1180,-1
	//pos = -1521,1278,-1
	@pos = -1521,1180,-1
	//pos = -1310,1278,-1
	@pos = -1310,1180,-1
	//pos = -1118,1278,-1
	@pos = -1118,1180,-1
	//pos = -956,1278,-1
	@pos = -927,1180,-1

// Aerodynamics row 2
	//pos = -1519,1207,-1
	@pos = -1519,1120,-1



Edited by JadeOfMaar
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This is one of the new parts will arrive, I hope you will find beatiful and I hope you will enjoy with this pat.


Imgur : New part


If all is good, there is a plugin with this part, You Will discover what it is the Day of the update

Edited by Ourshinigami
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Just a question, if I create a 3Model for a docking port, I just need of a cfg file so as to create this docking port.


I wanna say, if,for example, it is 2 cube , this is With the  cfg file can I create the dock at 1 meter ?

Edited by Ourshinigami
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The version 1.5 is available


!!!!Warning!!!! I search someone who accept to be my associate in this mod for the texture (like you can see, I am not really good in texture), I will have less time to project, in fact, the resumption of my studies.


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