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U.S. Space Force Discussion Thread

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3 minutes ago, TheSaint said:

I think a better question is if anyone would help Thomas Friedman if he were attacked by space aliens.

No, no, the right question is if Russia or China would help Thomas Friedman if he were attacked by space aliens

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First they have built L.A. which attracts invaders from all over the space in every second game or movie, then they start asking others for help...

Can at least somebody  without watching the wiki type from memory the full original name of L.A. which is the main aim of all alien invaders from space?


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4 minutes ago, Staticalliam7 said:

the Space Force is kinda dumb. couldn't we be using all that funding towards NASA instead of a pointless military organization?

why is putin so bada**

Because lifting a 200 g styrofoam object is easy?


Otherwise he's just a 69-year-old male of below-average height and in seemingly adequate physical condition, rumors of body doubles notwithstanding.


He can also look pretty swole because he often appears in public in a poorly concealed flak vest.



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On 11/19/2021 at 10:49 AM, grawl said:

What's with the anime-like sword ?

Good point, why don't use an real but blunt sword. You could still mirror polish it and it would look like an real sword and therefor so much better. 
Yes I get why larp swords has to be sword shaped foam bats but they are designed for mock fight between untrained people without serious protection. 
But this is not that setting, its an something used in an ceremony.
On the other hand traditions are weird. 


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8 hours ago, JoeSchmuckatelli said:

The AF is weird. 


The idea that Enlisted guys need to honor Officers is backwards.  But they have all kinds of other weird, too. 

The AF is also weird in that when the officers go off to battle, the enlisted guys wave good-bye...

- offer does not apply to the guys stuck in land-based "logistics" and airbase protection.

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14 hours ago, DDE said:

Come on, you need the right kind of helmet for that guy.

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I mean, it does allow you to see upwards.

That sort of helmet was designed for jousting only, as I understand you tilt your head back before impact leaving the other lance no place to catch on your helmet. 
The top decoration is not fastened well. 

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