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Your most contemplative moment in ksp?

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4 hours ago, Vanamonde said:

I like watching world surfaces roll by from a low orbit. 

This. Way back when Kethane was the only way to ISRU, I spent ... geez hours orbiting Mun at 4x time warp at about 8km up in a polar orbit with that huge mass sensor thingy from the mod. Every few minutes I'd reach a pole and the camera would flip around. Over and over. I was mesmerized.

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When I first started playing KSP, I had absolutely no clue what I was doing, and ended up attempting things long before I was even remotely ready for them.

One such incident ended up with a Kerbal on a trajectory that would eject him from the solar system.  I ended up messing around with EVA instead of adjusting his trajectory, out of the novelty of it for me, and the physics caused him to slip off of the command pod and lose his grip.  At the time, I wasn't aware of how to activate the EVA backpack (honestly, I don't even know if I knew they were equipped by default).

It seems silly thinking about it now, but as I watched him float out there alone, helpless as I thought he was, millions of miles from home, his rocket shrinking off into the distance, I felt really, really small.

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I was driving a solar powered rover on the Mun. I have the scatter mod.

The Mun started changing to a orange red color.

I looked back at Kerbin.

I sat back and watched real time Kerbin eclipse the Sun and the color of the Mun change to black.




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