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KSP2 Easter Egg Wishes

Do you want Easter eggs in Kerbal ,Space Program 2?  

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  1. 1. Do you want Easter eggs in Kerbal ,Space Program 2?

    • Yes
    • No
    • I really do want them! Please just add em!
    • No!!! Don’t you add them!
    • Help! I don’t know what your talking about.
    • I don’t care a single bit,

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28 minutes ago, Dr. Kerbal said:

In KSP2 we need Easter Eggs like the first one. (I think) We need a worried saucers in the Mun or a giant space alien on Bop. You know!

It is just a guess, but I would imagine it will be similar to KSP1 for this.  

Hopefully mostly different things, in different places, and a few more too.  With maybe a monolith equivalent too that has 'copies' dotted about.

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2 hours ago, Dr. Kerbal said:

We should have an old mun lander from KSP 1 crashed in the mun equator.

I agree, but it shouldn't be any old lander, but the KerbalX (stock rocket)

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The thing with Easter eggs is that devs add them just for fun when they have a bit of slack for whatever reason. If they're designed in to please the fans they aren't Easter eggs anymore, they're just fanservice.

So if the devs have enough slack to add some Easter eggs they feel are funny I'm all for it. But I think asking for them or speculating about them goes against the whole notion, so I'm also all for not having them if they don't feel like it.

It's not like devs have lots of opportunities to hang loose and relax a bit to start with. Putting pressure on them in the one area where it might be possible is just unkind.

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For KSP2, I want to see both easter eggs (random funnies like the toilet in a destroyed astronaut complex, crashed UFOs and other amusing hidden things that have zero effect on gameplay) and also hidden anomalies that tie into the exploration gameplay like the newish green monoliths.

Basically something like the anomaly explorer contract pack that functions as the lightweight story mode for career KSP1 never officially got with some reward for finding each anomaly, unlocking the ability to find more anomalies.

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