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  1. Why not the Mun? There's probably an abundance of hydrogen and helium on its surface. because that is boring and excrementsty game design It's realistic, and real space ventures aren't established to hunt for arbitrary elements so I can't say I want to see KSP 2 making specific things exclusive to certain bodies. ksps proggression has never been about realism. ksp 2 also takes place in the future and the whole point of colonies is to hunt for arbitrary elements.
  2. Why not the Mun? There's probably an abundance of hydrogen and helium on its surface. because that is boring and excrementsty game design
  3. dude, your suggestion was a half hour of work not a project
  4. unless you have good suggestions why dont you wait untill its atleast a mont away
  5. its not really worthy of its own part in a trailer tho. but i do think they will add it when the updates now have become more contend adding than bugfixing
  6. data has a clock and a time next to it but samples dont. either you have to wait that long with the sample to get it or thats how long it takes to make a sample but why doesnt the samples have timers then? but we cant know for sure. maybe it decays or something?
  7. looking at the latest post it seems like science will be exactly the same as in ksp 1 with a tech tree and parts that give you science when you go to palces the only difference that i noticed was that data is divided as either data or a sample that has to be returned to ksc but not much else. did i miss anything or what do yall think?
  8. it should defenetly be in sandbox mode. maybe it starts with selecting if you want to start at the ksc or at a colony. one way you could get around this would be having to "unlock" it. maybe if you land on a planet you unlock it in sandbox. and if you build a colony you unlock it as a starting location in career. and I dont really think that much difficoulty tweaking would be needed. if you have the same starting resources you can defenetly get off all planets. getting to other planets might be a little harder but it would always be possible. and to make sure no new player thinks the game is too hard just give every planet a difficoulty. that way you cant blame being to hard if you selected a planet with hard difficoulty
  9. i mean you will be able to build ships in space stations so it wouldnt be out of the question to change existing ships. but it probably will be like the vab and not like ksp 1 where the ship is simulated while you edit it.
  10. i think a good idea would be making lifesupport only necessary for "colony kerbals". that way you dont really have to think about it earlygame because you will only be sending out pilots,scientists and engeneers anyways. it would also ad a good use for the ring modules because they would be for colony kerbals while regular pods would be for proffesional kerbals. and you could have more advanced or simple life support systems depending on difficoulty. lowest would be only having electricity (for the gravity rings) and maybe also something simple like food,oxygen or water while higher difficoulties would require a lot more things and maybe even radiation protection.
  11. As others have pointed out, you can simply fast forward everything, thus making a useless extra step to get on with things. it doesnt have to be that type of time. it could be that you only have a certain amount per rocket. maybe it increases per milestone somewhat similarly to ksp 1
  12. a bit old so i dont know exact dimentions or the speed but this is more of a meme than an attempt to be good. anyways heres me flying through the tunnel in a tunnel shaped aircraft.
  13. i think it should be more similar to ksp 1 and maybe the screen appears maybe 3 seconds after all controll points have been destroyed
  14. i think at least some of the science parts will be in ksp 2 but i dont think they will work the same way.
  15. but i think that update will take the longest time. i think there will be a lot of bugfixingpatches before and after it but later there wont be as many bugs to fix and there might just be one patch between updates.
  16. i think its on the forum but i know that its on steam if you go to ksp2 store page and scroll down to recent events and announcements and click one the one that says: ask me a few more things. its just two pictures but now we know its working and that you can collide with eachoter
  17. i think it is pretty much the opposite, we have already been shown multiplayer and i only think they wait with releasing it because it needs to work with colonies and science. and the only reason star systems will take a short amount of time is because they have already been worked on. we have seen a few planets but i think they are all from the same system. i doo think it will take a long time because i dont think they have decided what all planets should be and making the planets and the textures could take some time i guess it is that its because you cant sow a little bit about how science works without spoiling the entire thing. we have seen a few colony parts but we have no idea how they work or if that is all of the parts. and i would say that they arent functional yet and that is what will be added in the update. multiplayer really cant be spoled, we know we play with other players and that is about everything important. and i dont think they have finished all solar systems i just think we have been shown planets from one system. with science they either show us the tech tree and how things are unlocked or how science is gathered. it is also kind of a ui thing and we havent really been shown any of the building uis at all so its possible they where mostly placeholder when we stil had a bunch of images from ksp2 being released.
  18. personally i think it will be about one or two months. i know this is a bit optimistic but i know some work has already been done in each update. we have for example already been shown many planets from other solar systems and colony parts so they arent completely unfinished
  19. the main problem with many parts in a ship is the parts being "floppy". there is no reason for surface atached parts like ladders need as much ḿovement simulation as the fuel tanks. and the rockets could even be completely stiff and the game would be a lot less laggy. I honestly think the devs made a mistake making the parts not rigidly attached. i know its realistic that rockets are somewhat moving but not to the point in ksp or ksp 2. it is probably not even noticable so adding it to the game doesnt add anything. and floppy tockets is the reason behind kraken attacks. and in iterstellar travel floppyness would add nothing exept the giant swinging making sure you cant do your manoever node
  20. do you call it ksp 1 or ksp 1.8? do you now call ksp 2 ksp 0.01 or ksp 1.1?
  21. i defenetly want a system like it but this is the one thing i think they should change the most. it was too annoying to deal with for anything exept maybe a big spacestation project. meybe a way to drive a ship into a space station and change a few things easily. but defenetly some way of doing this with kerbals is needed especially with those big ships because they honestly do look like they need a bit of maintinance
  22. my main problem with the new one is that it just fits one type of rover and there are no other parts thaf fit well with it. i would love a more round one and one more just generic like the one in ksp 1
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