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What did you do in KSP today?

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17 minutes ago, DarkOwl57 said:

Ohmygod I need that plane..... Plz?

I don't have access to my PC right now.  I can share it tomorrow if you're really interested ^^. It's a beauty to fly that fighter jet really.:cool:

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1 minute ago, TheDARKOMETER said:

I don't have access to my PC right now.  I can share it tomorrow if you're really interested ^^. It's a beauty to fly that fighter jet really.:cool:

I'll do my best to replicate it; I think I've got the same mods. We can compare craft :D

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6 minutes ago, DarkOwl57 said:

I'll do my best to replicate it; I think I've got the same mods. We can compare craft :D

Alright then :D, perhaps we can share our craft files and do some dogfighting :cool:.

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Not today, but Sunday... yeah, it takes a long time to write these mission reports...

Launched an extension to the 'Skylab' space station:



Then launched another one:



Then went of 3 15-minute EVAs to attach over 16 lights to the surface of my station, using KIS/KAS. As Bob Fitch always says, you've gotta have moar lights!


Oh, and nearly killed Jeb and Bill...


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A couple of days ago I returned to KSP after a long break and built a simple electric shuttle for a Munar flyby. Today I decided to try where the shuttle can go with enough propellant.

I also needed bigger boosters.




I decided to depart immediately without waiting for a proper window. The shuttle was so heavy that I had to do the escape burn over three orbits.



After a single course correction, I had a decent encounter with Moho. I did a quick orbital insertion and then departed immediately.



Moho was ahead of Kerbin when I departed, so there was no reasonable way to return to home quickly. The escape burn put the apoapsis a bit below Eve, the first course correction raised it a bit above Eve, and the second course correction gave an encounter with Kerbin 1.5 orbits after leaving Moho. The insertion burn took a really long time, as the solar panels did not supply enough power that far away from the Sun.



There was enough delta-v left to insert the shuttle to LKO without aerobraking.




The mission took 1.1 Kerbin years, and total delta-v was about 17250 m/s. The ion engines are quite powerful now, as we have large enough xenon containers.

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Tested a couple light Eve lander concepts for my grand tour. Got bored and flew helicopter with some flashy lights (epilepsy warning!). Finally I tested a spaceplane for recovering a kerbal and her ship from orbit. I managed to melt one of the elevons with spinny results.


Currently trying to figure out what exactly I did when installing TAC that makes ships/planes in my Realism Overhaul file uncontrollable fixed :)

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What did I do today? I got Kerbal. Really Kerbal.

Sent this ship to Dres. To complete a couple of contracts, and just because I like to go to Dres now and then. Was a month out and fine tuning my encounter when I noticed what is probably already obvious to everyone else. This is a mining vessel with no ore tanks. :o

I told myself it was only a month. Just reload and do it again. I still wasn't very happy.



So, moving on to other matters. A while back I sent a ship that split into two crafts with Klaws to complete two "recover so and so and his module" contracts. One at Bop, the other at Vall. All went well and I liked the way the ship divided.







This was how I left them, waiting for a window home. They're finally reaching Kerbin now. Brought the first home. All worked perfectly. I was very happy. Of course, you may have already noticed, (I certainly didn't, not until I was already in Kerbin's atmosphere and about to splash down just off the coast of the KSC), that there are no parachutes on these vessels.

I was not amused. :mad:

The contracts were lucrative, though, so I just shook it off and launched a rescue vehicle with a second klaw to bring it to the surface. Here they are docked.




This is where you separate simple boneheadedness from true stupidity. You probably already noticed; there are still no parachutes on the vessel. :confused:

Is that even possible?

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4 hours ago, EpicSpaceTroll139 said:

 (epilepsy warning!).

I don't have epilepsy.  Why do i feel sick and why the rump snoggins do you have lights that bright on helo blades?


Cleared out all my KSP installs and reloaded a fresh RO/RP-0 Dev build.  Got frustrated with problems docking and other issues.

Started New Career

First to space.  Made it to 152km on very basic hardware "Borf I"


Little high Sounding rocket trying to get some samples back....352km burned up. Still good science came back. "Borf II"


First orbital sat. Went into a 252x1250km orbit. Stuck there, no ignitions left.  Going to try RCS de-orbit at AP. "Bingo Junk I"


Failed first reentry, failed to notice i was past AP when circularizing, wobbled on entry and flamed out. "Probebnugen I & II"


Still got good polar data and more science.


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8 hours ago, Triop said:

Something is up...and it ain't my *classified* <_<






Nice MiGs, but those engines tho:o. What are thooooose? What mod?  Also how much thrust does that engine produce :D ? 

Also I should start making Russian Fighter replicas, but they're much harder to make, especially the Sukhoi's. ;.;

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Just now, qzgy said:

No mod! Circular intake clipped into a panther.

Oh so that's why it looked different yet familiar :D. Really clever technique there to make the engine aesthetic.

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On ‎14‎-‎5‎-‎2017 at 10:12 AM, astroheiko said:

The exploration of the Hox System slowly comes to the end. At the last station, the Annomalie, I make still a remembrance photo. In the upper right corner,
where the many small dots are, are almost all the planets in the Cirosystem. Only Nero and Leto are missing.



We're done here and head off to Argo. The Rover remains at the monolith.



30 days later the crew is back at Argo and prepares to land.



Where shall I land, so many hills?



Of course, the lander wants to land somewhere on a slope with 45 degrees inclination. Therefore, I place the SAS just before touchdown on
Radial Out and give only so much thrust that I can hold the height. With the thrusters I hover then so long through the area until I have a
flat place. The landscape can only be enjoyed by the crew after the landing.



A fairly active moon, steaming and hissing everywhere.



Again, there is a monolith, this time a green one.



After all biomes are explored there is still a reminder photo of the flag.



Now we are goiong to meet the mothership. First, the connector for the claw and the narrow band scanner must be placed in the cargobay. Then I dock the lander to

 the mothership to make it full. One more time to land and then I can go to Gael.



After this docking everything is ready for the departure. I have as little oxidizer as possible to have as much dV as possible - a total of
9.512 m/s. 255 records are also on board.




I just can't stop drewling when looking at your lander, I just love it

I made this before i've seen yours, but in no way it has the refinement of your design, it's absolutely awesome! Now where is that drewling smiley when you need one. :confused:


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14 hours ago, astroheiko said:

The mothership to Leto needs 2 more relays, so I quickly put a rocket together. My freight SSTO I could have taken too but it does not fly
as great as I would like. So we take a rocket, which goes faster.




I would like to see this ship getting launched into orbit.

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I became the "coolest program director ever" when I told my kerbals they would soon be using dirt bikes on Duna. 





Naturally, we developed the technology on Kerbin First.


Sorta broke the universe a few times during testing. You know how it is .2T5VfY3.png

Tested for cool jumps, turns take practice.



The heavy duty version has roll bars, so it's definitely pretty safe. 


As with most things in KSP, it's a bit dangerous sometimes. Make sure you always wear your helmet. 



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Morning run into orbit trying again to reenter. The clouds are working now.  Staying away from a few mods (Vens', CLS, Semi-Sat, Test Flight, Persistent, Filter Ext.) was a good choice.  Game is running great even with FASA/NF/Cryo parts packs.

High reflectivity parts in the FASA pack looked a bit weird with blue reflection from sky.


Got the stage fuel near perfect and it circ'd before even hitting mid Atlantic.


RV getting oriented for entry.  Still burned up.  Need more drag and a heavier heat shield.  It was very close.


The "Leroy Jenkins I" RV test system was mostly a success just as its namesake. Could take away about half the RCS fuel and 200dV from de-orbit fuel. Or keep the safety margin....nah.


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I was sending a prototype base to the surface of the Mun to meet up with the first part of the base. I was so happy with my self when I had started my suicide burn into the Mun. Thanks Kerbal Engineer! Then I looked away for a moment then corrected my trajectory towards the base. Then the most unexpected thing happened. I LANDED ON MY OWN BASE! Debris was everywhere, as well as my mind. I started laughing madly, then reloaded the landing. I'll try not to be as precise next time.

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"Kouston, we have several problems, but that doesn't matter so we want to continue on with the mission."
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