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What did you do in KSP today?

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Did some more basic design and testing on a new science vessel. It comes with more than 4.800 m/s of Delta V, once in orbit and carries a lot of useful science stuff.


I hope the scanner will work from in there... if not... well, it will be thrown out X.x


On the pad:


And in space:


Find the craftfile here.

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I got my career first Eve landers in place today.  I also landed a small remote rover, but when I staged off the parachute tower, all 4 wheels exploded so it's not a rover any more.

Eve can lander:


And the Formalhauf lander:



I also launched a new mining facility to Minmus.  Community Tech Tree really messed up my plans - my normal mid-tech mining base has numerous parts not available now, so I had to build something new


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Today in KSP i finally finished the top stages of my 1:1 stock Saturn V replica... The Command Module , Service Module, Lunar Module, and stage IVB are now basically done (except for a few articulation instances that i am going to use the upcoming DLC for)
All totaled, those parts are about ~1200 parts....  thankfully I can do most of the work without the ~600 part LM. Next up is the second stage, and then the first. The big challenges for those is going to be figuring out the engines and engine details, getting a good paint scheme design.. and making sure the darn thing actually flies


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Another start recently; I've reached the latest Milestone: Dock two ships in LKO. Went easy; Jeb went first in RV1, and established a parking orbit at 100km. Val lifted off an orbit later, boosted to 150km and carried out a picture-perfect rendezvous.Post docking, she re-entered first and landed in the Kindian Ocean. 

Jeb returned an orbit later, with a bit more fuel he was able to burn for a drop right onto KSC:


I just thought it was a cool pic. :D

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Inspired by base-tinkering, I made something that's pretty popular but I never got around to making because I didn't have a mission for it: a long-range SSTO. A SSTM in this case -- a 10-kerbal liaison ship that will get from KSC to the Munbase in a single stage, refuel, and bring the crew back. 

I'm still tweaking it -- it needs a few things to make landing and take-off on the Mun less fraught -- but it worked surprisingly well. It has enough TWR to manage a landing on atomic power alone, but has enough oxidant for an extra kick for emergency braking if necessary. (Narrator: it was necessary.)

In the prototype, landing on the Mun is a bit tricky. Hover as close to the ground as possible, then tip onto wheels and cut throttle. Plonk!


The Claw-based docking invented by @Hotel26 is absolutely brilliant. Easiest docking ever and super versatile. 


Take-off was a bit fraught too, since I don't have any RCS and my reaction wheels aren't strong enough to nose me up, I had to roll to a suitable hillock and take off from there. The kick from my chemical rockets did the trick though and it wasn't so hard ultimately.


Cosmetic note: I clipped the Nervs into some fuel tanks just because bare they're so ugly. However I keep those fuel tanks dry so I don't really consider it cheating, it's purely cosmetic and actually adds some unnecessary dry mass.

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Я взрывали космический центр собственными ракетами (никто не пострадал).

[English Translation]
I blew up the space center with my own missiles (no one was hurt).

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Welcome to the forum @Hey, i ???. Blowing up the KSC is great fun.

Unfortunately the forum is English only outside of the international sub forums. We encourage you to use a translation service (like google translate) if you would like to post in the general forum.

Russian translation:
Добро пожаловать на форум @ Эй, я ??? Взрывать KSC - это очень весело. К сожалению, форум только на английском языке за пределами международных подфорумов. Мы рекомендуем вам воспользоваться услугой перевода (например, Google Translate), если вы хотите разместить сообщение на общем форуме.

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After my sats to Duna ran out of fuel...  used "infinite fuel" to finish the contract. So, did my first test launch to Duna using the NERV engine as 3rd/interplanetary stage. Wow does that use a lot less fuel...  haven't arrived at Duna yet but judging by eye, I could probably take half the fuel and still easily get into Duna orbit. Yay me!

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I finished work on the BAK MUNBAT, the long-range SSTO built to serve Munar bases. It now has features supporting Munar landing and take-off, and as a side effect is really easy to take off and land at KSC also. It has enough theoretical range to get all the way to Duna without refueling; landing it there is a different matter as it has no hover jets.

Craft: https://kerbalx.com/Brikoleur/MUNBAT


Cruising to orbit on atomic power:

About to touch down on the Munar surface, landing legs deployed to cushion the landing:

Docked for refueling:

Ready for take-off - it now has retro RCS to allow to easily reverse away from the docking port, and an extra-large separately deployable nose gear to point it skyward:

On the way home:

Landed - note the normal nose gear, which points the nose down sticking the craft to the runway after touching down:


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Man I can't wait for Breaking Ground. It will immediately obsolete MUNBAT as I'll have to make another one with rotatable NERVs so it can lower itself down on its belly like a civilised craft. And take off the same way natch.

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On 5/26/2019 at 3:07 PM, Frank_G said:

I hope the scanner will work from in there... 


I find this service module rather frustrating. It won’t let you easily access stuff that look like it should be exposed but if you stick stuff through the sidewalls they work just fine. It’s like they intended something different for it.

So if you have trouble accessing the sensor in flight, try zooming in until you are inside it. That should work.

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I set up a small Mun research laboratory with a mate using Luna Multiplayer (career). I landed it, and he collected some biome data to research and ferried the first round of science home. It's always a good sign when you bring your transfer stage to the surface :D



Here he is coming in for landing. The higher refresh rate for the server (vs. DMP) and low ping between us made his movement as smooth as if I was controlling it on my client.




To clarify, wonky stuff still happened elsewhere, and my confusion is shown in the chat window.


For some reason, the probe core from one of my 2 dozen STARLINK relay sats had teleported and become frozen above the KSC, not sure why, but reloading the server seemed to fix it...:huh:

Finally, I tested out a small survey plane and a rover to transport it. Who said nuclear fission powered RC planes weren't safe?


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Prowling KerbalX: I found a little beauty;
         just 13 little parts it had,
so rev-eng'ed that little plane, I did;
        and took it for a little spin;
arresting on a little  strip, very very glad!


I didn't get the video of this attempt above, but here's an out-take from an earlier "blooper"...

Just to reiterate: this isn't my airplane.  The original designer is Draconiator and the plane is named Midget.  But if it were my plane, I would have named it Topgun, as it is a superb little jet trainer.

As soon as I tested the stall speed, and knowing it has reverse thrust, I knew I had to make a play for the VABEt voila: my first non-VTOL, non-chute landing on the VAB.

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(1.6.1) Morning, y'all. Coming in from an extended weekend with a fair amount of coded gobbledygook to share with y'all, mainly things I was doing while waiting for my probes to reach Gilly.

Friday began with a resource transfer via mass driver between the Enchova Central outpost on Duna and the Bi-La Kaifa Shipyards in orbit; BLK was scheduled to receive additional Rocket Parts in order to complete the construction of LSV House Corrino along with some extra Enriched Uranium and Xenon Gas to support the new warp ship once finished. BLK will finish Corrino in another seven days or so. After that, the Non Caseus Yards over Mun completed its print of Da Luv Boht 7, a mass-driver equipped resupply craft. The Piper Alpha outpost on Mun's surface sent up supplies via mass driver to NCY next, and after fueling the new craft launched, taking the name Pacific Princess. Pacific Princess then burned and rendezvoused with the stricken McFeely Sr. 7 speedy delivery craft in a 27-degree inclined low orbit over Mun and after docking with it began the process of hauling it over to space station Munport to pick up scientist Lageremy Kerman for transport to Kerbin. Meanwhile a Hodor 7 nuclear battery module began printing up at NCY, with a mission to switch the shipyard over from solar to nuclear power; printing took three hours to complete. A long-term colonization contract at the Deepwater Horizon outpost on Minmus finished up about this time, and a Goo Study began at the Scan Queen outpost on Ike to round out the day.

On Saturday, Pacific Princess arrived at Munport and after refueling it released the McFeely Sr. 7

I beginning to think that mass drivers might be a little bit cheatsy, but on the other hand, they're undeniably cool and save a lot of tedium. 

The McFeely docked with Munport and after Lageremy boarded, the module departed and burned for Kerbin. Pacific Princess then docked to the station to await further need for its services.

The rest of my day on Saturday was spent with a pressure readings survey "near" the Echo 3 quadcopter on Eve, which itself was parked at the Alexander L. Kielland outpost on the surface. 

If you get high enough into the atmosphere, flying on Eve is not much different than flying on Kerbin. You can't use jets of course, but electrically driven proprotors work very well.

During this flight, I was under the impression that using physics warp would mess with the vertical velocity controller and so I flew it in real time. This was one of those "go to a waypoint for an anomaly, oh this isn't the place go to the next point" missions" as it turned out, with the final waypoint 815 kilometers northeast of ALK

The final waypoint. That far. Transonic speeds at best. No warping...

After two hours of flying, the copter finally found the source of the anomalies and I parked the 'copter on a little spit of an island out in the Explodium Sea.

My butt was plenty tired when I got to this point, but I do think I learned a fair amount about how to fly on Eve in the process.

The return trip was reserved for Sunday. Meantime, I picked up this replacement contract...


During the return trip to ALK, I discovered that physics warp would be just fine. Return flight still took a little over an hour in-game, but only about fifteen minutes real-time. Only required occasional adjustments to keep the craft's speed over 200 up around 20,000 kilometers altitude. NCY did finish its Hodor print, which then docked to the station and Piper Alpha sent up the necessary supplies to fuel the new reactors. A Bill Clinton 7b grabber probe also was completed at the Dystopia Planitia shipyards over Kerbin, which launched after fueling and burned to rendezvous with some junk in Kerbin orbit.

After taking yesterday off from the game, this morning the Clinton arrived at its target, which turned out to be a Mk 1 Drydock; grabbing and deorbiting were successful, with the craft coming down in the Highlands about 100 kilometers west of KSC. The McFeely also made it back to Kerbin and touched down safely, clearing two long-term science contracts and completing Lageremy's rescue contract successfully.

Last thing that has happened today was the arrival of the Gillycomm 2 probe at Gilly. After clearing the flyby contract, Mission Control gave to go-ahead for orbit and Gillycomm 2 was put into a 45x16 kilometer polar orbit over the captured wildling asteroid. When the craft reaches periapsis a little under three hours from now, it will deploy the other two communications satellites it's hauling and the process of setting up comms over Gilly will commence. Gillycomm 1 will arrive about thirty minutes before that happens, and ScanSat Gilly will arrive about fifteen minutes after Gillycomm 2 reaches periapsis. Getting that comm network set up is my priority for today, as is performing the orbital scans of Gilly's three biomes. I have a contract which does require me to put an outpost on Gilly, but I have to see if it'll be possible to put up a full Pathfinder base or not. Meantime a crew for such an outpost is still going to be trained; if they wind up not going to Gilly they probably will go to the next world in the game's queue (Moho, I think - never have made it that far). Not really much of anything else interesting going on at the moment; i'll be sure to let y'all know when/if that changes.

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11 minutes ago, Brikoleur said:

That's some serious flying.

I *heart* my autopilot.  :)

First step is to walk around the VAB and get the lon/lat on each side to 6 decimal places to feed into the Waypoint Selection...  :)

So, OK, I've realized the best way to do this (other than fly my full precision approach) is simply to come down the cause way and kill the speed and jam the nose at the VAB like an aircraft carrier...  that don't need no fancy GPS; just a very brave Kerbal on the roof with a couple of batons, and a helmet...

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On a similar note. Today I ironed out most of the kinks in my autopilot. Turns out having the bank angle reversed made things a bit unstable (plane would try to correct course, but turn the wrong way, so call for more correction, you can see where this is going).

Tomorrow I'm going to test the ILS. :o

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Still playing around with @Hotel26's threefold symmetry base design. I tried applying David Coulthard's engineering maxim -- "simplify, then add lightness" -- and came up with a minimalistic forward refueling base, with facilities for one very lonely engineer, a probe core, high-efficiency fuel production, and not a whole lot more. 

This one flies to orbit rather prettily and is generally easy to put where it's wanted. The supplied configuration will get it to the Mun but it ought to be easy to adapt for just about any low- or no-atmosphere body.

I'm also working on a heavier and more luxurious version.

Craft: https://kerbalx.com/Brikoleur/BASE-XS





Edit: And here's the big brother -- same as the BASE-XS, but with a MPL, more capacious control module, and accommodation for 12, for a maximum total crew of 16.



I would really like a nuclear reactor to power these...

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This must be mining base day @Brikoleur

I got my large Minmus mining base landed & into production.  By pure chance (as scanners were unlocked later on), my original small Minmus base was landed on a nice ore deposit (13.3% or so) - so I saw no reason to send my mining base somewhere else - especially since I already have a rover & a resupply drone with a few months of supplies for a 3-kerbal crew at the existing site.

The base was landed remotely, with a crew of 3 following about 2 days behind.  The base landed within 300-400m of the old one, and the crew set down within walking distance to the new base.


After getting things running at the new base, Kelrik took the trip over to strip off some useful stuff from the old base before planting demo charges to get rid of it.  Since the Universal Storage cores require node attachment, some inventive engineer was required.  Specifically, surface attaching a fuel tank to the rover's roof rack, then node-attaching the US2 core to the fuel tank.  

First attempt was a little out of balance on the rover.


Moved the fuel tank & US2 core forward a little & it worked somewhat better.   I also hopped the supply drone over within reach of the new base.  Combined with recyclers & the supplies in the new base, the 3-kerbal crew could stay here well over a year if need be, although they will be coming home much sooner to prep for my career first manned Duna mission.


Finally, a few days later I landed a fuel tanker rover at the base as well:





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