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  1. Maybe i'm having a brain fade , i've installed the mod and all the required dependencies . Once i've reached my required orbit and then wish to try and return how do I vent the fuel from the ship i've tried right click and don't seem to have a button to vent the fuel with just a choice of fuel contents ?
  2. Well hello Constitution-class , boy am I gonna have some fun with you . Great to see you working on this again , if ya need a tester just let me know .
  3. I just hope they fix the EVA Issue , can't get any of my Kerbals to exit anything .
  4. Yup none of them at all , tried loading a simple craft just the capsule and a undersized fuel tank , in case it's blocking the exit nope . Happens on all craft Pods Tried a New Fresh Start , Nope Validated Files on Steam , Nope ???
  5. Specs mine 12th Gen i7-12700k 32 GB Ram DDR4 GTX 1080 ti Windows 11 980 Pro SSD Hopefully it will be ok
  6. Time for some retro KSP ...........sort of
  7. Mostly playing a stock game , well apart from a few mods , Parallax , TUFX and some other stuff p:s
  8. Building absurd rockets and killing Kerbals safely .
  9. Time to revisit my childhood lmao I was 7 years old when this program was released on TV , Saturday Mornings where amazing then .
  10. Imported a older craftfile from 1.7.3 , managed to get it to work
  11. Oh it just happens to be rather EPIC............ Thank God I have something else to destroy my social life with
  12. Hang on we can build colonies in the New KSP 2 , the more important question is can we grow Potatoes on Minmus ? Matt Kermin needs the know .
  13. A basic mining operation on the Mun , habitation for the workers . Orbital station for docking of Materials and Transport ships for Colonists and workers Then when enough materials are avialable send them to the station in orbit and onto Minmus and build a full on Colony again for more materials and workers . I do hope a way of setting up a monorail system is available , this is something i've been trying to do in KSP currently with little success .
  14. Can I ask how to change the fuel types as I would like to Add LiquidFuel & Oxygen as a option to the fuel tank menu ?
  15. I can't seem to find the stock cfg patch ? any clues lol .
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