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What did you do in KSP today?

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I think I became the first person in KSP history to put a ring station around Moho.



Construction alone took forever, not to mention the agonizing test runs and the paranoia that I may not have the delta-V for the mission.. Eventually, I got tired of waiting for my transfer window and opened a new Sandbox to put this bad boy in action. Through trial and error, I managed to get a working prototype - and yes, I used moar boosters added SRBs to the ascent stage to save delta-V for the trip. It took more than that, as I had to time my maneuver nodes just right.


If you want to try it out for yourself, here's the craft file on KerbalX.

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Shouts of anger and disbelief. Outbursts of fear and desperation. Kerbals clinging to hope that customary safety margins will let the KSC recover from this mistake.

What do you mean, the transfer stage is Orbiting The Sun?!? You told me you parked it around Duna! We've got six tourists on Duna!

Oh, you forgot how big Ike's sphere of influence is?!? So we let the tourists fool around on Duna, focused on other missions, and nobody noticed our customers' ride got gravity assisted away from Duna until about a week after the fact?


Yup, I managed to leave my transfer stage in an orbit that eventually intersected with Ike's SOI, then timewarped to a pre-planned maneuver for another mission. Then did this and that...

...and only noticed the transfer stage *isn't* around Duna when I wanted to send the lander back into orbit. The unkerballed stage was some two weeks outside Duna's SOI and I was extra lucky it "only" cost me around 700 m/s of dV to get it back where I needed it. And that's 700 m/s of dV on an unloaded transfer stage, which means a lot less for the whole ship. And I walk the Path of Bringing Plentiful Fuel, so I do have these safety margins.

Now the whole thing will become an exciting story to tell, not a tale of how the world's first interplanetary tourists had to become potato farmers to grow enough snacks to last them until rescue. They simply had to spend a few more days on Duna,  knowing the whole incident wouldn't move their transfer window to Kerbin a single day. And now, with a Duna landing and an Ike landing under their belts, they're free to relax and wait for that long burn towards home.


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7 minutes ago, noname_hero said:

And I walk the Path of Bringing Plentiful Fuel, so I do have these safety margins.

The only situation in which you have more than enough fuel is when your craft is on fire. :)

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Today I brought all of the theoretical pieces of my exploration plan together. Rover, Shuttle, Base Station, Space Station, and Crew Transport. Thus the field base is complete. The things in the background are the landing stages for the shuttle and rover. The shuttle actually rides in on the much larger supply lander, which brings the material kits for inflating the habitat and agroponics modules. In the future, with more science, I'll have a more elegant rover delivery service than "stick the rover in a faring, yeet it at the Mun, and tip it over on landing."


Speaking of yeeting things into space, the crew transport is a somewhat lazy thing. A cupola, shanty, docking port, fuel tanks, and an engine. I forgot batteries, so once it gets back to LKO I'm going to have to ship some up and have the engineers attach them. The saddle tanks are too wide and I was too lazy to build a faring and rocket that'd be aerodynamic, so... a triumph of thrust over aerodynamics? I did my ascent the old fashioned way by burning straight up to the thin atmosphere and then tilting over to circularize.


When it arrived at the munar station, I completed three contracts I'd completely forgotten I had.


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Got several more flights done in my career.  I'm still getting some parts from one mod with ridiculously high drag values (nearly 10x higher than the highest stock part on the aircraft) - testing a new airliner, I couldn't get over 200 m/s at 8000m.  I tried deleting all the MM files (configcache, etc) and the partsdatabase.cfg but that didn't help so I'm guessing its something between the mod & 1.8.1 - previous versions didn't have this issue as far as I can remember.  <Looking now, I see there is a new version out, so maybe I just need an update - fingers crossed>

Anyway - a few highlights from my career update:



After, with Jeb going for an unplanned swim after his near-death experience:


Less disastrous aircraft testing:


Second crew arriving at Minmus Station



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Dr. V. Kerman is writing a thesis entitled, "What Is Science Good For?"

She reports that she has enjoyed the research so far:

  1. not having a boss
  2. wearing a lab coat and spectacles and carrying a clipboard
  3. poking her nose into what other people are doing and asking lots of questions without answers[*]

but has otherwise not yet reached a conclusion.  She is also wondering, 4. how long her grant will last...



"1. How long has this ladder been here?  2. Why haven't I noticed it before?  3.a) Who put it here?  3.b) what is it for?  and 3.c) where does it go?  4. What's up there?"  Lots of questions.

Dr. V made it to the very top the first time but slipped getting off.  She fell all the way to the ground and landed on her helmet.  She got up feeling quite dazed!

"1. That was a long, long fall: I wonder how high that was?  2. And why I am wearing this stuffy helmet!!  3. Is that why I fell?  4. Must I enumerate everything??"

She took the helmet off and repeated the climb -- and also the fall, landing once more on her head.  "<snip>!", more than a little disoriented now.  "1. now where did I leave that helmet?"

Third time went luckily and Dr Kerman proudly stood at the top: "Science is great!  Now I know ladder-climbing!  I wonder what is in this tank?  Let's take a soil sample?  Why is it called a soil sample?  Can't I drill anywhere...?"


"1. Hmm(?)  2. Fumes!?  3. Does that smell like rocket fuel?"

Luckily for Dr. V, a) the tank was empty.  And b) her grant money was now exhausted...  Back to the cockpit for her.  Lucky Val.


* scientists know they don't need to ask questions that already have answers.  that would be pointless.



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I've been picking up a ton of contracts for Eve/Gilly space to fund my Duna explorations and the interested parties are starting to get restless, so it's time to put together a mission. The KTS Morning is a product of my experimentation with centrifuges and will be the first interplanetary ship capable of artificial gravity.


While the older generations of transfer vehicles could be assembled in two parts, construction of the Morning required four launches of the Taurus II heavy launch system.




A fifth Taurus II delivered a heavy surface miner, which the expedition will use to refuel the Morning by mining Gilly. The miner will remain in the Eve system as a refueler for future missions.

Once all the hardware was safely in orbit, an SSTO delivered Bob and four rookies to the Morning, which will be their home for the next few years.


With all crew aboard, the SSTO made an unmanned return to the KSC and KTS Morning performed a two-part burn for the Eve system. In four months it will make a correction burn to fine-tune the arrival trajectory.


Meanwhile on Duna, Jebediah, Wehrdun and Lagerry finished their surface operations with the MEEBS mobile base system and returned to orbit. On the way up, Wehrdun suddenly shouted "it's not on the list!" and climbed out the hatch to make an EVA report from the inside the atmosphere. 



Otherwise, rendezvous and docking with the KTS Determination went without incident.


The Determination's expedition has been the most productive one yet. They originally arrived in orbit of Ike, performed two rescues, used the MEEBS to explore Ike's biomes, then flew the MEEBS over to Duna and picked up a few biomes there as well. The total haul, in addition to MPL results they'd periodically transmitted home, comes to 130 reports of delicious science.


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I went to Duna.

Now I freely accept this doesn't sound particularly impressive, but I'm rather proud of the fact that it was the first time I'd done it completely hands free, with the entire flight being done by my kOS script.

After selecting the mission (Duna - Equatorial orbit) the only input from me was to change the camera position and switch to the map.

Still a few bugs to iron out but it gets the job done.



Apologies for the length of the video, I was planning on speeding bits of it up but then realised my video editing software is on my other computer, which is in a different country...  Dunno why it defaults to rubbish quality though..


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42 minutes ago, RizzoTheRat said:

the mission (Duna - Equatorial orbit the only input from me was to change the camera position and switch to the map.

Wow very cool use of kos Rizzo!

I just started with kos and happy to just get my rocket off the ground and into orbit, lol!

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7 hours ago, RizzoTheRat said:

I went to Duna.

Apologies for the length of the video, I was planning on speeding bits of it up but then realised my video editing software is on my other computer, which is in a different country...  Dunno why it defaults to rubbish quality though..


This has convinced me to give kOS a shot. I love the idea of a "real" space program, using computer programs to actually do the mission.

Of course, before I start working on automated flight plans, I need to work out a few bugs myself. Namely, remembering to put matching docking ports on the craft that are expected to dock with each other. This station has no Jr. size docking ports. Not that it really matters, since the capsule is also under-engineered, and doesn't have enough margin of error in fuel to actually return to the surface.


Ultimately, the mission is still good--my kerbals will EVA across with the science, and I'll even get some science when I slam the pod into the surface--but still disappointing. I might end up opting for a more broadly useful craft as well by including the ability to move cargo too. That'll require more powerful engines and more dV though.

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Another day in the pursuit of science and cold hard cash, in my contract free career game.

Bob took to the air in the A Little More Sci-Fly, snagging sciency points from the Mountains, Highlands and Desert Biomes.

Having Bob as the pilot meant that this was a SASless flight, which was less fun and more finger tiring than I expected.


Vowing never to do without the comfort of SAS in my aircraft again, the Big Sci-Fly was born, which had space up front for the pilot Val, while Bob took up the capsule in the rear to keep an eye on the science.


Finally it was time to put something into space again. Val took the controls for a suborbital hop that cleared the atmosphere by just 77m, leaving precious little time to grab science while in space.

The vehicle was recovered in its entirety from the ocean a few minutes after liftoff.


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Hi guys, turned on the game  wish to make big progress but it is annoying, time consuming but fortunately free to find . Currently I turned on "from the mun" training but as I saved and published my picture of launching and coming back first spacecraft I wish to do more of them. Feel regrets that I postpone this so interesting and in the longer term good paid field. I promised myself to do first moon base at siemens nx but it causes mi so much anger as long as I know this is the Elon Musks software but his designs are much better than mine. Please help me improve my designs as well


Much love:>


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Hi guys turned on the from the mun scenario and again stucked at the circularize i will try to make picture this time with the print screen. Wish to do again the launch with the landing fortunately saved and published at my website. 


It's quite a nice rocket but you could improve it; add some boosters and pilot it well and you could easily make orbit!

when i press f1 windows help and support appear, i clicked print screen now opening the print program as i left my phone in the save place not charged. 

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First lunar landing. We're calling this one a qualified success...

The ship was launched using a direct ascent trajectory, then approached the surface of the Moon directly. The braking burn went smoothly, dropping speed from 2.5km/s to just 40m/s at and altitude of around 7km. Slightly early but within acceptable limits.


With the braking stage detached, the lander nears the surface.


And a soft landing is achieved. Note for next time, improve the landing legs.


Still everything survived, yielding a decent haul of surface science.

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After sending 3 Kommsats and a ScanSat to Duna last night, I discovered that trying to deploy satellites from with within an interstage faring compartment is pretty much impossible when you have a minute comms delay (RemoteTech).

So back to a pre-launch save and Breaking Ground parts to the rescue.  


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I finished the remodeling of the Appaloosa command pod exterior from my Mark One Laboratory Extension mod:




This is for the stock default texture. I have a couple more stock textures to do before working on Restock textures and reworking the IVA.

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