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What did you do in KSP today?


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7 hours ago, Brikoleur said:

Decided to take some time to play with my toys rather than making new ones all the time. Hudfry and Bob took the Legend from the Kosmodrome to the Sea Base. See, the Legend is among its other excellent qualities, a seaplane. For certain values of seaplane, at least.


Interesting... what is your power source for that thing, those look like electric rotors, not the LF and intake air consuming turbines...

Anyway, have you considered a tilt rotor for easy operations on land or sea?

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3 hours ago, BigStar Aerospace said:

My Kerbals are the safest! There is a launch escape system on every rocket, even Starship, and even though I am on a hard setting game, I haven't killed a single Kerbal. To add on, I make little flying machines for low gee planets so they can travel fast and they won't fall over.

Also there totally aren't any kerbals stuck on Duna that tried landing with nuclears and parachutes that failed, that mission never happened and if it did they would be rescued by now.

I was testing my safety measures, of course the launches were un-crewed as are all rockets in the testing phase, I encourage others to try the same because it gives me a great source of self accomplishment knowing that NO Kerbals  are stuck anywhere and I am in a save where NO Kerbals  are dead. Okay who keeps asking where Jeb is? I have already told everyone that Jeb is on vacation in his base on the dark side of the Mun, NO HE IS NOT STRANDED AT DUNA, QUIT SAYING THAT! LUCEM 1 WAS AN UN-CREWED MISSION TO DUNA THERE WERE NOT ANY KERBALS ABOARD!

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22 minutes ago, KerikBalm said:

Interesting... what is your power source for that thing, those look like electric rotors, not the LF and intake air consuming turbines...

Anyway, have you considered a tilt rotor for easy operations on land or sea?


Yep, I've built plenty of tilt-rotors as well. I just wanted a seaplane this time.

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This rocket carries a major payload: Muna 5, the second spacecraft to attempt to land on the Mun (its predecessor, Muna 4, had a first stage engine failure during launch, resulting in an inability to reach orbit of Kerbin).


The lander itself can be observed here, atop its transfer stage. It was the most advanced design that could be made with current technology and payload limitations.


Preparing for descent, after waiting in Munar orbit until the Kerbin-facing side was in daylight. Duna, Moho, Lindor, Eve, and Jool can all be seen in the distance here. Each of them shall be visited eventually.


The chosen landing site for this mission is a hilly midlands area - perhaps not the flattest place we could have chosen, but we have confidence in the ability of this lander to precisely target one of the flatter regions of this part of the terrain. This is one of the lighter areas of the Mun's surface; future missions will study other regions and compare to data collected from here, to learn more about the formation of the Mun.


It seems that these rocks are softer than they may appear...


@SirBlobYou may want to take a look at this last image. Your JNSQ Parallax configs have the colliders set weirdly on the Mun. I have not yet tested other celestial bodies, though I will do at some point. It doesn't cause any obvious problems besides the very significant visual issue (nothing craft-destroying though from what I can tell with this little lander).


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@septemberWavesJust gonna leave this here.


As of update 1.2.0 , Parallax provides its own collision system for wheels and landing gear. Crafts no longer clip inside the terrain and rocks influence them. Build your rovers carefully and plan for dangerous terrain!


 If you want collions on normal craft you could add a rover wheel and tweakscale it down to like 10% thats what I did for some probes, landing gears don´t seem to work for me.

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1 hour ago, SirBlob said:

If you want collions on normal craft you could add a rover wheel and tweakscale it down to like 10% thats what I did for some probes, landing gears don´t seem to work for me.

I see, though this solution seems to rather defeat the point. Additionally, I am using Parallax 1.2.0, so surely I should have access to its collision system. Though of course I understand that the mod is fairly new.

EDIT: I realize now that it may be possible that modded landing gear don't work yet; if the Parallax system only works for wheels and landing gear, then perhaps it hasn't been configured for modded ones yet...

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I really thought I’d fixed the jetpack-related issues I’m having with RP-1 in KSP 1.11.1- I commented out the part of ROKerbalism that makes the jetpacks use nitrogen as their propellant, thinking it would then default back to EVA propellant, but no- now they use hydrazine! I still can’t get either the jetpack or the Kerbals to actually store nitrogen (or hydrazine for that matter) so for now I’m restricted to doing EVAs by clinging on to the side of the pod for a while.

This may call for drastic action, in the form of undoing the changes 1.11 made to the kerbalEVA* “parts” so that they behave the same as they did in 1.10 and earlier which in turn might fix this problem. Serves me right for jumping to the latest game version when it isn’t supported, I suppose... ;.;

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Got a few more launches in on my JNSQ career - first rendezvous, first docking and launched the first probe to Minmus.

The Minmus probe actually took two attempts - first one had a first stage engine explosion passing 18km.  Second launch went well and the probe is on its way. 

jnGqviGl.png?1   b8FDp0hl.png?1

A modified version of my Moho manned capsule - adding full RCS & a docking port - was built.  First I sent up the Kerbal Target Vehicle (KTV-1).  Then Val went up to perform a rendezvous with the KTV, and see how the Moho-OMV pod handled maneuvering around the KTV.

C9g6zzYl.png?1  YGnKj1Ql.png?1

Val was easily able to close within 4m of the KTV, even capturing a photo from within her pod


The next flight by Jeb was for the first ever orbital docking.  It was almost anti-climatic - the rendezvous placed the two craft <30m apart and a few puffs of monoprop later and they were connected.

C01rmmBl.png?1  2JYiHNbl.png?1

The combined craft used the KTV's engine to boost the orbit to 150km, then Jeb undocked and reentered

wwEwvpMl.png?1  TVl2Mcql.png?1

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After Valentina smashed up the ludicrously expensive atomic Sea Legend, Administration refused to budget for another one. The replacement runs on fuel cells. Let's hope she doesn't smash that one up too. It's also a highly capable seaplane and flies well low and slow.


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Update: I just found a Karen Kerman and she asked to speak to Gene Kerman, so I told her he was on the Mun, she proceeded to complain that I didn't get her coffee as I told her I was the one who designs and launches rocket and that I am not her intern, she persisted on speaking to Gene... I put her on a rocket and she is now on her way to Eeloo, I don't feel bad in the slightest...

Edit: I posted to soon to give the fact that when she landed on Eeloo, she argued that she didn't need a space suit to survive,  after I told her to go right ahead, she opened the hatch and was greeted with a mild condition of no atmosphere.

Update: Karen wields the power of the quick save and promptly figured out that she needs a space suit, but to add on she also learned of the cheat menu and now lives on Eve, I deleted all of the quick saves so she can't escape, I plan on making an engine powerful enough to crash Dres into Eve!(That will be hard on ps4)

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Update: Karen wields the power of the quick save and promptly figured out that she needs a space suit, but to add on she also learned of the cheat menu and now lives on Eve, I deleted all of the quick saves so she can't escape, I plan on making an engine powerful enough to crash Dres into Eve!(That will be hard on ps4)

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Wrapped up the next update to my career, with a Minmus fly-by/impactor followed by a satellite in Minmus orbit.  The biggest news was the world's first orbital EVA, during a test flight of an orbital tourist vehicle.

Mun lander testing on Kerbin - the lower stage has fuel tanks for the landing plus probe core, solar, antennas & science experiments.  Once the crewed mission departs (using the upper stage) the lower stage remains behind as a remote science station.  After a few changes (the antennas really didn't want to cooperate with the fairing of the launcher), it was ready to head for the Mun to await a crew.

u4qHciIl.png?1  gpA5pxrl.png?1

Minmus fly-by/impactor doing its thing...

9Xt6kRsl.png?1  Dd96uUAl.png?1

Then a relay for Minmus, based on my existing geosynchronous relay with a slightly larger launcher.  I placed it in a highly elliptical polar orbit to maximize its up-time until more relays can be sent.

bckJMdql.png?1  AtFM1ajl.png?1

The Mun lander launched atop the largest launch vehicle built to date

br802tll.png?1  57c0iK1l.png?1

l0yPdZAl.png?1  dvdgRP0l.png?1

Test flight of the new orbital tourist vehicle, with Val piloting and Ambera riding along and performing the first EVA

Xlh489Xl.png?1  KV9iHcEl.png?1

Since the EVA pack isn't unlocked yet, Ambera had to be careful on her brief EVA                                                


The service bay doors also function as airbrakes, stabilizing the vehicle during reentry


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Here's the final set of pics from my recently finished Medusa-powered Juno-IV mission to Laythe.

Links to previous pics:



On Laythe:


After having landed on and boarding the Caiman research vessel, the crew of 8 kerbals (5 of whom will stay here indefinetly) settled in, finished up the refueling process and set sail for the nearest landmass.dpVAWlq.png

Underwater view of the ship with captions (wish I could run Scatterer waves/underwater rays :()sQYcznD.png

Internal hangar view from the sub bay (the latter currently empty)nqPBj5K.png

A pilot fell overboard and had to take the hangar lift up back to the deck *cough* I mean performing scheduled maintenance checks.c70g9Cz.png

Fooooooore! (Doing very important scientific science)4mEVxTI.png

Group pic of the crew on deck with the Calibri:oqC9OSS.pngv1VuFTr.png

View from the bridge - land ahoy!NKfsfk4.pngMzqpfCp.png

Land expedition:


Sending a crew of 3 scientists to explore the island - fueled up Colibri undocked and preparing for vertical takeoff:B3g5tv4.png

Flying over the geysers:1nVxGXM.png

Landing completembKUrjx.pnghN09Krg.pngKuWWjCB.png



After returning to the Caiman, Colibri was refueled and the 3 scientists who are returning to Kerbin set off for orbital rendezvous with the Medusa ITV:4T3cUVs.png

After they have transfered over via EVA the uncrewed SSTO returns to and docks with the Caiman. Meanwhile, a strange spooky anomaly is observed by the 5 crew aboard the Medusa as it does a flyby of Vall on the way back to Kerbin:FFr6sDu.png

After a long 9k dV burn, the transfer back only takes ~180 days. Back on Kerbin, another probe-controlled SSTO, the Bluejay, ascends to greet the travellers. It has a crew capacity of 10 and around 750 dV in low orbit. uVko7oA.pngya6b2Gw.pngv7IZoLY.png

Docking complete:avB0Wj2.png

Bill Kerman performs a final EVA inspection of the Medusa, refilling the 3 small fission reactors used to power the LH2 cryogenic tank cooling.hApLq5M.png

It's easy to forget the scale of this thing after a while. Here's Bob infront of one of the gas-core NTRs:jpjG2aG.png

Bluejay boarded and departing for reentry:Q0WBsrv.png

Smooth touchdown at the KSC with help from the 2 drogue shoots:DHmO29k.png

The science gain from the mission was only around 1000, as I forgot to transfer most of the data from the Colibri before departure :confused: On the bright side, that means I'll have to come up with more missions to unlock the remaining 7 tech tree nodes with their fancy FFT engines.

Main mods used for the builds: Stockalike Project Orion, NFT, SSPXr, Mk 2 extension, Mining extension, MkIV spaceplane, KBPS, TU Recolour Depot, MissingRobotics, HeatControl+SystemHeat.

Visuals: PlanetShine, DOE, Pood's calm nebula skybox, EngineLighting and Waterfall - (fancier ones wouldn't run on my integrated graphics potato)



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Scrapped a new vessel without it ever being used- despite putting a lot of hours into getting the design right, advances in technology (hydrolox engines with ~100s higher ISP) have rendered it obsolete. Hydrolox comes with its own issues- low density requiring large tanks, fuel and oxidiser boil off even with the maximum possible tank insulation- but the tradeoff is a much lighter vessel which means more delta-V across all stages, a more reliable engine that can restart twice as many times and more margin for error during the planned mission- to the Moon!

Now all I need to do is fix those pesky jetpacks, otherwise getting in and out of the lander in space will be a bit tricky.

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I made a return trip to Eeloo using only Solid Fuel boosters.

For me, it was a very challenging mission!

In order to get my 0.55t payload to its destination and back..I needed a 4,300t ship. It took me many iterations and rage quits before I came up with a working vessel.

Completing the mission was very rewarding though! :)

I used Windows Transfer planner to set up the departure date and used a simple custom kOS script to calculate the delta v budget per stage with 10 decimals to get more accuracy.

If anybody's interested here's a 4 minute clip of my mission. :)



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I accidentally  discovered a new, effective way of lithobraking!

here i was landing on mun. despite a long, long time playing this game, i still have problems getting those manuevers right at the first time. i eyeball when to start braking, and i prefer to brake at the last possible moment, especially when fuel is critical. of course, the result is that often i will go long.

And so, here was a failed mun landing. i still hadn't braked all the way when i touched the ground at 70 m/s



but i bounced off!!!!


and i survived the landing. slamming into the surfaced saved some 50 m/s, which on this specific mission were very critical.

ok, actually, i broke three engines. but earlier i had a similar accident on minmus (this bad lander has low thrust, so i keep going long), and that time i survived unschated. so, lithobraking for 50 m/s is possible! this can make a difference when one is short in fuel


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