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  2. Nice. The PR I did is specifically for 1.8. It won't hurt having it in 1.7, but is absolutely necessary for 1.8
  3. You know if the delays continue at this rate I may graduate high school before I see SpaceX, Boeing, or Blue Origin launch anyone into space. It's great that we have a NET date finally, but wow, 2020...
  4. New releae, Updated initialization of vars to account for new Unity version used with KSP 1.8
  5. Dragon CRS-19, taken from Jetty Park (17 km away). Interestingly, we got almost the exact same weather and light than for CRS-16 a year earlier:
  6. More the overall phrasing. By mostly repeating the last thing you said, I wasn't entirely sure if you misunderstood what I said, or you were being sarcastic, or what.
  7. The car is mostly done, heading out to the track to try some different wheels.
  8. Just going to re-explain this but with images if that is ok. Here is step one as an expression(I may have done it wrong just going off of how I understood your explanation): Step two(the answer to this will be the variable z): step 4(Where y is the length of a mars year): And your answer will be Edit: always check the comment date before replying. Hope this will be able to help anyone else i guess
  9. You would not want to steal intellectual property from yourself now would you? Honestly it's probably a 10 line python script
  10. Yep. And I was fixing my argument using your data! (language barrier and context-less communication channels bitten us! Was the use of the "so" the problem? Honest question!)
  11. Awesome. Though it seems that the Antares II motor uses a slightly different shade of white than the rest of the rocket. Could you look into it? That said, it was gray on the real thing: A pure white skin for the Redstone would be appreciated, if you've got some room left.
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  13. Thank you for the contribution @linuxgurugamer! I'll get that merged in asap. I'll also be releasing a version for KSP 1.8.x in the coming days, things have stabilized enough on my end to be able to do that now. Thank you all for your patience!
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