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  1. Dunno, I don't own a version that keeps track for me. But I'd guesstimate somewhere around 500-1000, but it's not really possible to tell for sure.
  2. I mean at least put the hint in a spoiler, doesn't make the search much fun if you just say that before I even see the picture.
  3. Yeah, just think of saying "Lays" but with a lisp.
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mQhRCAAlTXk For real though, very, very impressive build. The uncanniness of how it moves is really amazing to me, it looks like an actual living thing.
  5. So, I'm sure this has been talked about before, but I wasn't able to see any recent posts about it so I thought I would make this. I've had the idea that some sort of "camera" part should be added to the game for a while now, but I was never able to figure out a good way for it to be implemented. But I think I've figured out something that could work and is unique. The camera would be a science part that would function similar to the other science parts in the game, but would have a few unique features. Firstly, it would come in 2 forms; a static, stationary version that can be mounted anywhere on a vessel, and one that can be on a robotic arm of sorts, similar to the scanning units in breaking ground, where you can more freely adjust the camera's angle. Additionally, there could be an EVA camera that a kerbal could place down. Second, in addition to taking pictures for all of kerbalkind to see, it can have a use to take actual screenshots, with a choice of just having the normal picture, or showing it through filter that would make it look something like the recent first pictures from Perseverance. Thirdly, since seeing photos and videos of space really gets the public buzzing here in the real world, it could be that, on top of earning science, cameras could also provide a boost in reputation when kerbals get to see pictures from other worlds. I'm not sure exactly how that last part would be implemented, but I think it's a neat idea. That's my idea for cameras. Thoughts?
  6. This thing strikes the perfect balance of both form and function. It's definitely one of the most creative looking SSTOs I've ever seen. I wouldn't have even guessed it was an SSTO!
  7. How do you determine nominees for this? It kind of feels at bit random to me, even though of course it's not.
  8. Forgive me for initially thinking of tiny orbs you insert in your giant sword when you said "materia." Anyways, to keep in line to your initial post... I believe I saw somewhere that Jool's green tint could probably be the result of chlorine. There's also whatever compound is in Laythe's oceans, some sort of salt compound. But it has to have something more than that, since normal salt water would freeze at Laythe's surface temps. If Duna's composition is anything like Mars', it probably has an iron-oxide rich topsoil surface. Those are the things I can think of off the top of my head, but I know there's more than that.
  9. It's no secret that Kerbal Space Program has been out for quite a while now, with many of us having our start back in the alpha days, myself around when 0.23 was out. I was recently having some thoughts that made me realize how long ago that was. Such things includes as follows: I was initially anticipating the release of asteroids and the SLS parts as part of a DLC. Now they've been in the base game for nearly 7 years. It's hard to think that female kerbals weren't a thing until almost 6 years ago. Mk2 and Mk3 spaceplanes as we know them weren't a thing as well around 7 years ago, unless you played with mods. And speaking of, imagine if the mk3 parts were still scaled to their original size? They'd only be about as useful as today's mk2 parts, maybe even less? Science mode was the OG career mode for a good while. Air-hogging SSTOs, anyone? It was an exciting time to finally have unique biomes on every planet and moon, not just one for the whole darn thing. That was over 6 years ago as well. I remember the discussions that were had about fairings being procedural and not at set lengths like everything else in the game. Anyone else remember those barn-looking things that were suppose to be the first stage buildings in career mode? I still kind of wish they put that in, they looked pretty charming. Just hearing the words "This is episode *blank* of Interstellar Quest!" recently gave me a whole wave of nostalgia. The first episode of that series was posted in nov 2013, a month after career mode was first introduced. Anyone who's watched a good amount of KSP videos should know who's videos this music is from. Those who played in the "souposphere" days knows the struggle of learning how to do a real gravity turn when atmo physics got ramped up. I swear it was like I was a new player all over again, could barely get anything to orbit at first. Those are just a few of the things that show my age, but what about all of you?
  10. I like this method of documenting KSP history. Kind of sounds fun to say something like, "Oh, I started playing KSP near the end of the 1st refinement era!" Maybe add some dates as well, like how long in years each era lasted?
  11. Doctor's be like "You may feel a slight pressure..." I'm always impressed by what people are able to create with this game. Didn't think I would ever see someone create a giant needle, of all things.
  12. I actually had a thought the other day that it would be pretty neat if you could move heavier parts in EVA construction with the more kerbals you had in the vicinity, but somehow you guys read my mind! Is there a limit to how many kerbals can help? To see the equivalent of a large mass of kerbals carrying the recently detached wing of a large plane for reattachment would be pretty neat.
  13. Well, yes you could, but it would kinda miss the point of what I was trying to demonstrate here. Like I mentioned, this specific SSTO didn't have a docking port, so something like that wouldn't be too useful.
  14. Well there is the Kopernicus Mod that adds kerbalized versions of Saturn, Uranus and Neptune to the game, respectively called Sarnus, Urlum and Neidon. And Sarnus does have a Titan analog called Tekto. They're all to scale with the kerbin system as well. I don't know how to just get Sarnus and Tekto, but if you would be willing to take the other planets with it, that's the best mod I can think of off the top of my head.
  15. Oh I'm well aware of KAS, my point was to show how you can use a stock method to refuel ships with fuel lines. I agree that using KAS fuel hoses is a less complicated method, and it would be nice to have something like that in the stock game, but if you play without mods or on Enhanced Edition this method is a close second.
  16. I appreciate the comment, but it seems like everyone else knows that this works as well, so I guess I was just pointing out the obvious. But it still is very useful to know this is possible now.
  17. I know, I know, I realized it as soon as I hit post. I just thought the following sentence would show how this would be different. I went ahead and revised it.
  18. Not sure if this particular point has been discussed or not, but if it has, mods feel free to merge this into the appropriate post. So, it's pretty clear by now that you can't use EVA construction to merge 2 craft together, so you can't simply just get two vehicles close by and hook a fuel line to both of them. But, if you were to merge them before hand, either with a docking port or a klaw, you could then place parts on both vessels unabated. Yeah, sounds obvious, I'm aware, but the implications are pretty neat. Take this for an example: Here I have this recently flown SSTO in low Kerbin orbit; It only has enough fuel to reach LKO, but I can take it to the Mun or Minmus orbit with a topoff. However, it doesn't have any docking ports, so refueling by docking is out of the question. And my current ruleset makes fuel transfer a lot more strict, so I can't just slap a fuel tank with a klaw to the ship and fuel it up that way either. For my solution, I sent up a proof-of-concept refueling ship, with mini klaw attached, and attached it to my SSTO. But wait, I just said a klaw wouldn’t work, so why am I using it? Well, I said that just a klaw wouldn’t work. This is where fuel lines come in. Once I hook up the ships, I have an engineer come out and hook up some fuel lines, and whala! My ship can now be refueled! (One note: for some reason, the fuel transfer only worked if I had a fuel line going both too and from the tanker. Having just one run from the tanker to the ship didn't seem to want to work.) So yeah, done like this, fuel lines actually can be used for refueling ships. I'm sure I'm not the first person to think of this, so I'd like to know your thoughts about it, and what you've come up with to deal with problems like this yourselves.
  19. Nice work! Pretty ingenious design for those legs, I'm surprised they don't seem to just flop all around once they're extended.
  20. I would say for me, whenever they released the update where wheels would now break based on relative speed and sudden impacts rather than breaking via exceeding a certain surface velocity, I started to get a lot less broken wheels. Still had them from time to time, but a lot less.
  21. Can we get a tech tree overhaul as well? I always thought that since the DLCs were introduced it doesn't feel as balanced, more so towards the end of the tree.
  22. Man, you guys need to chill with all this awesomeness, my heart can barely contain my excitement as is.
  23. Even though things like KAS fuel lines won't be added, I can think of a simple stock way to do that. You could just build out with cubic struts or, really most anything, all the way to whatever you want to fuel up to, then put either a small docking port or klaw at the end for easy attachment. May not make a whole lot of logical sense, but it's sure as heck a kerbal way to get the job done!
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