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  1. ??? Jeb needs a shave? I think that's weirder than the frown.
  2. I'm waxing up my club as I read this. Just kidding. I wouldn't cheat a Polar Bear out of a meal.
  3. So, I clicked 'Play' expecting to play the game. doh
  4. Remember: A thorough trimming, stalks only! I ordered a pizza for lunch, with meat topping. And, I've got a nice fresh baked blueberry pie waiting for desert after tonight's dinner ... with vanilla ice cream of course.
  5. There's a lot I could say about that ... dogs and ferrets do also ... but for cats, read this.
  6. Wait until it starts complaining you've left the lid up.
  7. Sorry but, that thing looks like something I'd see at a kid's carnival. Do clowns pop out?
  8. Do you smoke? Addendum: My complaint for the day; My laptop cooling pad just bit the dust... with the help of my fist. One of the fans was wobbling and oscillating and just wouldn't shut up, annoying the life out of me. It speaks no more.
  9. A TENS unit (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation). I have one here at home. There are a lot of pros & cons about their use, their effectiveness. Some people use them (specific settings: waveform, pulse frequency & duration) to induce/stimulate endorphins in an affected area to kill pain, or (other settings) to cause muscles to relax ... which is what I use mine for, to relax muscle spasms. I find that mode more useful than a pain-killing attempt. My chiro guy uses it on me before making adjustments. I don't know if that makes a difference.
  10. I hope it all works out for you! A few visits might be required, but more than that - only if you've a chronic issue, such as myself. There are Chiropractors and there are real medical Chiropractors. A good Chiro guy is an MD as well, having more than just Chiro training. That's why I mentioned an Osteopath (D.O.) too; Many DO's perform manipulation, more-so than just prescribing drugs and self-help physical therapy. Experience has taught me: ice then heat ... alternate, 20 minutes each. True therapeutic deep massage also helps, again - from someone qualified. Tip: If you go for massage, make your appointment for the day before your Chiro appointment. It almost guarantees a successful Chiro adjustment.
  11. @klesh Google 'nerve pathway chart' and check out the area of your issue; If it is a pinched nerve, that will define 'where from'. Of all the things you've mentioned, I don't see Chiropractor or Osteopath (who does manipulation) in that list. I would make that move first before an EMG.
  12. Huh??? I have weather here every day too. I must be missing something. I have to say; Polar vortexes, tornadoes, hail, rain, floods, hurricanes, snow, wind, gales, cold, warm, hot and humid ... we get it all here, and there isn't anything I've seen yet in all my years that isn't normal cyclic stuff. Sorry to disappoint.
  13. Which I've always found odd, because docking ports are just that - ports - which allow passage from one module to another. That's something the game should permit, entry/exit via docking ports. After all, they do have a picture of a door with window on them. Right?
  14. He's been around a long time. I can relate. Myself, I've grown tired of restarting.
  15. Just so long as she doesn't come back with an alien growing in her belly I'm good with it.
  16. You, Sir, need to quit smoking! Just do it. Sorry, nothing worse than an ex-smoker. Take my word for it - quit now. I'm told by too many that I look just like Bob Weir. I have to admit, the resemblance is uncanny. This picture for example... spot on... although back in the day, I had longer hair, and at least 50lbs more muscle than him.
  17. You teach because you're driven / compelled to teach. If you're looking to make money, do something else.
  18. Yes, we all grew up being told "You can be President!" The problem with these YouTube sensations is that, just like pro-sport-anythings, you've not much to fall back on when the limelight dims. So I hope they're saving their money and going to night school between game playing and video editing, because to me it doesn't look like they'll excel at doing much else.
  19. Mind you, most of this I'm explaining was all v1.2.2 and prior.
  20. Another view of it I tried early on, was using an Mk1 Stack Tri-Coupler with 3 docking ports attached... the idea in mind was for more support and less wobble. That didn't work, and likely still doesn't.
  21. Sorry, I can't resist... This same question was asked years ago, back in 2014 as a matter of fact! This was my reply. Ants, of course!
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