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  1. I guess as always with things like that - AtomicRockets, and before that - some NASA proposal or something :-) Get it here - a couple of useful parts they have, too, but not all of them.
  2. That tug has around 18.1k dV with 1 bottle of LH2, and around 0.8 TWR too. 120 tons, fits 4.something meter fairing. Unfortunately - mainly because ofradiators - physics rate is only around 43%while on 1x time,and around 230-260% while on 4x physics wrap... Part count is around 100, I tried welding static radiators - no luck. Once that reactor starts, though, it's better not to turn it off while it accelerates - somehow requires full cool-down to re-start AHMS stack at full capacity.
  3. Hm, strange, LE-7A (Odin?) smoke is offset from exhaust to the side it seems: Edited to add: this particular engine has really distinguishable sound IRL, akin to kettle: - - - Updated - - - Oh, cool!I guess they have that grill under aerospike's plug nozzle because they blow turbine exhaust onto that?.. Or is it closed-cycle?...
  4. Unfortunately I have to report that latest release (and latest pre-release dev build in fact) seems incompatible with ProceduralParts. On "clean" KSP 1.0.2 install, PP tank switchers are drawing blanks in menu: Note that this occurs even when I delete all the MM .cfg, and leave only .dll's. Shame on me for not reporting it earlier. KSP logs Just need to re-check on freshly extracted KSP 1.0.2 distro, to exclude possible local file corruption case... The version dated 2015-06-26 07:10 (that is, pre-previous, a.k.a dev-1, 2nd dev version back) works good w.r.t that.
  5. The models, especially fuel tanks, seem like they're Z-fighting with themselves - graphic is flickering in VAB and in space (1.0.2 here). Maybe it's just me... Edited to add: the most prominent this effect is on FLM-3600, even on its icon. ...forest...
  6. While I'm sure this was asked before, I'll ask anyway: There's a widely known fact that cryogenic engines burn liquid Hydrogen (LqdHydrogen in CryoEngines case) and liquid Oxygen (Oxidizer in KSP case in general). In TAC LS, however, we see Hydrogen resource, and separate Oxygen resource too. One of the rules for programming says "one shan't breed unnecessary abstractions". So the question is: What do I need to do to change TAC LS to use LqdHydrogen instead of Hydrogen, and maybe even Oxidizer instead of Oxygen? Should MM patch do, or some deeper changes are needed? Note that I'm not regular TAC LS user, partly because of I was hesitant to mess with too many different resources, partly because Universal Storage existence was beyond me, and "stock" models are ugly IME.
  7. TBH I'm not familiar with "stock" TAC LS parts; I only know how Kingtiger's Universal Storage parts look.
  8. Oh, that's with TAC Life Support! Overlooked that blizzy toolbar icon at first. NOW I'm impressed. Music is good, too.
  9. Who am I to argue? I take this for granted in fact. Modders like him define KSP, after all. Well, you decide, but keep in mind that I'm not native speaker, so it's really hard to convey emotion of "kindness" in english for me. But I'm not a genius like You, sir ;-) I'm just a mere punk.
  10. Found a problem with utterly overweight Agena TV. The docking node is incorrect, so if one puts a Gemini-Agena stack in VAB and hyperedits that to orbit, one can not undock from Agena TV anymore. The solution is: @PART[FASAAgenaDocking,FASAFairingWall05m] { @mass = 0.01 } // FASA Agena Docking Port, Fairing Wall Half Short 1.25m for the Agena Target Vehicle. @PART[FASAAgenaDocking] { @MODULE[ModuleDockingNode] { @referenceAttachNode = top } } // FASA Agena Docking PortOverall Agena is sooo overweight, not realistic at all weight-wise. IRL that was light stage, and if that is its deltaV interpolated for 1x Kerbol system... Well, no wonder I'm using RSS then ;-) but I'm using a set of MM patches to sync its (and Project Gemini in general) stats with reality - should burn MP, not LF, etc. But I digress. FASA GeminiSmall Fuel Pack a.k.a FASA_Gemini_Engine_Fuel2/FASAGeminiLFTMonoAdpt needs some love too: texture in .mu should be re-pointed (or Gemini_EngFuel_Pack.dds linked to Gemini_RCSFuel_Pack.dds), but more seriously decoupler should be added to top node, and RCS transforms are needed on bottom for going forward. Bottom node in .cfg needs to be fixed while at it. Hopefully will learn how to add transforms to other's models, but for now writing what was said above is all I can do. Edit: Maybe it's just me, but reflective shader only was present on Agena's fuel tank, not on the rest of that stage, so I added it: @PART[FASAAgenaProbe,FASAAgena_Engine_FP,FASAAgenaDocking,FASAFairingWall05m] { // should be shiny %MODULE[ReflectiveShaderModule] { %CubeMapSize = 8 %FarClipPlane = 500000000 %NearClipPlane = 2 %OneFacePerFrame = true %ShaderName = Reflective/Bumped Specular %realTimeReflection = False %ParallaxHeight = 0.01 %ReflectionStrength = 0.2 %MeshesToChange = all %Shininess = 1.0 %updateRate = 40 %SpecColorR = 0.8 %SpecColorG = 0.8 %SpecColorB = 0.8 %SpecColorA = 0.8 %rimFalloff = 5.0 %rimColor = 0.8242, 0.6445, 0.1914, 1.0 %ReflectionColor = 0.6242, 0.6445, 0.69, 1.0 } // ReflectiveShaderModule } // PART
  11. I can confirm that SpaceY multi-shroud adapters are working fine; will test Ven's Revamp engines that have similar feature. Still Gemini-Agena stack can't be undocked if docked in VAB, despite I've tried to include Agena TV docking port in staging - the game just can't stage it (no exception is thrown). Will upload screenshots and maybe full logs too. Note that I'm testing on 1.0.2 as I do not want to move to 1.0.4 just yet - waiting for Nertea to post something like "ok now heat system is working fine" tbh ;-) Note that staging of that port doesn't happen despite I try. Wait, I need to fiddle with it some more... Maybe one part is defective and I'm kicking a dead pig?... (fiddling) Edit: yeah, like I thought. The node name was wrong, so I did... @PART[FASAAgenaDocking] { // FASA Agena Docking Port @mass = 0.01 // Agena was _this_ light IRL @MODULE[ModuleDockingNode] { @referenceAttachNode = top } }...and that resolved Agena TV "docked-in-VAB-can't-undock" problem. Now I can "Decouple node" and after a little jerk (it decouples then docks back) I can "Undock". Will try with TE also.
  12. It is called ModuleManager I guess :-D So I grok that SCANsat isn't working with RSS yet? Mine can't find any resources, and maps are all grey.
  13. Ouch. Silly me. Forgot that. I recalled there was something, but thought it was in code, not outside... Please forgive me. Sleep-deprived KSP'ing is no good.
  14. For RSS on 1.0.2, while around Moon, log gets spammed with this: [LOG 03:47:30.406] Body change Earth to Moon [EXC 03:47:30.407] NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object TimeControl.TimeControl.SetLocalCollision (System.String planetName, Boolean enabled) TimeControl.TimeControl.UpdateCollision () TimeControl.TimeControl.flightUpdate () TimeControl.TimeControl.Update ()What is it, and how to fix it? Tell me if You need full logs.
  15. Problem report :-( Steps to reproduce: - install latest QuickStart - create new save and start it - enter VAB, make some rocket (single pod or probe core will suffice) - launch, revert to VAB - close KSP - restart KSP, check your save in QuickStart, check "enter to VAB" - load or make some rocket - launch Expected result: flight scene on launch pad Actual result: spinning in space (sometimes with engine effects running from above, sometimes staring at some part internals, sometimes just space), no launch pad, impossible to do anything (even pressing Escape doesn't show menu), log is spammed real bad. Full logs here. Revert to older version of QuickStart makes problem go away (so the save seems not to be damaged).
  16. It just occurred to me that LE-7A a.k.a KS-01 'Odin' Cryogenic Rocket Engine actually has worse performance than its predecessor, LE-7: it had Isp(vac) of 446 (438 for LE-7A) and Isp(SL) of 349 (338 for LE-7A). And LE-7 was ~86kg lighter btw. Looked different, too. No wonder, though: Mitsubishi intentionally went "much cheaper" way with LE-7A.
  17. With recent update, I'm afraid PF interstage is broken again (menu won't show up in VAB). When placing and clicking on part: KzInterstageAdapter2(Clone) (TweakableEverything.ModuleStagingToggle): Waking up. OnAwake with defaultDisabled=False KzInterstageAdapter2(Clone) (TweakableEverything.ModuleStagingToggle): Awake; stagingEnabled=True. This module is primary Parsing vector2 Parsing double Parsing vector2 Parsing double KzInterstageAdapter2 (TweakableEverything.ModuleStagingToggle): Starting up. OnStart with stagingEnabled=True Starting with state Editor guiActiveEditor: False guiActive: True The part or some other module has already taken care of the stagingIcon. Registering events Started; stagingEnabled: True, part.stackIcon.iconImage: CUSTOM [ModuleStagingToggle] Enabling [ModuleStagingToggle] Staging sort queued. KzInterstageAdapter2 (TweakableEverything.ModuleStagingToggle): Time to update, stagingEnabled=True, isInStagingList=False Update forced... We have OnToggle subscribers; firing OnToggle event for them now. Staging switch doneenabled at stage 0 Just started, so sort will wait till next update LateUpdate done. stagingSortQueued and this.queuedStagingSort still true after LateUpdate this.partPrimary=True stagingInstance=IconStack (Staging) waitingForStaging=False stagingInstance.stages.Count=5 Updating Orion [ModuleStagingToggle] Stage sort queued but MST on Auriga BPC not updating: this.partPrimary=False, stagingInstance=IconStack (Staging), waitingForStaging=False KzInterstageAdapter2 (TweakableEverything.ModuleStagingToggle): Time to update, stagingEnabled=True, isInStagingList=False This module queued a staging event last update; sorting now. LateUpdate done. Launcher here(in write): True Voxelization Time (ms): 223 ---Docking : 3b Updating Orion Voxelization Time (ms): 209 ---Docking : 3b ArgumentException: Illegal prefix Parameter name: pfx at KSPAPIExtensions.MathUtils.PrefixString (SIPrefix pfx) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at KSPAPIExtensions.MathUtils.FormatSI (SIPrefix pfx, Double value, Int32 sigFigs, Int32 exponent, System.String unit) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at KSPAPIExtensions.MathUtils.ToStringSI (Double value, Int32 sigFigs, Int32 exponent, System.String unit) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at KSPAPIExtensions.MathUtils.ToStringExt (Double value, System.String format) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at KSPAPIExtensions.MathUtils.ToStringExt (Single value, System.String format) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at KSPAPIExtensions.UIPartActionFloatEdit.UpdateValueDisplay (Single newValue) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at KSPAPIExtensions.UIPartActionFloatEdit.UpdateItem () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at UIPartActionWindow.CreatePartList (Boolean clearFirst) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at UIPartActionWindow.Setup (.Part part, DisplayType type, UI_Scene scene) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at UIPartActionController.CreatePartUI (.Part part, DisplayType type, UI_Scene scene) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at UIPartActionController.SelectPart (.Part part, Boolean allowMultiple) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at UIPartActionController.HandleMouseClick (UnityEngine.Camera cam, Boolean allowMultiple) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at UIPartActionController+.MoveNext () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 (Filename: Line: -1)Disabling/eabling extra FairingStagingToggle.cfg makes no difference - part is no different in ModuleManager.ConfigCache with or without it present (its content is added to the part always) full log Edited to add: in fact I can't right-click anything in VAB afterwards; have to re-enter the VAB to make it work again. TWIMC, crude "workaround"is this: /cygdrive/c/Games/KSP.RSS/GameData/TweakableEverything$ diff -uN0 TweakableDecouplers.cfg.orig TweakableDecouplers.cfg --- TweakableDecouplers.cfg.orig 2015-01-03 19:35:50.000000000 +0200 +++ TweakableDecouplers.cfg 2015-06-25 23:36:34.799391800 +0300 @@ -32 +32 @@ -@PART [*]:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleDecouple]]:FOR[TweakableEverything]:NEEDS[TweakableStaging] +@PART [*]:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleDecouple],!MODULE[ProceduralFairingAdapter]]:FOR[TweakableEverything]:NEEDS[TweakableStaging] @@ -56 +56 @@ -@PART [*]:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleTweakableDecouple]]:AFTER[TweakableEverything]:NEEDS[TweakableStaging] +@PART [*]:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleTweakableDecouple],!MODULE[ProceduralFairingAdapter]]:AFTER[TweakableEverything]:NEEDS[TweakableStaging] Also I wonder what produces Docking 3b and Voxelization lines...
  18. Feature suggestion: - remember last sort mode for parts and restore it after KSP reload. - also remember last category
  19. Wow, thank You, thank You, thank You!You're my hero.
  20. No-no, I meant external lights :-) IVA is all good. Well, that is exactly my problem!Right after decoupling, at first SM/CM starts to slowly drift away from ICPS, and then after 3-4 seconds ICPS is going the other way real fast spinning wildly, and if per chance I had something on the bottom of SM - there's high probability that it (3 of 4 symmetrical parts at max, 1 of 4 at minimum) gets blown away. Not to mention implied orbit correction for SM/CM afterwards. Tried semi-clean install too - still decoupling is harsh for me. Well, Nertea has deployable nozzle (actually RL-10 but with some tank-support frame) in his CryoEngines, so I guess that's theoretically doable... Edit: for one thing, there's BahamutoD's BDAnimationModules, and then you just like... %MODULE[AnimatedEngine] { %EngineAnimationName = CryoEngine125-2-Extend %WaitForAnimation = 0.95 }given that it's there, and voila I guess... ;-) Besides, I even heard that this commit will magically solve "can't start while stowed" PF issue for such engines (when You have fairing and engine in one stage) as well, Really Soon Now I'd like to, but my problem is I do not really know how to start with Blender w.r.t. KSP models: not a single HOWTO that I know of, that sheds some light on KSP-specific modelling with animations... Maybe You know some, or I just need some generic course, book, whatever?.. Edit: Aside from (previously eaten by my adblocker, as it turned out) tutorial on how to set up Unity for KSP, and supposedly fresh PartTools, I've found a whole bunch of assorted, not systematic and not KSP-specific videos, but also found . Watching, now, hoping they'll shed some light... I'm noob, only did Bryce and 3dmax before, never Blender/Maya/Unity.Jeb[us] (R), I do not even know if I need to ask You for some other files (e.g. "model source") aside regular, released model.mu (and textures) to add animations TBH. Edit: nevermind, just found https://github.com/taniwha-qf/io_object_mu Oh, like I said I've used hex editor to look inside the model itself yesterday, and found transforms, and the camera works good now; I only have to update the RPM itself to draw some cross, relative speed, target distance etc - planning to monkey that out from NF props soon.Please don't be offended. I really appreciate Your work (guess it shows in my post count here in this very topic); I just need MOAR :-D What's so bad about wanting that? p.s. thanks for pointer about colliders performance; will read up on that - guess there has to be some synthetic test for Unity somewhere....
  21. I'm still trying to live without it, using TimeControl HyperWarp functionality. As long as part count stays very low, it works. Sometimes problems with SAS PID (about which Squad doesn't seem to care) arise, but often I can burn Xenon at 11-13x. Still the need of orbital decay, and higher still warp speeds (without thrust vector migrating from node vector preferably). Upd: Whoa! Just found this. Might solve orbital decay indeed.
  22. is Docking port+parachute combo working for someone? Produces practically no drag for me...
  23. Found some problematic adapters today. From SpaceY, see here (basically no shroud on some parts) Strangely, their "sister parts", based on the same principle, are working just fine.
  24. Yes, "adaptive" adapters (omg short SMS messages) work. Maybe TweakableEverything is interfering?... Will test without it; but in ModuleManager.ConfigCache those parts look almost identical. Edit: Yep, TweakableEverything is interfering indeed it seems. Will notify todacius. Edit 2: ouch, it turned out that only some nodes work on "adaptive" adapters, namely top-most, and maybe one node more, but not others.
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