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  1. Maybe my humble ISTQB FL can be put to use wih that activity too? :-D Do You have a test plan, or at least some description of what it consists of (so I can deduce what needs to be tested and how)? Also, I wonder if retro-rockets can be added to Ariane V side booster, that is, P241. I don't know if it has them and what are their parameters, but if I'll hear "yes", I'll try to dig that info up (can be tough - that's no NASA).
  2. Sorry if I missed it, but what are the real world analogues to each engine respectively?
  3. 404 not found anymoreplease reupload or something - - - Updated - - - Exactly, this one! Many thanks.- - - Updated - - - 404 also, maybe soneone still has a copy of that?
  4. Can You also please make it so MJ turns SAS back on when finishing burning on maneuer node? Currently it starts to spin after node burn is finished. No big deal, but still would be nice. bgeery - thnx, already found that one; just forgot to write "nevermind" here also.
  5. Great news indeed.Can You compile some dev build for us mere users who don't have C# SDKs paraphernalia deployed&ready2fire? Pointers to some good howto on how to set up environment to compile yourself MechJeb2 are also welcome.
  6. Still can't make EditorCamUtils to not mess in-flight zooming. In VAB, all is good. After first install of new version and first launch of KSP, everything worked. Setting (and re-setting) AXIS_MOUSEWHEEL{scale=1} in settings.cfg prior to start of KSP doesn't do anything - still can't zoom while in flight :-( I'll upload logs. - - - Updated - - - log, settings - let me know if You need more info.
  7. This seems to be fixed with last build, thank You.Staging gets messed up every time, though. I can't describe it easily, but I hope You see the situation from earlier posts above, no?
  8. Regarding SM shroud that breaks SM panels on jettisoning: maybe something can be done to reduce rotating torque on jettisoned objects? That'd fix it I think. JFYI looks like latest release of TweakableEverything fixed that woe I had with "Jettison" disappearing from menu. Edited to add: some Nertea's manned parts have "Lights on" feature. It looks moderately nice. Just a hint :-D OFC if we're able to see inside, into internal space, and that had light sources to cast light thru windows, that'd be even better...
  9. For me DestroyAll window isn't working anymore - only grey bar is displayed, and log starts to be spammed with: [LOG 10:25:00.113] QuickHide(3.01): Show the AppLauncher [EXC 10:25:07.254] KeyNotFoundException: The given key was not present in the dictionary. System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary`2[Vessel+Situations,System.String].get_Item (Situations key) KerboKatz.DestroyAll.createVesselInfoLayout (KerboKatz.Classes.vesselInfo currentVessel, System.String partString, System.String scienceString, System.String crewString) KerboKatz.DestroyAll.mainWindow (Int32 windowID) UnityEngine.GUILayout+LayoutedWindow.DoWindow (Int32 windowID) UnityEngine.GUI.CallWindowDelegate (UnityEngine.WindowFunction func, Int32 id, UnityEngine.GUISkin _skin, Int32 forceRect, Single width, Single height, UnityEngine.GUIStyle style) [ERR 10:25:07.257] GUI Error: You are pushing more GUIClips than you are popping. Make sure they are balanced) But when I manually "terminate" quite some (or all) debris, it starts to show again. It does that for a couple of weeks actually, just forgot to report. Presumably all the DLLs are latest.
  10. LOL, this is exactly what I do :-DLC2-pod seems intriguing. I wonder if it is possible to find some photos of Orion internals on the net currently... Regarding nodes - hm, ICPS still has upper node, not only internal one... But nevermind, MM indeed rulez. And thanks for Your work. Will be waiting for IVA and - more impatiently - for above mentioned plugin-from-the-shadows, that's for sure. - - - Updated - - - Also, I'll ask the following question: have You talked with someone from Squad about Your issues while making such complex parts? If no - maybe You should try? ;-) I have no personal experience with their team so far, but my vast IT experience kinda makes me ask this question.
  11. Yesterday I had one craft built like so: (exploding-girder-docking-port) [girder-hubs] girder-tankage (girder-to-2.5m) |heat-insulator| something-hot-2.5m and aside that, connected to [girder-hubs], 8x more-girder-tankage-to-which-heatpipes-connect <- heatpipes-from-something-hot so tankage acts as heat-buffer, and the heat comes to the rest of the craft via girder hubs array. My problem with that arrangement was that girder-docking-port attached to girder-hubs was exploding due to overheat, despite big heat buffer bought some time - cause there's no insulator in octo-girder crossection available. Also, I had to use those girder docking ports, cause no stack separator in girder cross-section is available. So is life... Yeah, I worked around that by using 3 more parts - girder-to-2.5m |heat-insulator| 2.5m-to-girder - but... Hope You got the situation.
  12. Anyhow, here's what I use currently:@PART[OrionBPC] { // BaconLabs Auriga BPC - may be useful for smaller pods too %MODULE[TweakScale]:NEEDS[TweakScale] { %type = stack %defaultScale = 3.75 } } @PART[Orion] { // BaconLabs Auriga Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle - this has flown automated IRL, so... %MODULE[ModuleCommand] { %minimumCrew = 0 %RESOURCE[ElectricCharge] { %rate = 0.05 } } @MODULE[ModuleSAS] { %SASServiceLevel = 3 } // prograde, retrograde, radial, normal, node, target @RESOURCE[Ablator] { @amount = 100 } // do not need all the 2.5 tons of it generally } // TODO even Apollo had 290 RCS Isp; research about Orion RCS and boost it. @PART[OrionESASvcMod] { // BaconLabs Auriga Service Module - TODO realistic stats @MODULE[ModuleEnginesFX],* { @heatProduction = 220 } // was 350, exploded in seconds %node_stack_bottom2 = 0, -1.9, 0, 0, -1, 0, 1 // befriend with stock decouplers } @PART[ICPS]:NEEDS[CryoEngines] { // BaconLabs Interim Cryogenic Propulsion Stage - realistic stats @title = Interim Cryogenic Propulsion Stage @manufacturer = Boeing @mass = 3.8575 // 32.4t gross // real dV ~ 3050+, actual dV for Orion = 3551 @MODULE[ModuleEngines] { @maxThrust = 110.1 // RL-10B2 !atmosphereCurve {} %atmosphereCurve { key = 0 465.5 key = 1 373 } !PROPELLANT[LiquidFuel] {} !PROPELLANT[Oxidizer] {} %PROPELLANT[LqdHydrogen] { %ratio = 1.0 %DrawGauge = False // ?? } %PROPELLANT[Oxidizer] { %ratio = 0.1 %DrawGauge = True } } // min 28.3t HydroLOx ~= 3.75x5.625m PP tank ~= 5000 LOx+50k LH2 // for the record, there is 16.92t of HydroLOx in DCSS -RESOURCE[LiquidFuel] {} %RESOURCE[LqdHydrogen] { %amount = 50000 %maxAmount = 50000 } @RESOURCE[Oxidizer] { @amount = 5000 @maxAmount = 5000 } }Later I might read up on its (Orion's) antenna and cobble some AntennaRange .cfg, but we'll see.
  13. Well, ofc I can hack some inner nodes to it with MM, but then - part count will bite me... And that doesn't cancel out the need for insulator/decoupler/separator/tricoupler/180 degrees surface attach (like S-MED Radial Stack Adapter, but Octo-Girder profile, not round), 1.25m and 3.75m adapters, and the fact that Modular Octo-Girder Micro is only hollow. Besides, it'd be only logical that creator of EnrichedUranium/DepletedUranium would give us the means to store those delicious resources in his other wonderful creation - Modular Octo-Girder system. Right? :-D
  14. I really think that Modular Octo-Girder system needs a few parts added, namely: - slim stack separator and stack decoupler (!) - heat insulator - ability to switch Multipurpose Octo-Girder segment to contain living space with cozy lights (they're must) - ability to switch Multipurpose Octo-Girder segment to contain large capacitor bank - ability to switch Multipurpose Octo-Girder segment to contain large battery/small RTG combo - ability to switch Multipurpose Octo-Girder segment to contain 2.5m reactor would be good too; for smaller segment, ability to hold nuclear products would be nice. - 1.25m-ended version of Octo-Girder Adapter, and maybe 3.75m version too (preferably switchable) - ability to switch Octo-Hub's content in the same way that Multipurpose Octo-Girder segments are switched, so one part can be pressurized, empty, contain LH2, argon etc - ability to switch Modular Octo-Girder Micro content in the same way too - slim, light adapter to easily connect three Multipurpose Octo-Girder segments side-by-side. Can't quite scale SE-3 Stack Trilinear Adapter to do that - turns out that the nodes are in between its sizes. - above mentioned task can be facilitated with radial adapter, only turned 90 degrees and two-sided, or slanted-one-sided AND two-sided variants (maybe switchable, if that allows attach nodes to be enabled/disabled too). Then one will place, say, Octo-Girder Adapter to one end of central Multipurpose Octo-Girder segment, and add 2 such radial adapters, then place 2 surrounding Multipurpose Octo-Girder segments on those. - - - Updated - - - I second that. Sounds like good idea.Oh, and one more thing: Octo-Girder Octo-Hub is not symmetrical - this monstrocity has sideways torque because of that. In fact assymetry can be seen by eye while in VAB. Will try to add symmetry group to it and will see if it'll help.
  15. ALso, can't get EditorCamUtils to not mess with the wheel again: AXIS_MOUSEWHEEL{scale} becomes 0 again in settings.cfg, so I can't zoom in flight (in VAB everything works as advertised). Edit: But after modifying that scale=1 by hand and relaunching, it works again. Edit 2: after restart of KSP I can not zoom while in flight again; have to uninstall EditorCamUtilities :-( Edit 3: latest PhysicalTimeRatioViewer always shows 0% for me.
  16. Unfortunately DevHelper bitrots now (last msg in that thread is mine and is unanswered for ages; moreover, when it was functioning, it was breaking each and every plugin that depended on game start screen - for example, RSS) and is incompatible with 0.90 onward: when it enters VAB, the VAB building isn't rendered so you're amidst the sky with dim light. You can still place parts, but you can't launch. Hence asking. Please.
  17. Hm, newest version of FPSViewer keeps throwing: [EXC 04:37:14.826] MissingMethodException: Method not found: 'KerboKatz.Utilities.UI.setAnchorPosition'. KerboKatz.FPSViewer.OnGUI ()I reverted to 1.1.12 and it works again.
  18. Small request: add another botom node (of size 1) to Auriga Service Module to allow it to stack on stock decouplers also. And I'd like to know how to counter this: That is, 1st SM panel keeps being pushed to 2nd and 3rd AGs, despite stock AG editor shows single panel for single AG (while AGX shows two for 2nd and next).
  19. Wow SpaceTiger, what a support, what a timing, thanks - I wish some commercial firms had this level of support that Your mods have. No, seriously, I understand that the mods are small, but still. Today I noticed one thing: when I load KSP in the background, that is, if KSP window isn't active by the time it gets to KSC, FPSLimiter doesn't get applied. I have QuickStart to go straight to KSC (sure I'd like to go straight to VAB, but... no mod for that yet, as DevHelper bitrotten), and I have to switch to KSP window for FPSLimiter to catch on. Can this little scenario be worked somehow? Cause that's my typical usage pattern - modify some parts mods here and there while I have a minute, then relaunch KSP and while it loads - I'm doing something else, something hopefully more productive :-)
  20. I wonder why stack gas tank has MP and ElectricCharge... That's no Service Module, methinks. - - - Updated - - - Hm, I'm still having that weird VAB problem when first part to place is IFS-enabled part - can't attach more parts; have to load some craft and press "new" to workaround this IIRC... What can be wrong? Yes I have CryoEngines installed too. - - - Updated - - - Oh, and BTW the model of stock PB-X750 Xenon Container, that is, xenonTankLarge, is much more visually appealing to me than the model of PB-X150 that is currently used by IFS part. Please change it. Also, hiding or somehow getting rid of, stock parts (I mean Squad's radial + two stack Xe tanks) would be good too. But I suspect that doing it so the old crafts won't break AND the RAM will be conserved is impossible, no?
  21. That looked like the RAM issue after all. I rescaled many textures to 1/2 of their size with XnView and - no more problem. Also, will link that post describing small troubles with PlanetShine .cfg's (old, obsolete format) here, just in case it's this mod which messed it (I'm not sure).
  22. My version of PlanetShine was latest; maybe that's the clouds submod that installed old format of PlanetShine .cfg into PlanetShine dir?... I'm not sure. Anyway, I replaced all occurrences of it in all the files (there were three different ones IIRC) and all went good. Thanks.
  23. Currently Auriga command pod color depends on the amount of Ablator linearly. Carrying 2.5t of Ablator every flight is a waste of fuel IMO, when in reality often what's needed is in range of 100 to 200 (FAR+HeatControl here). Can Auriga CM be made so the color will change exponentially, that is, it will become black when there's like 20 to 50 Ablator left, but starts to darken only after there's less than 100 Ablator left? TIA. - - - Updated - - - Oh, almost forgot: yesterday I left one ship that had SM panels deployed on orbit, switched to another almost identical one, and when switching back, here's what I've found: The panels actually moved in closed state (all three except one) and tried to track the sun. Stats (EC/sec) were as if they were deployed normally ofc.
  24. More lines: [ERR 23:28:29.539] EffectList: Cannot find an effect type with node name of 'engage' [ERR 23:28:29.539] EffectList: Cannot find an effect type with node name of 'flameout' are thrown by: [LOG 23:28:29.504] PartLoader: Compiling Part 'KOSMOS/Parts/Engine/Kosmos_RD-170_Family/part_RD-172/RD-172' [LOG 23:28:29.737] PartLoader: Compiling Part 'KOSMOS/Parts/Engine/Kosmos_RD-170_Family/part_RD-175/RD-175' [LOG 23:28:30.044] PartLoader: Compiling Part 'KOSMOS/Parts/Engine/Kosmos_RD-170_Family/part_RD-178/RD-178' [LOG 23:28:30.230] PartLoader: Compiling Part 'KOSMOS/Parts/Engine/Kosmos_RD-170_Family/part_RD-180/RD-180' [LOG 23:28:30.415] PartLoader: Compiling Part 'KOSMOS/Parts/Engine/Kosmos_RD-170_Family/part_RD-183/RD-183' [LOG 23:28:30.578] PartLoader: Compiling Part 'KOSMOS/Parts/Engine/Kosmos_RD-170_Family/part_RD-191/RD-191' [LOG 23:28:30.713] PartLoader: Compiling Part 'KOSMOS/Parts/Engine/Kosmos_RD-170_Family/part_RD-191V/RD-191V' [LOG 23:28:30.863] PartLoader: Compiling Part 'KOSMOS/Parts/Engine/Kosmos_RD-170_Family/part_RD-193/RD-193'What module generates them?
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