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  1. Appreciate some love going into the Sidemount, always had soft spot for it. Any any thoughts on an optional heatshield/cone for the propulsion section of the Sidemount. Always loved the idea of reusing that bit.
  2. Finally refound this, best image I've found of the SSE intertank layout. Note at the bottom how there is an extension on the interstage tube to connect it to the docking port that links to the ODS. It also demonstrates ladder and grapple fixture placement on the ET and the orbiter. Lastly if you look very closely in the center, you can see the hatch connecting the "intertube" to the forward tank. It looks like the same hatch the orbiters used on the middeck IRL.
  3. Just saw the new release on Spacedock, Congratulations! Never thought I'd get to see Boldly Going parts in KSP. Dream come true, thank you.
  4. Oh yeah, and this amazing piece! My two cents: The intertank between the LOX and Hydrogen tanks fulfilling the "hab module" and "converter part" functions (to enable to the tanks to be used) would help a lot with builds that aren't based on the External Tank's Aft Cargo Carrier concept.
  5. Can't believe how long it has been since I checked this page. LOVE the work on the LOX Tank, a dream come true, gonna make a lot of people happy . In case it got lost in the shuffle, in addition to the LOX Tank there is a donut shaped tube in the intertank that is used as the common connection between the LOX Tank, the Enterprise Cabin, and the Docking Port on the ventral portion of the SS Enterprise station. The best images of it are the original patent that the station is modeled after. I'll enclose the link and the images below. https://patents.google.com/patent/US5350138A/en There aren't really any pictures of the interface between the LOX Tank and the Interstage Tube (or how it went into Enterprise for that matter) but I did find this image of the exterior dock on the ventral part of the station. https://www.deviantart.com/aedwardbaker/art/Transposition-870115624
  6. Any plans to replicate the Space Station Enterprise tank? https://www.alternatehistory.com/forum/threads/boldly-going-a-history-of-an-american-space-station.502152/page-2 https://patents.google.com/patent/US5350138A/en That interstage tube has been haunting my KSP dreams for a long time.
  7. Think it would be possible to ship the torpedo launchers as separate parts? It would help with making BDArmory configs for the old Sci-Fi photon torpedo and the old phasers.
  8. I ran into this problem a while ago, and I agree, having to redo a complex craft file from scratch sucks. So here's how I did it: I figured out where the KJ-10 was from using KerbalX. I then reverted the Benjee10 mod back to when that part was available via Github. Lastly I took the file and turned it into a JSGME mod. It fixed the compatibility issue. Post if you have further questions. I can also submit what I did to Benjee10 to implement for backwards compatibility if they are interested.
  9. Godsend, absolute godsend. Literally can't wait to try it out. And can't wait to make a Spacedock! http://www.astronautix.com/s/spacedock.html
  10. Don't be dissuaded, I built the station by running a Stockalike Station Tube through the bottom fuselage connected to a module in the cargo bay. The tube ran through a NF Launch Vehicles tank. Produced the same effect as Station Enterprise. There are plenty of workarounds, half the fun of the game is finding them.
  11. While I can't make it myself the key parts missing from Space Station Enterprise in KSP are: -A passthrough/docking port for the front of the S.O.C.K cockpit module (for the tube that connects Enterprise to the ET). -An IVA update with Reviva+FreeIVA compatibility that puts a hatch on the floor of the Orbiter Middeck toward the front of the fuselage -A set of tubes to replicate; A: The tube connecting Enterprise to ET; B: The Donut tube in the intertank with appropriate exits. Needs some IVA and external modeling). -An IVA for an ET Oxygen Tank part that uses the Wet Workshop mechanic from BDB. FreeIVA compatibility involves an opening to connect to the intertank -An ET LH Tank that has two modes: full of LH2, and Hangar + Padded Interior with FreeIVA compatibility that involves an opening to connect to the intertank. A simple script could prevent opening of the tank until it is drained. -Bonus points for: Custom padded RMS parts for the hangar, custom module for use in the hangar, a custom spacelab part for Enterprise Payload Bay, and custom solar arrays/parts to fit in the shuttle pallets from the Shuttle Payload Mod. I acknowledge I have spent far, far too much time thinking about this.
  12. I think the only challenge in fully replicating the assembly sequence is the lack of the Unpressurized Berthing Mechanism. The empty shell of the Habtech2 fuel module could probably work (albeit after some blender edits) with a tweakscaled robotic extender rod and tweakscaled docking port attached to htRobotics Shuttle RMS mount. You can tell I've spent way too much time thinking about this.
  13. Need any help curating your archive, I've found a lot of documents over the last few years but would love to see if there are any I've missed.
  14. @benjee10 can you provide an empty version of Freedom Fuel Pod. I've been trying with Blender over and over and can't figure out how to edit the model while preserving the texture on the structure. I need it to build Freedom the stupid way they originally planned to. See below for images. https://commons.erau.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=3313&context=space-congress-proceedings
  15. That is incredible, I'm always blown away with what you've been able to do with this mod.
  16. @Vulkan has been working on editing modding F-35 IVA. I think he also added a Thinkpad for some reason. I don't know if he is on the forum so give him some likes. Don't ask me how he did it though this is magic beyond the minds of mere mortals.
  17. I've been wanting for a while to develop a mod where everytime a kerbal falls on there head (ragdolls) one science point is earned. Any ideas on how to do this are asked and welcomed. If Ragdoll, Then Science +1
  18. Here is a MM Config I wrote forever ago that does it. The notes are to edit the config files of the Habtech II parts to reflect the available seats in each respective IVA. I've tested this and use it as standard in my KSP builds along with another one based on Lonesome Robots. @benjee10you can use this code however you want, though thanks is always appreciated. Copy paste everything between [START] and [END] below: [START] /////////////// HT2 Port HT IVA /////////////// All Columbus Internals needs Crew Capacity Set to 2 /////// Or All MPLMs can have Crew Capacity Set to 0 /////////////// Module Lab Node Needs Conversion to HT BigHab Stats - 8 Crew etc. /////// Or Module Lab Needs ‘labInternal’ or ‘jemInternal’ /////////////// MPLM Half can be ‘columbusInternal’ or ‘shortInternal’ /////// ‘shortInternal’ crew requirement is 1 /////////////// Harmony and Unity need crew requirement raised to 4 /////////////// Kibo needs crew requirement lowered to 4 @Part[ht2_MPLM] { INTERNAL { name = habtech_columbusInternal } !MODULE[Configure] {} { } @Part[ht2_MPLM_half] { INTERNAL { name = habtech_columbusInternal } @Part[ht2_moduleColumbus] { INTERNAL { name = habtech_columbusInternal } @Part[ht2_moduleDestiny] { INTERNAL { name = habtech_labInternal } @Part[ht2_moduleHarmony] { INTERNAL { name = habtech_nodeInternal } @Part[ht2_moduleJEMlogistics] { INTERNAL { name = habtech_shortInternal } @Part[ht2_moduleKibo] { INTERNAL { name = habtech_jemInternal } @Part[ht2_moduleLabNode] { INTERNAL { name = habtech_bigHabInternal } @Part[ht2_moduleQuest] { INTERNAL { name = habtech_airlockInternal } @Part[ht2_moduleUnity] { INTERNAL { name = habtech_nodeInternal } [END]
  19. Thank you for doing Near Future Spacecraft next. Will they be Vexarp/Reviva compatible?
  20. I'm sorry for asking but whatever happened to the Excalibur IVA? If it is incomplete are the source files available on GITHUB? I wouldn't mind trying my hand at finishing it (or adding MAS parts).
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