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  1. A long weekend is coming up. This is perfect timing. A question! Will this play nice with your amazeballs Karibou?
  2. > You can however pump snacks through KAS hoses Visualising a snack hose is somehow incredible entertaining.
  3. I'm so happy to see this unique mod hasn't died on the vine. Just the microwave ping after thawing out a Kerbal is worth installing it.
  4. No worries @randazzo. Keep it coming. You've made great progress in very little time.
  5. I like @superm18's idea. A toolbar button to toggle KJR on and off would be awesome.
  6. The glow was found to induce great satisfaction during a 10 minute burn to Jool: http://imgur.com/G7MyMdA
  7. Great work! I'll try them out tonight on an existing save and report any weirdness I encounter. Looking forward to see the glowing effects.
  8. Cheers @Randazzo, that's really helpful. Very clever use of existing game mechanics. Thanks so much for this mod. Long LV-N burns are actually feasible now.
  9. @Randazzo , can you tell a little more about the new active heat sinks?
  10. Thanks for your awesome work. I seems to work like a breeze with my 1.0 stock install now that overall memory use has been paired down by Squad. Since mining is pretty much essential to get to the outer planets and back on stock engines, I'm looking forward to trying out the resource system out there.
  11. The only criticism the game has gotten so far in the press is that the graphics are utilitarian at best. Your mod can change that.
  12. Thank you so much. Now LV-N's only use LiquidFuel this mod has become more important than ever. The selection of LF only tanks in stock is extremely limited.
  13. KSP 1.0.1 was released a short while ago and v5.5.0 of Modular Fuel Tanks no longer works for me.
  14. The 500 units of Supplies in the smallest container last 1 Kerbal about 1 year. @jlcarneiro
  15. Looks like Ferram is mathsing his arse off. Good on him. I hope he'll save us from the sideways re-entry problem with Squad's heat shields.
  16. While yanking your entire mod is perfectly within your rights, it is extremely disappointing to anyone already using it. Why not halt development and leave the last version up with caveats?
  17. Just in time for the Easter long weekend. I'll give this a shot in combination with TAC and the background processing. I'll have to read up on the BalanceMod, because it doing my head in at the moment.
  18. It's great to see that this mod is still in active development. The modular nature and the converters are heaps of fun to play around with. Keep up the good work.
  19. Thanks for taking one for the team @Svm420. How is the Linux version treating you?
  20. Amarius1, I can confirm the mod works on OS X, but I don't know it that's 64 or 32 bit. I will test it on 32 bit Windows in about 8 hours when I get home. Thanks for all the effort you put into it.
  21. Apart from aggressive ActiveTextureManagement and deleting non-essential parts from Karbonite, what would you suggest as an approach to free up enough memory to successfully load this mod?
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