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  1. That picture just yells "Kerbal" at me. The satisfying butt scratch after sitting in a capsule for days on end and the landing legs in the background. Just perfect!
  2. It's already ingame! /s I feel the huge filesizes is something bugging out. Also what Marc said is very important here.
  3. Inspired by @regex I whipped up an aircraft from my favourite childhood series. Sadly she doesn't float and we don't have props yet.
  4. I really love that design. Can you make it in orange and yellow? It fondly reminds me of the Sea Duck from Talespin Heck I'm gonna build one myself.
  5. KSP Version: OS: Windows 11 Pro 22H2 CPU/GPU/Ram: i7 13700k/2080ti/32Gb Description of Bug: Expected Behavior: Solar Panels charge while exposed to Kerbol without anything inbetween. Observed Behavior: Solar Panel doesn't charge because it says it is occluded by a planetary body (Tylo in this case). See screenshot below. Steps to replicate: unknown so far Fixes: unknown so far. Reload and restart didn't fix it. Mods: None Screenshot: Other notes: Found the following report on the discord. https://discord.com/channels/1039959585949237268/1079154315362566204
  6. I survived my excursion to the discord. Those are the tldr/most important snippets from @PD_Dakota (I hope that's okay Dakota) for the non-germans: heute = today (28.02.23) gestern = yesterday (27.02.23)
  7. Confirming the issue. System: i7 13700k, 2080ti, 32gb, Win 11, Driber 528.49
  8. But what about just changing the screenshot key? I just set my key to Insert.
  9. I, for the first time built a working space shuttle, after really really badly failing at making an SSTO happen Now I still have to see if the shuttle works with payload. I'm really amazed how the terrain, especially the mountains look on kerbin. Holy! Though landing there, wasn't good
  10. Thanks! Yes, I already edited the Topic from "no more wobbly rockets" to "less wobbly"
  11. As someone who has played ~1300 hours of KSP 1 at this point and maybe 5 of them in sandbox, because I really enjoyed the gamefied career mode and the science system behind it. Still I agree with you and hope that the exploration system will end up being something like what you described.
  12. Hello guys, girls and kerbals, I don't know where it originated or who found out about it, but I saw it in Twitch Chat. The following isn't a Mod itself, but more a workaround or bandaid. All you need to do is edit a .json file, which can be done with the barebones editor which comes with windows. Go to C:\Users\>username<\AppData\LocalLow\Intercept Games\Kerbal Space Program 2\Global Search for PhysicsSettings.json (Optional but recommended) Make a Back-Up of it Open it with Editor or your Editor of choice Search for "JOINT_RIGIDITY": 1500.0, Change the Value from 1500 to something like 1500000 (150000 has been used but you can experiment with those values) Save it as .json again Profit? The user penumbra779 uploaded an edited file on github: https://github.com/penumbra779/Kerbal-Joint-Re-Reinforcement or go here for an ingame version, thanks to @linuxgurugamer Cheers, a great evening and much fun in KSP 2 Snafu
  13. I visited the "normal" mun arch. And I'll visit it again, because it is really really amazing and so beautiful and there's definitely a secret hidden and totally not because the lander is.... a bit low on fuel.
  14. I'm excited about the franchise KSP itself, the fact that it lives on in a new iteration, which grew with all those amazing mods and which are now there as stock implemenation only for KSP2 to outgrow KSP 1 in a scale noone thought about.
  15. I'm kind of doing a bit of everything. I'm upgrading my desktop pc from a i5 8600/16gb ddr4 to i7 13700/32gb ddr5, while keeping the 2080ti and building everything in a very small form factor but also considering selling my Ryzen 9/3080 laptop.
  16. Just say it already: was has been confirmed now? Oh I know, it's space races against the kerbals toughest purple competitors: The Purbals!
  17. Okay okay, deep breaths. I got this. Damn I am looking forward to this
  18. @Bej Kerman don't know what that song is, but mine is Don't stop me now by Queen
  19. My guess would be tomorrow but my guess is as good as yours.
  20. Back in the days of computer magazines and buying games based off their box art, the sense of exploring and figuring out stuff in games was amazing. I really miss that part going into new games, with all the screenshots, trailers and the general gaming experience one gathers over all those years gaming kinda "spoiling" it. Source: Hear say on discord I heard Scott manley had his video corrupted which he tried to record at the KSP2 Event.
  21. I wasn't relating his quote "it works" to the requirements, as this discussion is a) part for another thread b) been talked about plenty by now. At this point everybody has brought in his arguments at least twice by now while everyone has literally no clue and is just having educated guesses at most. Most of us will know for sure when friday comes around and I'm still more than hyped for it. I have 2 1/2 systems to test it on and once that is done and everyone else has had it's experience with his rig, then we can talk about requirements and yadda yadda. Until then I'll read everything here, slightly amused What I related his "it works" to, is the basic functionality of building, flying and all that kerbal stuff, as it seems like he landed on laythe with a spaceplane without major hiccups and that's way more important at this point in time.
  22. Oi, lets bring some hype back! If I did everything right it should start at the KSP2 part.
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