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  1. Out of curiosity, I remember someone posted / shared in google drive, shuttle decals of like yellow umbilical port and etc. So guess looking for them again
  2. So, I see Pads and VAB not showing up: https://i.imgur.com/KOlrU42.png KSP: Dependencies in Gamedata: Tundra Space Center: Check Kerbal-Kontsructs: Check KSRSS Reborn: Check ( Not sure on Version Number ) OSSNTR: Check Aurora Space Center: Check Also. Question: Does the Retro Folder itself go into Instances or does the Configs within Retro Folder go into Instances?
  3. It was Kerbal Joint Reinforcement toggled all the "show" off and it disappeared
  4. KSP: Problem: These Lines, whatever these Lines are: https://i.imgur.com/zN53rFx.png Mods Installed: Log: https://www.dropbox.com/s/v8zdcpk8b25dcs9/Player.log?dl=0 Notes: - Only shows up outside of VAB - Goes away during Time-warp
  5. Did check all Dependencies? Believe decoupling is the Mod "Animated Decoupler"
  6. Probably I guess a common thinking or thought: did check staging?
  7. Believe there are craft files in download when download Artemis Construction
  8. Seeing if removing these worked: - "reCOLOR" - "SOCKrepainted" - "SOCKrecolored" and nope, same thing happening
  9. So it appears that when load or revert to VAB, the Core stage options for different colors/skins isn't there but do show on a fresh new core stage Appears that it doesn't even seem to save skins chosen between VAB and Launch Pad (Katniss LC-39B) Like chose white with grey raceway and it shows on Launch pad Orange
  10. Breaking Ground: Affirmative Dev Version: Pre "Less boing-boing" Commit, latest in Dev: 3x S-1D So How share / post the log? Copy and paste contents into a Spoiler?
  11. Affirmative, Conformal Decals Edit: appears the whatchamacallit no longer shows when delete decals on S-IVB Interstage
  12. So there's this thing/something I saw seemingly coming from BDB S-IVB Retro's Deleted SWE and the whatchamacallit no longer shows guess need the KSP.log? Pretty sure I have all dependencies
  13. So i spot the missing solar panel has the attachment on it, so guess custom modification or ?
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