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  1. Hey all I have the buffalo MSEV mod installed. Every time I place a part i get this error [Error]: Input is null at System.Environment.get_StackTrace() at ConfigNode.CleanupInput(System.String value) at ConfigNode.AddValue(System.String name, System.String value) at BaseFieldList.Save(.ConfigNode node) at PartModule.Save(.ConfigNode node) at ShipConstruct.SaveShip() at ShipConstruction.CreateBackup(.ShipConstruct ship) at EditorLogic.SetBackup() at EditorLogic.<SetupFSM>m__101() at KerbalFSM.RunEvent(.KFSMEvent evt) at KerbalFSM.updateFSM(KFSMUpdateMode mode) at KerbalFSM.UpdateFSM() at EditorLogic.Update() Not sure if this info is enough? Thanks so much in advance EDIT hmmmm hang on I seem to be getting this error when i place pretty much any thing not just Buffalo parts DOH :(. Any idea what it might be
  2. LOL I just started KSP up. I also hit refresh here on the addons release forum section and was like END PROCESS of KSP Download Remotetech install Thanks mate
  3. Na its cool I have now purchased x2 copys in the last week one for me and then my son see me playing and was like whats that. I got it him today and he to has random crashes. Before 1.1.2 I think it was 1.1.0 or 1.1.1 I was rock solid no crashes at all and I had like 50 mods back then. This is a clean non modded install and and crashes all the time. They did some thing in 1.1.2 that KSP does not like LOL.
  4. Now here is an odd one try it your self. Install KSP VIA Steam. Start game etc and exit Go to steam and check game integrety it will ALLWAYS redownload 1 or 2 files some times even more why? Any way no idea why the above error is happening Another error
  5. Hmmmm hope they brng out a patch soon just to stop the crashing. I purchased my son a copy of KSP and the crashing is making it unplayable for me and him so I have purchased a game for him he cant even play
  6. Any idea when DEVS may get a chance to look at this just went to launch a ship and boom CTD its unplayable
  7. Is there any way to redce lag or is that the way it is at the moment?. I have set up my son on with the game to now and when I flick my lights on its takes ages to register on his screen for them to come on. Its fun but tbh dealing with way to many crashes at the moment nothing to do with DMP 1.1.2 is just bad at the moment for crashing in VAB,launch etc :(.
  8. I seem to also crash now and then pretty much as soon as I enter the launch pad. Is this a known issue to? EDIT Ha this is taking the..... KSP as it is now is unplayable constant crashes in VAB etc.
  9. Sorry to ask but I was wondering if I could grab some help on DMP? I have set up a server I have set it to tick even when no one is on the server so 1. Will satalites etc still be orbating even when no one is online? 2.is batterys still being used/charged? 3.Where the hell is the save file LOL? There is a few more but for now this shall do Thanks in advance
  10. If this started after you dropped it my bet would be you killed the CPU fan or dislodged the cpu heatsink and now the CPU is over heating causing it to throttle down below max speeds
  11. I use to use ckan but had issues with it. Use avc this will tell u if mod updates are out.
  12. Also this has happend for ages. But now and then I will go into STEAM and check file intergrety and every time KSP downloads 2 or 4 files. No idea what the files are but for some reason every time I play and exit KSp then check files integrety some files are always missing
  13. Hi all I have an issue. I am sure the world had much better textures than this? I have tested this with no mods.I have graphics set to max in optoins etc. Thanks
  14. Damn that was fast gonna grab this when i get home for sure. So many mod makers update there mods so fast damn we are so lucky. Respect to all ksp contributers your are awesome
  15. That would be a cool feature. I have a ton of mods and yes ksp etc is on ssd but still takes a while to load only to find out i need to update lol. Any way thanks
  16. Damn it thanks for the help though I shall do this next time I have the game setup with all the cool mods I use. Just gutted I spent a few days getting mods and stuff and really loved messing about in KSP :). Now I cant till the mod makers have updated again LOL. Dont get me wrong its awesome KSP is being updated and its also awesome we have such an amazeing mod community making awesome mods just want to play play play LOL. Ah well shall keep checking for updates for the mods I use
  17. yeah KSP just aint the same without all of the mods :P. ah well shall wait till the awesome mod community have recompiled there epic mods to work. shame we cant choose to revert to last version as such
  18. this takes the crap I thought I would be smart and turn off auto updates for KSp. You cant WTF. So its auto updated to 1.1.1 should have pulled the netwirk cable but that would have left me without internet. This needs to be fixed and an optoin for disable auto updates.
  19. Hey all. The last few days ive been setting up all the cool mods i want to use but now 1.1.1 isout and its going to take a while for the mods to be updated. Any way to stay on 1.1? Thanks
  20. Hi thanks for replying. Yep i start engines up and set it to hover above ground which works but compared to using the stock vtol mine is not working right at all. It wont go to waypoints etc. I shall do more testing tomorrow with more detail as im off pc now. Any way thanks for replying
  21. UKS? And sorry mate to get it wrong LOL. I shall google UKS and see thanks so much
  22. Hi there the icons are these Also just noticed I have two of the same icon hmmmm but yeah ones cirlced have nothing in them
  23. This is awesome but was wondering if I may get some help please? here is my ship If I set a way point and press go to it does not move. If I use the default KSP Rocket power thing it all works as expected Thanks in advance
  24. I shall double check in a minute but since installing this awesome mod I now have in the vehicle editor parts tab Kolonization Freight Kolonization Lite and Rovers Tabs all with no parts in them please advise
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