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  1. If this gets updated to 1.2 the first thing I'm going to do is make two star systems. One with the stock planets and OPM and another with Galileo's Planet Pack.
  2. It's not exactly 'pruning'. It's more like covering your pear tree with a tight fitting bird net to make it look smaller. Remove the net (the MM patch) and the tree spreads out again.
  3. It would be absolutely fantastic if kerbals had a life span of about 80-85 years (make them randomly die sometime during that period). This would force you to either make very fast missions or make use of the DeepFreeze mod. Consider this my suggestion to any mod developers.
  4. Ok, tommorow I will download B9 and see what I can trim from stock and what I want to keep. I've only recently (1.2) started heavily using mod parts so I'm sticking up on mods before 1.2.1 drops so I'm ready for a brand new career when it does.
  5. I mean does this change the textures of the stock parts like Ven's Stock Revamp does for the rocket parts or do the stock parts stay the same? From your reply I'm guessing that it does not change the stock parts however I wish it did. Those lines look sweet. Edit: What I mean is that it would be great if someone made a mod that made all the stock mk2 stuff look like this: or just all mk2 stuff. I'm looking at you mk2 expansion...
  6. Is there any particular reason why the parts hold so little Xenon when in that mode? I know they aren't xenon tanks but still, seems a bit nerfed... Edit: WAIT STOP HOLD UP. What the kraken has imgur done to my screenshot? oh well, it was supposed to show the mk2 tricoupler holding 200 xenon and the small xenon tank holding 700 xenon. Edit again: Wait, hang on. I have Interstellar Fuel Switch installed. Do these parts even hold xenon or is it IFS adding the (pitiful) xenon amount? If so, does anyone know how to change it?
  7. Does this replace the textures of the stock parts with those shown in the screenshots? Or just add new parts that look like that? If it doesn't, would you ever be able to make a mod that replaces them like VSR? They look really cool and stock parts are a bit bland.
  8. This looks great. Many funz could be had with the jet wing... One question, does this support Community Tech Tree? I know that the mods wouldn't conflict but does this have a config for it? It helps to balance a lot of things out.
  9. I hope this does get switchable sizes like previously said. Should help with performance on older computers. May I suggest IFS for all your switching needs?
  10. I think that contracts should display the profession and the gender of contracts. That's why I made a request for it in the bug tracker during the pre release but it was shot down by the devs.
  11. If he's in Australia he could pop up to the Northern Territory. I'm pretty sure homemade fireworks/explosives are legal there. At least during winter.
  12. Yea, I thought that radiation shielding would be a good use for them. Do you know if there is a module/setting in part configs that changes how well it does or doesn't transfer heat? Because if there is I might increase the heat-blockingness of the disks.
  13. Update 1.0.2 - Names of textures are fixed, camo texture shows up now.
  14. Yea I was planning on adding rectangles and larger sized squares so when I'll do that I'll try to do something with the textures.
  15. Released my first mod. Nothing too amazing but I reckon it's not bad for a first time. Link below if anyone is interested.
  16. Some pics are on the way. Only just realised that I messed up the config for the texture switching so the names don't match up with the textures. It's quite late here so I will have to wait till morning to fix it. Thanks for your interest though! Edit: @FreeThinker just added some pics.
  17. Structural Disks! Structural Disks adds new structural parts based off the structural panels already in the game. Instead, these panels (or disks) are circular and come in 0.625m, 1.25m, 2.5m and 3.75m diameters. Each disk also has multiple textures and models to choose from, thanks to Interstellar Fuel Switch. If you have any suggestions or you find any bugs please don't hesitate to report them here. Also, don't forget to show me your creations! Thanks to: - @InsaneDruid for help early on with getting textures to work - @Phineas Freak for help with FStextureswitch configs - @Snjo for creating Firespitter and all of it's modules - @FreeThinker for improving upon what snjo did with Interstellar Fuel Switch and for lots of help and suggestions - @sarbian for maintaining Module Manager Dependancies: This mod depends on the Interstellar Fuel Switch core by FreeThinker which has it's own license. Visit https://goo.gl/WdB1Vt to find out more. Structural Disks also requires Module Manager by Sarbian. Visit https://goo.gl/wncyRq to learn more. KSP Mini-AVC Structural Disks includes version checking using MiniAVC. If you opt-in, it will use the internet to check whether there is a new version available. Data is only read from the internet and no personal information is sent. For a more comprehensive version checking experience, please download the KSP-AVC Plugin. Screenshots: Downloads: Spacedock Curseforge Source: Github Changelog: 1.2.0 ( on Spacedock): - Added Pentagon, Hexagon and Octagon shapes ( @Mad_Mads, ask and you shall receive ) - Fixed Triangle alignment in Editor - Added proper TweakScale support - Cleaned up the IMS and ITS patch Issues: - I spelt Octagon wrong. I was tired, okay? Planned: - Maybe a special part for Radioactivity? Probably when it is less WIP - I need suggestions!
  18. Is there a step by step guide of how to add Mini-AVC to your mod? I know how to get the local version checking to work but how do you make it so that it can check with a 'master' .version file and tell the player if the mod is outdated?
  19. How have I only just found this? Very nice.
  20. Thanks, I've got it working now. If only I read a bit further down the manual...
  21. I think it would be good if higher end (late tech) SRB's had gimbals but the early ones didn't. And not too much gimbal mind you. Just a bit to stop your shuttle replica from flipping.
  22. 1) Because it does the same thing just as well and some other things better. 2) I'm not sure. Did I mention that it's my first mod? 3) One of my main mods (KR&D) doesn't like tweakscale and I know many other people don't so I decided to just make a couple extra configs. The rest) Ok, thanks. But I'm still not sure exactly what the objectName line is. Name of part? Name of mesh? If it is the mesh or model or something like that can you please suggest how to find that? I am quite new to modding and have never gone beyond making an OP Rhino engine before. Thanks, Benji13.
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