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  1. Where did you get those suits?
  2. Are there any alternate textures for the mainsail lying around anywhere? I just find the radial mound engine a bit... Weird. Also, does the trust vectoring still work on stock engine that have had their textures changed? Because I couldn't see the bell moving on the skipper and a rocket that usually relies on vectoring to keep it straight kept flipping. Thanks.
  3. Is there a way to carry any part on your back? I'm trying to carry a parachute but it's too large for inventory. Thanks.
  4. Yea, I already know Mac sucks as an OS. Although I have no choice sometimes so it's better than nothing. Just.
  5. As I have two computers, one Windows and one Mac, I was planning on running ksp on both. As such, I have two questions: 1-Would moving the save file between the Mac and Windows versions work? Or would bad things happen? 2-Are there any nasty shocks for someone used to playing on Windows moving to Mac? Thanks, Benji13
  6. These look great! Where would these go in the system? Personally I would put the planet between Jool and Eeloo.
  7. Something basic that would be good to have in the game would be a bigger variety of ship types. E.g Mothership, Aeroplane, Refueler.
  8. Is there a mod that adds an option for 'mothership' when renaming a vessel? That would be pretty cool if you could.
  9. So let's say I only want to attach/detach struts, pipes and batteries while on EVA, do I only need KAS or do I need KIS as well?
  10. I am trying to find a reliable source and I can't find one. Just how much DV would I require to do a return trip from all of jools moons? I don't plan on landing. Just orbiting each one. I currently have a ship with 10.2km/s but I can't get any more. If I need more, can anyone suggest some good designs (for 1.1)?
  11. I've got two questions: 1-What files do you have to delete to remove the added parts? I want to stick to stock parts. 2-Does using this mod effect FPS/GPU demand or is performance the same as using stock textures? Thanks, Benji13
  12. The CTV-3 'Skyreach' from Galactuc Industries. Made to carry crew to a station up to 600km out and land them safely. Single stage to orbit excluding boosters.
  13. @Snark Oh, ok then. I always thought that KSP didn't use GPU's. I guess I'll have to uninstall scatterer until I get something with a decent graphics card.
  14. I recently decided to open up task manager while I was playing and realised that only 12% of my 2.2ghz i5 was being used by KSP and I was getting about 5fps. Task manager said the core was running at 0.77ghz at the time. I mean, I know KSP isn't the best as far as making use of hardware goes but surely there is a way to make it make use of the CPU? If it's useful, I was flying the Ares 3A over KSC with no other ships nearby. Anti aliasing on 4x, texture and render quality on full as well as aero FX on full. Physics time per frame is set to 0.03. I also have scattered installed. So it should be using more of the CPU right? Anyone got any suggestions?
  15. Cool ship. Wish there was a mod that changed the look of the turbojet back to pre-1.0...
  16. Tested a new version of my CTV-3 'Skyreach' for carrying fresh crew to my space station. Worked well. I would add pics but the 'add imgur album' button is gone.
  17. I was wondering if there is a way to stop the camera from zooming out when you dock or board an external command seat. I find it really annoying. Thanks!
  18. I would like to know what mods there are that change to way stock parts look. I already know of Ven's Stock Revamp but are there any others? Preferably for 1.1.3. Thanks!
  19. @JPLRepo I've had a look and the links in the OP either don't work or lead to a mod for 0.18. The 'new sounds' mod only adds two sounds so all the engines still sound the same. My plan is to make an individual and realistic sound for every liquid fuel engine.
  20. I was planning on making a mod that replaced some of the engine sounds with better ones. Would this be breaking any licenses or rules?
  21. Basically what the title says. I'd like to know where all the sounds for the engines are kept and if they are all in one folder or if they are all separate. Thanks!
  22. I've been thinking about creating a mod/thing that replaces the current engine sounds with more realistic sounds. So I was wondering, what are the real-life counterparts of the stock engines (if any)? Thanks!
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