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  1. Damn... That courage to stupidity ratio is harsh. Still cool
  2. Good job, I like the rear end. You get a 15 for looks, 100 points for 10 extra crew members, 20 points for 4 docking ports, 50 points for SSTO and 15 points for under 200 parts. This means you get a nice 200 points to get the leaderboard going. Well done.
  3. So if this was to be implemented, it would kind of be like KR&D?
  4. So I've been building a massive mothership that mostly runs on Xenon gas and the design includes a mk2 ring. I was wondering if anyone has made a mod that adds a mk2 Xenon tank? Even if someone just had the model files without the cfg, that would be fine. I could edit one of the existing tanks but it wouldn't be the same. Thanks for any help, Benji13
  5. Does this pack include a mk2 xenon tank? If so that would be awesome. If not, does anyone know where I could find one?
  6. Not sure if anyone has mentioned this but the 'Rald' planet pack adds a low gravity planet with an oxygen atmosphere. It's great for easy manned landings and its a good place to yeast out ssto's. The mod gives you four options for location. L4 with Kerbin, as a binary moon around Kerbin and two options that include replacing Duna.
  7. There's a mod that adds an aerodynamic plane antenna. The mod should still work if you spruce up the cfg a bit. You'll also have to add a cfg for Remotetech. If you can't be bothered just copy over the communotron-16's, change the value for distance and your good to go.
  8. This is my first challenge so please go easy on me> Hello and welcome to my 'Copycat' challenge! I thought it would be fun to find a picture of a fictional spacecraft on the internet, whip up some rules and a point scoring system then see what happened! Here are the rules: Stock only. Mods like Mechjeb and FAR are allowed, as long as you don't use any mod parts as a major part of the craft, it's all good. Non-part mods are fine. No mining or mining parts are allowed (see scoring). No excessive part clipping. A little here and there for aesthetics is ok. It is recommended that you can carry 8 crew members (See scoring). Now that's over, here's the scoring system: You will be scored out of 20 for how close your design is to the original photo. This is the least consistent scoring section but I will do my best to be fair. You will receive 10 points for every crew member over the recommended number of 8. Seats and clipped command pods will not count (Picture required). You will receive 10 points for every 200 m/s of DV over 8000 (Mining is not permitted) (DV calculated while fully fueled and in orbit around Kerbin). Extra 5 points for every mk1 sized docking port (maximum of 4). Extra 50 points if your design is SSTO capable (On Kerbin). Extra 15 points if your part count is below 200. Extra 25 points if it's below 100. This means that it's possible to earn 115 points without even counting the DV or crew capacity! "But what are we actually recreating?" I hear you asking. Well here it is! The 'Victory Class Cruiser' from here: I have no idea what it is or what it's from, I just found it. So there you go! Now you've got a choice to make. Go for accuracy but end up with a high part count? Or aim for a low part count but miss out on visual accuracy? When you post please add plenty of pics with as much info as you can. To be eligible for the crew count/SSTO/part count bonus points, you must show proof. I will trust your honesty for the DV amount but pics of that wouldn't go amiss either . Craft files would be appreciated if you can be bothered. Leader board: @sdj64 I will hopefully post my entry soon but I'm not sure as I'm kind of waiting for 1.2 to be stable and my mods to be compatible with it. If you have any questions or suggestions don't hesitate to ask/suggest. Good luck to everyone! -Benji13
  9. Can anyone suggest good landing sites that aren't in the desert? Preferably green, near water with little slope. Thanks to any suggestions, Benji13
  10. I have heard of and seen the trick where you put the communotron 16 on the nose of the mk2 cockpit to prevent overheating. I was wondering if this still works in 1.1.3 and if so, do you have the antenna extended during tee try or not? I don't really need to do this as I have KR&D to upgrade pods, but it still looks cool. Thanks, Benji13
  11. Added Solar Panel Modules to Skyview Station. Also managed to get a shot of it with the Sun, Kerbin, Mun and Moho in the same frame.
  12. I might do just that. I've been messing around with mkIV spaceplane parts and KR&D and this will come in useful.
  13. What are the outboard engines that you ended up using on the mkIV? In all the pics they look like rapiers but the exhaust is different in three of them.
  14. How do you actually use this mod? In the SPH/VAB I will click on the KRnD icon in the toolbar and a window will pop up. The only thing in the window is 'Kerbal R&D: Select a part to improve'. If I click or drag any parts it will just do what is would normally do. I have plenty of science (1000+) and I am using the correct version. I can add screenshots if needed. Edit: So I was in the VAB just then and I had just put the extendable ladder on my craft. I tried the KR&D button and it came up with the proper upgrade info. I closed the window and tried to open it again. This time it said nothing. Any thoughts? Edit again: Ok so the parts appear now. I remembered I had tweak scale installed so I removed it from the blacklist.cfg. Now I have a new question. How do you read the 'price' of each upgrade? All of my parts say they cost 10/0 science or something like that.
  15. Does the 'Unmanned before Manned' tech tree support mkIV spaceplane parts?
  16. This looks really nice but I'm a bit confused. Is there a version that puts Rald between Eve and Kerbin? If not can anyone post a copy of the .cfg needed to put it there, or atleast some detailed instructions? Im hopeless with that stuff. Thanks, Benji13. edit: Nevermind I worked it out. Wasn't as hard as I thought. I put Rald exactly between Eve and Kerbin. And I mean exactly. Can't wait to explore.
  17. Thanks but I already know how to remove the entire part. I want to keep it though for the lights. I've decided t just put up with having the flaps.
  18. I always wait for a new fresh version before starting a new save and I'm thinking about starting my first proper science game when it come out. I would go for career but all the contracts are stupid. Ticket for me please! edit: I guess Remotetech has joined the ranks of mods that have been implemented into stock
  19. @Jarin thanks! This looks great and will be perfect. Many reputations to you!
  20. This looks nice! I've never seen the 'upright mk2 tanks in the wing' design before.
  21. I always thought that it would make most sense to put the shielded docking port on the front of the mk3 cockpit. Are there any other ways that would work that well? Also a 400x400km orbit would be enough for anything I guess.
  22. Has anyone one been able to make a MK3 SSTO that can carry 20 or so crew to LKO since 1.1 came out? If so, can you please post links? I want to know if its possible. Thanks.
  23. Is there a mod somewhere that makes it so that to transfer crew between pods/modules the two had to be connected? e.g Can't transfer crew from cupola --> fuel tank --> cupola as people cant walk through fuel?
  24. I recently downloaded Ven's Stock Revamp and I don't like the window flaps on the Cupola. Is there a way to remove these flaps or at least make them invisible? I don't want to remove the whole part as I like the rest of the Cupola, just not the flaps. Thanks for any replies, Benji13.
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