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  1. I was just wondering, are engine clusters worth the extra weight compared to single engines? Or is it just less efficient and heavier? Also, if any combination of engines is better than a single, larger engine, what ones? So many questions...
  2. Does anyone have screenshots of Eve and Duna wth this installed? I don't believe I have seen them yet.
  3. What do you expect, they're from North Korea? Waiter, there's a bugfix in my soup!
  4. Banned for using the word 'nitpicking'
  5. Banned for having two capital letters in name.
  6. Yes. It turned all my planets, moons and ships into Suns, which then all slammed into each other thus crashing the game. No joke.
  7. This looks great but I'm a little lost. If I install this and smokescreen, will my rockets look like the ones in the pics? Or do I still have to make the plumes myself?
  8. This mod looks spectacular. I am looking at getting a new computer and the best GPU I can afford is a Nvidia GeForce 940MX 2gb (I'm poor). How well would would this be able to run SVE?
  9. If you can use an Xbox controller then theoreticaly you would be able to get DS4Windows and use a ps4 controller. Then all you need is a HDMI cable, HD tv and you've got the console experience minus the console
  10. Are you looking for something to destroy with whack-a-kerbal carry your crew in style? Then you've come to the right place! (Assuming you said yes) Introducing Galactic Industries' line of crew transportation vehicles! So basically I've been messing around in the VAB and I made some rockets that weren't horrible failures so I decided to post them here. I might make more, I might not. We'll see. The CTV-3 'Skyreach' The CTV-3 (Crew Transport Vehicle, 3 man), Nicknamed 'Skyreach', is great for carrying three crew members to and from an orbital station. It can easily rendezvous and dock with a station in a 500x500km orbit with fuel to spare. The Skyreach is based of the Soyuz rocket used to carry crew to the ISS. It is easy to fly and is stable in the air. Just go full throttle off the pad, then bring it down to two thirds once you've reached 120m/s. I start to turn at 15km but I'm sure there are more efficient ways to get in to orbit. Comes with a heatshield, solar panels and an abort sequence. Contains just 48 parts off the pad, down to about 15 by the time you dock. Download here CTV-1 'Australis' The CTV-1 'Australis' is designed to carry 1 crew member to a space station in a 500x500km orbit with fuel to de-orbit. The Australis is stable in the air and simple to fly. You only need one third throttle off the pad until the SRB's are empty. The throttle up to full and begin turn at 15km's. Burn until apoapsis is 72km's and circularise once you get there. Then all you have to do is extend your solar panels and rendezvous with your station. Features RCS, heatshield, parachutes and short burn times. Has 37 parts at launch, so won't destroy your framerate. Download here
  11. Hello. I have recently installed Remotetech and I have been trying to set up a satellite network around Kerbin. I have been unable to position the satellites however. For example, I tried to get a sat directly above KSC. I tried moving the manuverability nodes around and doing different burns each time I tried, but I couldn't get the sat in the correct spot, let alone a set of three. My question is: Is there a mod that allows you to tell it where you want a satellite, and it will tell you where and when to burn? It would be even better If it can place the node for you like MechJeb can. Thank you to any feedback.
  12. Very Nice. I like the idea of interchangeable engines. I won't score until I post a new scoring method.
  13. So 1.1.3 has been released and I tried to use the Patcher to update. I used a freshly downloaded patcher.exe. I placed it in the same folder as the rest of the ksp stuff. I open it, type in my username and password and it starts doing stuff. It says that is has connected to the master server and says something about a token. Then it says: Synchronization Opening connection to kerbalspaceprogram.com:873 with transport RSYNC... bin\rsync.exe -zrav --progress -p rsync://collinsbenji13%[email protected]:873/kerbalsp.production/KSP_win/ "/cygdrive/f/KSP/KSP 1.1.2" The system cannot find the path specified. rsync exited with code 1: Syntax or usage error Process_stderr canceled [0] Canceled [0] Cleanup Cleaning up some leftover files... KSP was patched successfully, click the ok button to close this application. I then click 'OK' and it does a whole heap of command prompt stuff. Once that is done, it closes itself and everything goes back to normal, minus the update. If it helps, I am updating from 1.1.2 to 1.1.3 on windows 8.1. I am modded. The mods I have are: Thanks for any advice
  14. I was messing around in the SPH the other day and I thought I might propose an SIngle Stage To Anywhere challenge. Here are the rules: 1 - Needs to look like a plane. A rocket with an ISRU is boring. 2 - It can take off/land vertically from landing legs on planets/moons with no atmosphere, but must be able to glide and land horizontally if there is an atmosphere. 3 - Needs to be able to mine and convert (obviously). 4 - Has to carry at least 2 Kerbals. 5 - Stock only. I want to keep it a level playing field. I will score each entry up to 5 points for looks, 5 points for efficiency/range and 5 points for manuverability/takeoff and landing. Please submit pics of your craft flying on Kerbin, in orbit somewhere and landed and mining on a planet/moon outside of kerbins SOF. Craft files are even better as it means I can test them . I will upload pictures of my SSTA/fail later today. Good luck!
  15. Does it fix the x64 version crashing in VAB/SPH? If so, I'll have a ticket!
  16. I was wondering if there is a way to make one of your Kerbals invincible/ doesn't take damage. I only want it to apply to the one Kerbal, not all of them. Thanks!
  17. I was just wandering if there are any mods that make the Spaceplane parts look more spacey/awesome like this: http://m.imgur.com/a/azx3o I like B9 and LLL but I want a mod that just changes to look of the mk1, mk2 and mk3 parts, without adding parts. Preferably 1.1.x. Thanks in advance!
  18. Thanks. Might try using that design in one of my ships.
  19. Has anyone made a good looking, Spaceplane style Mothership. Doesn't need wings but looks more like a plane than a long strand of struts. Needs at least 4 docking ports and a refinery. Thanks to any suggestions and/or photos!
  20. Here is my Galactic Industries flag. Hope you like it!
  21. Thanks!
  22. Hey guys! I can't find a topic where you post your custom flags, so I decided to make one! If there is already one, please let me know. I thought I might start it off with my new flag, The Galactic Industries Flag! Feel free to use it if you want. Any others?
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