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  1. @Raptor9 I've been a long time user of your craft on KerbalX, but just found this forum and your YouTube Channel (Raptor 9), thank you so much for all of your hard work and dedication to not only making great craft, but taking the time to make such great documentation on KerbalX and making them stock so they are usable by all. Fantastic work Robert
  2. Thank you for making this guide...excellent information.
  3. First...GPP is my favorite must have mod, thanks for all your hard work and keeping it updated. Over the weekend I installed GPP via ckan. Question: My issue is small, when I 'warp til next morning', it's still nighttime when it finishes? Anybody else report this? I have a most of the recommend mods and a bunch of the 'normal mods' from ckan. But can't think what would cause this. Thanks Guys Robert
  4. I haven't used this mod yet, but it seems to make complete sense. As someone who's never managed to create a complete self sufficient base, I can't wait to try this. Can't wait to give it a go ps. Your visual diagram alone will save me from hours of mistakes :-)
  5. I was willing to tackle it myself....but hoping you'd say you'd do it ;-) Thanks @Poodmund
  6. @Poodmund Great worksheet, thanks for the work. You don't happen to have a copy that incorporates the Galileo Planet Pack? I tried using the planetary info included with the pack to add to the 'System Stats' worksheet, but either it's labeled differently, or I'm not looking in the right place. Is there a place the needed fields (in System stats) are located in the game configs, or are they calculated somehow? Thanks again for sharing your work
  7. @linuxgurugamer Thanks for your great work keeping so MANY of these mods alive.
  8. @Galileo Thank you and your team for an amazing solar system. There are so many great details to this (eva suit, heads, vehicles at ksc). So far it's worked without a hitch with every mod that I've thrown at it, It is now the foundation for my new games. Keep up the great work.
  9. I've got 8 craft flying in the kerbin system and am constantly being notified (on screen) of batteries being low and going out of range, etc. It also breaks me out of warp anytime a message pops up, as I add more craft, this is becoming more of an annoyance than a help. Is there a way to configure kerbalism for what alerts I'd like to see? Or to toggle alerts on/off? I Love this mod, thank you for the great work.
  10. Just making sure all the bases are covered....you do have a Reflectron DP-10 antenna on your ship to be able to communicate with the KSC?
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