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  1. I love the potentials that KSP2 Early Access version has. Happy to play the current tech-demo, and excited for the further roadmap.
  2. I think those two spherical storages are from exploded vehicle, not from the launch pad, right? It is pretty big, compared to other debris. So excited!
  3. Great to see your passion and steadiness!
  4. How often do the "loaded" vessels request their resources to the resource management system in a default(vanilla) game setting?
  5. <Day 1> Today I traveled around KSC with my tiny truck, and also launched my first rocket! It escaped atmosphere, and it seems that I can orbit around Kerbin! <Day 2> In Day 2, I made a dramatic technical improvement in Kerbal history - Kerbals made LKO, and tried Mun Flyby. <Day 3> I tested a solid rocket motor on launchpad in Day 3. It was simple, but the most important thing was that I was able to test mod "Kerbcam". It enabled much more variety of camera works. Also, Kerbals scouted around KSC with the airplane and found abandoned KSC airfield, with a lot of explosions. Lastly, Kerbals built a large rocket for Mun landing! <Day 4> Kerbals practiced orbital rendezvous and docking. This test will be helpful for Kerbals to explore other faraway planets. After that, Kerbals launched same rocket used for Mun landing. But this time, their destination was not Mun. They headed to Minmus. See videos to check whether they landed, or just created another explosion! <Day 4.5> Kerbals heard a news that there is a beautiful mountain to the north of KSC. Kerbals wanted to see that mountain, and made a fancy airplane to fly there. The airplane resembles "Concorde", which is an virtual supersonic airplane in the game, "Human Space Program".
  6. <Introduction> Hi, this is Quodios Kerman. I recently started making videos of my 64k modded career play - named QKSE. I wanted to share my videos for your eye candy and for some advices to make my videos much more realistic and also artistic. I am uploading my videos on Youtube, so you can subscribe my channel. For some of you asking my mods, here's the mod list: <Milestones of QKSE> I have several goals that I want to achieve. They can be categorized into "Exploration", "Bases and Stations", "Vessels" and "Others". Specifics are listed below: - Exploration - - Bases and Stations - - Vessels - - Others -
  7. sun flare of scatterer does not correctly rescaled by this mod. if i set rescale and resize to 6.4, sun flare just disappears, and when i change its value to 1, it works again. i'm using ksp 1.3, scatterer experimental version, and no other mods. it is easy to reproduce, so maybe will not need log file
  8. I deleted IFS and Space Y now works well with SMURFF. Also, SMURFF did not work without color-coded canister and with IFS. Thank you for your help, and hope this problem could be fixed.
  9. You should ask question on the Simple Construction thread, not on the Add-on Release Forum.
  10. One thing I want to notify is that before installation of color-coded canister SMURFF worked well. Later I will delete IFS to see how Space Y works.
  11. I've read your writings on the Space Y thread, but I couldn't figure out the problem. I'm not using cyrogenic engines, and you'd already fixed the problem in current version. I'm using current version of SMURFF (v1.5.5), and here's the output_log.txt(7.35MB). https://www.dropbox.com/s/tl2slqtgtvt6b11/output_log.txt?dl=0 Thank you for notifing me that you need output.txt
  12. I think this mod does not work with Space Y Heavy Lifter Pack Mod. Every Space Y parts have fuel mass fraction of 1 : 8, but every other stock parts have 1 : 32. Would you mind to check?
  13. I know that you are busy, but may I ask you to add "latest dev version" link at OP? That link is quite useful for users... Thanks for nice job!
  14. @Sigma88 I noticed you uploaded alpha 2 version and it fixed that! thx
  15. Maybe this could be known bug... vessel jumps when they are loaded, even on the runway and launchpad. I have heard that that's because of floating point calculation inside KSP. Is there any way to fix it? I am currently using settings of KScale64 by Paul Kingtiger
  16. Wow, official release! I really love its nice textures and meshes of celestial bodies. Is contract supported by KSP's original algorithm?
  17. Totally useless, totally amazing and totally fun! Awesome job!
  18. What a nice job! KSP really RRRRRRRRRRRRROCKS! Maybe you can add optional transparency control(0~100%) to your "To-do" list.
  19. Are there any other features you planning on?
  20. Can you also add nerfing solar panels? KSP's solar panels are too overpowered, and nerfing them will make fuel cells much more attractive. Also, you might increase heat generation from ISRU and drills.
  21. Oh god I do love this news! Thank you for work, @Sigma88!!!
  22. Oh god you are working so hard... Tons of dollars will not be enough for Squad to pay for you. Everytime, thank you.
  23. I updated Kopernicus and I checked compatibility broke. I don't know why, but sadly it is... maybe we have to wait for Sigma Dimension Update I didn't installed Kopernicus. It works
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