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  1. Unironically we need more units of measurements in terms of speed and distance
  2. Are there going to be vfx improvements for reentry anytime soon? I hope the reentry vfx get improvements in the next few updates
  3. here is one of my screenshots of reentry. note the heat shield not being illuminated the way the science jr jr is. and again the transparency issue i mention so much as the effect is almost completely invisible in front of ship parts and below is my improvements to the above image made in Krita. note how the heat shield is now illuminated and the bright white ring goes all the way around the heat shield. and also blurs the edges of the science jr jr. also the sparks added are a much welcome improvement. makes it far more dynamic looking... basically these improvements not only make the reentry look better, they make it look hotter and more dangerous as well. as for performance, from my experience in other games sprite based particles like this have next to no performance impact. and once part occlusion for reentry is fleshed out more (having sparks and plasma only come from exposed parts) it will be far more performant as the number of spark particle emitters would be culled drastically of course i must ask @Nate Simpson for his feedback about this and also feedback from the current technical artists... whoever it is that works with vfx like reentry and things of the sort
  4. your effect looks really good, i really hope the devs implement soft edges like you did. one detail i especially like is that the reentry flames are visible in front of ship parts which is not the case for a lot of instances in-game. the flames ingame have to be VERY bright for them to be visible at all in front of ship parts
  5. personally my ONLY gripes with the reentry effect is that it is entirely too transparent when looking at ships through it. like instead of seeing half the ship obscured, you hardly see the effect at all in front of your ship, even at extremely high speeds the fireball doesn't obscure the ship
  6. i noticed @Aaron VFX had liked this post. what an honor. so what do you think? would this idea be feasible? it certainly is beautiful. and quite realistic considering it would bring reentry closer in line with pics like this
  7. @Dakota i know this community well enough to know that NOT showing these issues will NOT go well with the community and will just give them ammo to use against ksp2 and it's dev team
  8. eh not really. bowshock in reentry is like a plasma equivalent to the water frothing you see in front of a boat when it's moving fast and in this case a simple shader would do the job nicely. a slightly enlarged but MASSIVELY shortened version of the reentry effect but WAY brighter to cause bloom to give it that hazy glow of the supercompressed plasma right at the leading edges of the plasma trail
  9. huh... that's funny because my rtx 3060TI does really well getting AT LEAST 40fps (60 on average)... it's almost like it runs differently on different machines
  10. @Nate Simpson so now that i figured out you can directly ping people on the forums. what do you think of my idea? i need to hear what the creative director of ksp2 thinks about my idea for visual improvements and it is the best chance i have of hearing what the actual developers think
  11. and uuuuuhhh. when can we maybe expect this? we are all collectively running out of patience when it comes to the lack of transparency... like we know you have something coming up but WHAT is coming up? and we are also a little tired of the statements from Dakota that say approximately nothing while also using a lot of words... just please give us something like ANYTHING regardless of if it's under NDA. despite what you guys say, the reentry video you shared a few weeks ago was the most behind the scenes information we have had since EA release
  12. that's a pretty good idea until you get to larger and more intricate crafts then the particle effects start to really get out of hand and i imagine they would really bog down performance btw i just gotta ask you... since this thread is about reentry effects, can we expect to see videos soon on how they change when first entering the atmosphere or accelerating to orbital speed in atmosphere? like how in ksp1 it would start with a faint glow and a few licks of flame, then before long it's a raging inferno around the ship. or how mach cones would transition to plasma trails.
  13. Someone pointed out that a method that is better in terms of performance is instead of lights to make the Bloom for bowshock. You instead have a third layer of shader for bowshock. And make it REALLY bright as to give Bloom. So you have 3 layers of shader going from inner to outer, You have fire/plasma, sparks, then bow shock. the posts and comments i made earlier have been retroactively edited for this idea Illustrated here is the concept in 2d. Solid line=fire, dotted line=sparks, and radiant line= bowshock. The length of the radiant lines show brightness and or opacity. The first sketch is supposed to be the current single shader
  14. thank you. i really hope the technical artist sees this post and decides to try my idea. i mean, a second layer of an effect he made but for sparks, and a bright shader with bloom for bow shock, it should be really easy and shouldn't affect performance very much at all
  15. ok so first of all i posted this initially on the discord channel under feedback... so we are all aware of what the new reentry effects look like. and how they conform to the shape of the craft and change color depending on (temperature? could that be a factor?) and atmosphere composition now i'm not complaining about how it looks, it looks hella awesome. HOWEVER... my ONLY 2 complaints (really just suggestions at this point) is that it lacks 2 very simple but effective things that would make it look hotter and more violent/dangerous. that being sparks from bits of your ship burning off, and bow shock: the super compressed plasma IN FRONT of the ship which creates a VERY bright hazy glow on the leading surfaces which is honestly even more simple than the sparks. and here is the improved reentry effect i really hope the devs decide to implement (image edited in krita so sparks and bloom were manually applied). the sparks are simple, just get a second and slightly larger layer of the reentry effect but instead of a fire texture it's animated sparks. this would go well with the plasma colors in other atmospheres because the sparks are glowing hot molten metal so they are ALWAYS orange. As for bow shock, that is exceptionally simple. just a 3rd shader layer but very short, only to cover all the surfaces that are exposed to the reentry effect and it is VERY bright. and as such creates A LOT OF BLOOM (i'm talking halo 3 mcc levels of bloom) so the bloom (or light bleed for those who are not well versed in lighting terms) creates a hazy glow around the part surfaces visible to the effect which gives a crude but effective visual bow shock. if implemented properly this ought to make reentry look far better as well as convey more of the danger of reentry. i mean this improved effect looks like something you would see in a movie and the players deserve nothing less than jaw dropping spectacular
  16. for some reason the oceans and atmosphere shaders stopped working... are any mods incompatible with scatterer? because i can't play ksp without scatterer now without thinking "wow, this looks like hot GARBAGE"
  17. so what do I type that into? and just doing that will give a terrain un-marred by cities? because I really don't like the look of the cities
  18. alright how do I remove the city lights entirely? I like the clouds but just not the cities
  19. how long ago? because I just started ksp for the first time in a while and it is consistently underwater... plus I use ckan so any ways to update that version?
  20. deleting WHICH folder? because otherwise I wont know... also I do not have inner lock(never heard of that mod til now honestly)
  21. cannot see the tab and I had to delete magic smoke industries in order to install this mod on ckan... how do I get both installed at the same time? edit: after trying everything it seems that magic smoke industries and this mod are absolutely incompatible... I try deleting file after file to fix overwrites but nothing changes
  22. installed the mod but none of the parts were in my parts list... what can I do? does it require a core mod or something?
  23. i was just wondering something... how does thrust and efficiency scale? like what factors or multiples does it scale by? is it doubles or what?
  24. honestly I was also looking at how gorgeous these shaders look and I think they should be included as a base feature to the game to aesthetically catch up to simple-rockets... and that honestly EVERYONE should use these shaders (as well as a recolor tool to edit specular, metalic and color properties)
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