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  1. Anybody know of some mods (that are likely to be updated for 1.4 within the next month or two if they haven't been updated yet) that do these things? 1. A mod for organising the list of vehicles in the VAB and SPH 2. A mod that only allows Kerbals to internally transfer to a different part of a ship if they are adjacent to it and the part has crew capacity (I hope you know what I mean) 3. A mod that allows for more customisation of action groups.
  2. I'll almost definitely buy the expansion within a month after it's released. The mission builder sounds awesome. Although I don't really care about recreating historic missions with the new parts, the parts will definitely allow for new and varied ship designs.
  3. Landing a Kerbal on the Mun (and returning) is definitely a challenge for new KSP players, but you get the hang of it quickly after your first landing. Landing a Kerbal on Duna, though... I haven't done that yet and I'm pretty sure the rocket I've designed for it is way too over-engineered. It's definitely a lot more difficult than landing on the Mun, though.
  4. Maybe you should make a mining ship that can take asteroids and bring them back to the station so you can refuel your tanks.
  5. What planet/moon is the space station orbiting? I assume Kerbin but it could be something different.
  6. Wow, I only read the first quarter of that and I'm really impressed. I'm definitely buying the DLC when it comes out, it looks awesome!
  7. The Probodobodyne inline probe cores aren't that hard to research, and they're all better than the Stayputnik.
  8. Then crash the asteroid into the KSC.
  9. I had a contract where I had to test a decoupler in orbit of the Mun. Sounds easy, right? Several missions later, everything I tried failed to complete the contract. Reloading the save didn't work either. Eventually I used the developer cheats to complete the contract.
  10. Perhaps such a huge impact is the reason why there are so many asteroids near Kerbin?
  11. I don't really like the idea of adding torque to command chairs, but adding a still black-and-white photo of each kerbal in a command chair (I like the idea of a college photo for Jeb) will just simply help people keep track of how many and which kerbals are on board.
  12. I mean, nearly 25,000 funds for a Minmus mission is pretty good considering my Mun/Minmus lander costs over 50,000 funds, and somehow a different rocket I designed to carry what is basically a slightly heavier payload than the lander into Munar/Minmus orbit costs twice as much (100,000 funds)...
  13. Couldn't you have engines with extremely high TWR that aren't solid-fuelled (eg. Vector engines) to get you to Kerbin and Tylo orbit from their surfaces, with a Nerv stage for all the operations from LKO to Tylo orbit and back, and toggle the engines when you need them? Of course to cut down on weight even more you could just use ion engines instead of Nervs, you'll just need to prepare for some REALLY long burns. By using ion engines almost all of the weight of the SSTO will be only for the Kerbin surface to orbit and Tylo surface to orbit.
  14. If this is going to become a challenge, maybe someone could cheat some more asteroids onto Kerbin's surface roughly the same distance away. That way we could have "size classes" (class A, B, C, D and E all worth different points for returning)
  15. Leave them there until you feel sure that you can easily rescue them without much difficulty. Right now, don't worry about it.
  16. Wow, thanks, this is exactly what I needed at the exact right time! Literally an hour ago I was thinking about KSP and how I was going to get three communications satellites into high Kerbin orbit in a triangular formation. Thank you!
  17. First! First time I've had a "first" comment on one of these announcments.
  18. Definitely. I think anomaly exploring contracts are a great idea. If you've found an anomaly but haven't explored it yet, you have a chance of getting a contract that asks you to explore it. "We've noticed that you have found a strange object at this point. We would like to find out more and would pay you to send a craft to investigate."
  19. Now I'd like to see you engineer a craft with a claw on the bottom that descends into the Mohole, grabs the pod and comes back out. That would be awesome.
  20. Well, at least we seem to be seeing more and more content planned with every weekly update! I'm personally still really excited about the DLC.
  21. Maybe someone should try recreating this by putting an EVA kerbal into orbit around Ike with the exact same orbital parameters as the old Magic Boulder had (which is what the OP did)
  22. My Jeb right now? In an inclined orbit around the Mun. He's been there for around 100 days, I've yet to rescue him. He was orbiting the Mun when I made my first successful Mun landing and return, still in orbit when I did my first Minmus landing, and will probably still be stuck there when I make my first voyage to Duna. He's going to have a lot of catching up to do once he gets back. I did try to rescue him once, but I forgot the fact that my relative speed was 500 m/s at the intercept. I think all Jeb saw was a flash of spaceship whizzing past him, while he was unable to do anything about it. So close, yet so far away from rescue... He probably has PTSD by now.
  23. I've only got 65 hours in KSP but I plan to add a lot more hours to that . So far I've landed kerbonauts on both the Mun and Minmus in career mode. I've tried (and failed miserably) to land unmanned vehicles on the Mun, but with a communications system that currently consists of one crappy relay satellite in LKO, it's quite hard*. Once I set up a proper communications system which will set the foundations for unmanned missions to the Mun, Minmus and beyond, and then send a couple probes to land on Kerbin's moons, I plan to visit Duna next (maybe Ike first since the lack of atmosphere makes it easier to land on and take off from). After the Duna system, I'll probably do Gilly because its gravity is a joke, so landings will be easy, and because it's in close proximity to Kerbin. In sandbox mode I've done the Mun and Minmus of course, and also landed a rover on Ike (but I used HyperEdit to get it into a low orbit of Duna). I also played around a bit in Duna's orbit in sandbox mode. Apart from that, I haven't made it to any other celestial bodies in career or sandbox. I want to visit them in career mode first because I think that sandbox kind of eliminates the experience of getting to these bodies for the first time. *I know that I could just land on a spot that faces Kerbin, but even then it's hard for me.
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