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  1. @Galahir950 Hum, 1 problem is likely ksp 1.3.1 due to unity having horable garbage collection (Unity will be updated in 1.4) restarting the game periodically helps with this. Another could be insaficant cooling of the CPU (Ksp is CPU heavy) though I'm not to familiar with amd cpus (I'm an intel person) Though I'm not sure why your getting that amount of CPU draw my i3 has no problems deffinitly get AVC if you don't already have it to see if all your mods are up to date that might also be causing some problems
  2. @Galahir950 what type of CPU do you have? also if you have AVC please do a copy to clipboard and post that, the images you posted are hard to read if you don't here's a link :
  3. What type of CPU, Ram and version of ksp are you using? i.e. I run ksp 1.3.1 on a 7th gen i3 with 16gb ram and integrated hd graphics with 105 mods(GPP + Visual enhancements) at max quality- some general details from scatterer and still get 80fps with only 30% CPU and 53% ram use on my laptop. And 1.3.1 on 8th gen i7 with 64gb ram on Navidia 1080gtx 10gb video card with same mod base at max quality in all areas getting 180fps at 15%cpu and 20ish% ram use on desktop the more info you give the better the answer you'll get.
  4. So I've been encountering a problem on GPP at 2.5x Scale when launching a Multi-relay sat launcher where the kraken gabs hold of the craft preventing it from leaving the pad. I've duplicated my mod list and placed it in a fresh GPP w/o rescale and there is no problem. So I was wondering if there was a way to release the kraken grip. Edit : Problem semi fixed, was caused by merging of crafts. Mod list :
  5. When you have a room full of computers, various parts (I.e. ram, power supplies, graphics cards...), keyboards, mice and various other electronics (i.e. Nitro rc cars/trucks, helicopters, planes...) and every time you look in the first thought is it will be needed some day.
  6. Keep at it hard mode can be a pain in the butt but It makes the game a lot more fun (at least IMO)
  7. Look up "X science" this mod logs your science gains so you can see what other science there is to get.
  8. I'm with that would love to see KER in stock as well, But I highly suggest getting SSTU labs it offers parts for lower part counts and better engines for larger scale as well as more types of panels and better command pods. I play GPP at 10.65x scale (real scale) and SSTU is a god send with real fuels and well smurf but those two are really only needed for larger then 2.5x.
  9. Little late to the party but welcome! There are a lot of things to do in the game and though you might not know much about rocket science you'll learn as you play an get better at ksp. One quick tip try and land on minmus first (it is a whole lot easier) then go for the mun landing. Also don't give up when your carefully laid plans fail in spectacular explosions. It will take time to figure everything out I recommend watching some Scott Manley videos on YouTube as well. Have Fun and happy landings!
  10. Start a fresh game with out mods and test, then add kerbalism and test again to try and replicate the problem to verify your suspicions.
  11. @Spricigo sorry that will only work once they have collected the exp for visiting
  12. You can check in the save file data(it's all the way at the bottom) or hover the curser over their stars or the exp bar when in the astronaut building
  13. @Helmetman true but that's why i just personally update mods that have been abandoned but due to licensing I can't share the updates
  14. @Fearless Son lol it was back in 1.2, he's the sole inhabitant for the rest of that savefiles life
  15. You can use docking ports or the claw. I usually use docking ports personally.
  16. Had a contract to land a kerbal on eve so I grabbed a random flew him out, and dropped him. Then I felt bad that he was alone so I brought him a rover to give him something to do.
  17. @Schumifun No problem glad to help. KOS is a very useful tool but a fairly steep learning curve (atleast in my opinion) But once you get a hang of it you can do magical things
  18. @Mecripp there are already panels that retract and they have a nice white case no need to bother with make it an mm patch
  19. There are 2 types of 2x3 and 1x6 solar panels, SP-L/W panels can be retracted and deployed , OX-4W/L panels can only be deployed. The panels you are using are the OX-4L panels which can only be deployed
  20. Welcome to the forum! here is a written guide to KOS : https://ksp-kos.github.io/KOS/
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