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  1. Umm… those aren’t necessarily the same thing. • Windows and (by default) Steam install on C:\ • KSP 2 ‘player data’ (workspaces, campaign-saves, etc.) are also on C:\ • Even if KSP 2 is installed on another drive (call it “G:\ for Games”), that player data remains on C:\ • If however your C:\ is that high-performance Samsung drive, then yeah, you “should be fine”
  2. @stephensmat maybe it’s all in my head, but after using Windows’ “MKLINK” command to route that folder from my C: (SATA SSD) to a higher-performance NVMe SSD, I feel like saving and loading is a fair bit snappier (but that maybe had to do with not-KSP2-processes unavoidably running at the same time, like Backblaze automatic backups)
  3. Assuming Windows: C:\Users\(you)\appdata\LocalLow\Intercept Games\Kerbal Space Program 2\ And you have to go to “great lengths” to force it off of C:\ if you happen to have an even higher-performance drive devoted to games
  4. Infinite, procedural missions is a pretty solid number too ...
  5. ShadowZone: Hello everybody, and welcome! We're sitting here with Nate Simpson, Creative Director for Kerbal Space Program 2 at Private Division... uh, no, at Star Theory, I'm very sorry. Nate: Private Division is our label, but Star Theory is the name of the developer. Also, Nate is 'Creative Director' for <company of your choice here>... was there also a CM later in the video?
  6. Are you referring to someone from the now-defunct Star Theory?
  7. Took some digging, [forum-searches were useless, as usual] but skimming through my past posts I eventually found such a discussion elsewhere. Ah... I see my post over there was in response to you, @Scarecrow71
  8. I had suggested something for 'now' (pre-colonies) just above your comment, but I do like your post-colonies one better... Except I might put it on Minmus, to mirror both my own idea (to help triangulate signals from beyond Kerbin's SOI, for which Minmus would be better placed than The Mun) and because Minmus' lower gravity and no atmosphere should make colonization [and repeat precision landings] easier for first attempts.
  9. And/or "create an uncrewed station orbiting Kerbin [or The Mun] with 'X' amount of Methalox and 'Y' amount of antennas" followed by "dock to the station with a newly-launched crewed vehicle to bring it online". Mainline progression would then be Minmus Monument signal shows something coming from further out in the Kerbollar system (or even "know it is somewhere on Duna"), but we're not entirely sure where of the coordinates, and so a crewed observation post a bit out from Kerbin helps with triangulation, as well as guides new players to try docking.
  10. Next week™ Even figuring it to mean Friday of next week, I can hold out that long :-)
  11. You're having fun with the maneuver plan widget? Are you trying to go interplanetary / rendez-vous with vessels in future orbits? Not saying you can't have fun, just that that one thing is particularly irksome for me.
  12. Likewise! 9 months down to 6 months would be significant (33% less time!)
  13. I think in at least one of the interviews around the time FS! came out, he even said he hoped/expected it would be significantly quicker than v0.1 to v0.2 (I'll try to find such a clip with timestamp later today)
  14. Really looking forward to getting those EVA chutes from KSP 1 brought forward into KSP 2! (as we saw Test-Pilot Val using extensively in promotional materials)
  15. Like this? NASA's OSIRIS-REx Asteroid Sample Collection arm/maneuver Or this? NASA’s Perseverance Rover doing science
  16. @cocoscacao: there is the <buggy> sample-arm... it can (unless I am mistaken) 'replace' the Kerbal on EVA, if mounted correctly.
  17. Why? As it stands now, a probe-lander goes down to a surface, does all of the science, transmits [or not] the data-version of the experiments while also being 'credited' with the sample-versions. All that the probe has to do is 'be connected to a vessel that did the science' (or else connected to a vessel that was previously connected to a vessel that had connected to another vessel <any number of connections ago> that did the science) to get 'credit' for all science on-board, same way a crewed return craft can bring home the samples that were collected by probe-landers.
  18. I suppose that's true, though I was assuming (dangerous, I know) that if vessels were to be launched from colonies, the 'crew roster' would be made up of the colonists.
  19. Lexicon: MN - Maneuver Node ["Maneuver Planner" now in KSP 2?] But I do agree; better plan/node editor would be a HUGE help!
  20. @Spicat... you could always edit/remove Fizzlebop's "delete me" message instead of the whole thread
  21. Found it! 2021 PC Gamer article “[Colonies are] capable of producing colonists through a method that we will not describe, for everyone’s sake, after something that the player initiates called a ‘boom event’,” says lead designer Shana Markham. Watching one of @ShadowZone’s older videos (whether or not he addressed the ‘boom’ in that video) reminded me to look up that article and voila!
  22. My concern before that comment from Mike was that "we will be fixing bugs between now and colonies but you won't get those fixes until colonies rolls out" could have been a valid interpretation for "fixing bugs before colonies"... that's all. And I was happy / positive above...
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