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  1. is there a way i can only use the part scaling this mod brings? its because i use simple rss patch to make the rockets work, but they are massively undersized for the launch sites, so I want to know if its possible to use only the part scaling. (Tweak scale doesn't work for all parts)
  2. Ah i see, well at least i can make inspiration 4 early! (Btw it appears with the community catgeory kit section, not the one in advanced. Just for future if you want to patch that)
  3. i know the whole deal, kinda strange how i got the orginal when it says in log loading 1.8.6, but i will try this, ill dm the log file if you want if this doesnt work. (EDIT: Well holy Sh**, it worked, thank you so much!)
  4. (Edit) KK is not even appearing in game btw, like it looks correct, but nothing acutally loads in game, i also dont know how to post a log file here
  5. of course i do, it worked before like i said, it only happened after installing RSS but i know that KK works with RSS because it did in 1.10 i also tried ctrl+alt+k
  6. EPIC those models look wayy better, one question tho is it intended that I can access the tourist rodan? I feel like it should be hidden unless it was released and I didnt know
  7. i did use ckan, but that should work for kk, I have my log but I dunno how I can show you
  8. yea the ingame editior doesnt work and packs that spawn statics dont spawn them, so like kk is very broken (tried ctrl+k and alt+K) Im using RSS if it helps, but KK worked in RSS before
  9. is in ingame editor removed? or am i missing somthing because I cant find it anymore. Does anybody know what happended?
  10. Oh I see, well I guess my spacex went bankrupt in my rss save untill late September @Damon This is what i was using btw EDIT: It was ckan that broke the logos, fixed now, an updated version sounds awesome tho i cant wait
  11. @Damon I dont know if anyone else has had this issue, but ive had the real names and textures extra installed on the mod for a long time, but today it stopped working. It gives me real part names but now its gone back to the kerbalized skins (I.E defualt skin) Do you know how to fix this? I didnt do anything to the game it just stopped working when I launched the game today.
  12. Woah, the updates that have happened are insane! this is even better now, i must have all times
  13. did you make the performance better cuz the old was laggy like hElL
  14. So it looks like stellaris knows about kerbal: I swear I didnt rename the star and planets it actually spawn this way.
  15. Yes finally. The only thing I want to say is, WHY IS EVERYBODY HAVE NO BUGS, NO LAG, AND SUCH BRTTER GRAPHICS THAN ME!?
  16. I have had the loading part upgrades issue many times and solved it but now it happened again but this time I cant find which mod is causing the issue so should o just remove AVC entirely to cure the problem? I checked my logs already and nothing is useful: it looks like a normal loading except stoping and nit writing to the log any more.
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