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  1. So, what do I do to save stage mass? I am at the point where I am using several Mastodon engines as mere RCS! And the rocket is at 32 kilotons, and it needs clamps lest the pad explode. Again, 200 clamps are there!
  2. Can you just refuel on liquid fuel on gilly and hop to moho with you 6km/s? The gravity is so low, and u can stock up on uranium from elsewhere.
  3. After this there was a kraken that corrupted the save. I have to restart, all from the start! Luckily, some of the crafts were salvagable after some file edting, and this is simple.
  4. Serious answer would be to control the fuel. The fuel is only obtainable if you have a certificate saying you own the ship or are paying your loan back well, you get access to fuel. Fuel in sold in cartridges, each containing a fixed amount of fuel. The cartridges contain a chip that locks the fuel if either a law is broken or the loan is not paid. Any other resellers have their chips deactivated, and all ships with illegal cartridges are tracked down and deactivated. They are then sent back(too cruel to leave them to die) and arrested for loan non-payment.
  5. @kerbiloidCan't they just buy a dirt cheap black market kidney and the bank loses its leverage?
  6. The dumbest thing I have ever done. and I had to reload when i realized there was no RCS to dock.(shown) So I docked the ion tug to the monoprop module on the front of the ship, detached it, and docked it to the ion tug, then i made the tug dock to the Eve SSTO with the RCS module(Not shown)But when i switched to the eve SSTO, it was dead, so I grabbed some of the RCS from the module, attached it to the SSTO, and used it to make the EVE SSTO rotate(I could have just purloined a RTG, but it is cooler this way). Then I used the 40 monoprop in the mk2 lander can(in the SSTO) to turn the docking port to the tug, and success. It points right, but used up 20 out of 40 Monoprop in the Mk2 lander can. Then I docked the SSTO to the outer fuel tank after docking the RCS module, also serves as an adapter. The outer fuel tank will run out after I leave EVE(I am going to keep the SSTO with me for the mostly reusable challenge I will follow)
  7. solid rocket only ones with no pressurization could do it, carry some oxygen cylinders and a plastic bag and enjoy your suborbital flight
  8. build a huge launcher capable of 5 kilotons and go for the prize. It is really hard to dock large stuff in orbit.
  9. fix this bug with cheat menu, cheat the science, and cheat them to orbit, sorry, but the game started it.
  10. I discovered that the 1.25 meter probe core generates so much lift you can land at 20m/s by using it like a wing.
  11. use physics warp if it is strong enough or just suck it up. plane change at apogee and use aggressive aerobraking(always quicksave.)
  12. Really useful and saved quite a bit of terrible launchers, love it. Has a habit of rapidly using ignitions sadly the Autoland uses too many ignitions, but go to utilities and limit throttle to a min of 0.1%
  13. Next Stratenblitz video will be grand tour on just fireworks, LOL. Or maybe asparagus staged fireworks to Eve and back
  14. Someday try an Earth SSTO with both RS-25s and CH-4 engines
  15. 500 liquid fuel mk3 tanks and 800 s4 tanks and 800 mammoths with twr ~1.5 with mass of 220 kilotons, with two ignitioned mammoths and nervs and an eve ssto in the cargo bay, 4200 wings, all landers and some shuttles between planets could do it. Brad whistance could lauch a megaton rocket stock
  16. kerbalism grand tour ssto Somebody has to try this rss ssto already done with STOCK PARTs
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