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  1. I'm using 1.11. I thought that part mods were backwards compatible until 1.8.1 the parachutes are were there on the beta verion.
  2. The orions parachutes are not showing up, have shabby and shaddy
  3. I am guilty of this myself but for you you should try and learn how to rendezvous and dock manually. Also when on orbit change the control point to -15 in the cockpit.
  4. If the existing orion parts get deleted from reDIRECT then it would break the compatability with the mods
  5. Yeah I was going to install this mod after giving up on trying to patch the part.
  6. Just wondering how did you guys get the mobile base system able to move along the truss? And do you guys have a newer dev version of Habtech?
  7. I made a canadarm 2 via IR and when I reloaded the save one of the End Effectors got moved to the ohter side of the station.
  8. You need the mod "realplume stock" and its dependencies for the srb plumes to work. To make the plumes look even better install SRB Waterfall effects
  9. Is this Tech Tree more revolved about the russia space program or is it a general tech tree?
  10. I have a problem with the P6 Truss, it cannot have parts radialy attached to it. Is there any fixes to this?
  11. How was the MPLM reconnected to the shuttles cargo bay? Did you guys use one of the docking ports from one of the near future mods or kitbashed how it was reconnected to the shuttle.
  12. I have just installed IR because the stock robotics are spaghetti but the Candarm parts are gone. Do you have to be in 1.7.6 for IR do work with Socks candarm? Edit No longer needed
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