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  1. c-12 can we add a stat for pages claimed? that sounds mildly interesting
  2. Top of the rocket, Jack! For me, it started with learning about space flights past, and it just clicked with me. Now all the sudden, im planning my career for areospacial engineering. Largely due to KSP! I hope your rockets fly straight, and not wobble TOO much!
  3. I can respect that. your probably right, it would be much more fun. But, after the outrage that took place in the beginning with bugs and crap like that, i think their focus is getting it ship shape ASAP before any multiplayer
  4. Im gonna have to agree here. I think one of the big major, only bad things about KSP 1 was no multiplayer. Even in the state the game is in, it would be a blast. Im sure there is quite a few people waiting for it. That said...i would rather have a complete game, than a broken one with a few friends. Unless its funny-broken. Then we just become laughing idiots for hours at a time.
  5. that was some groundbreaking knowledge you just dropped. but i have another question, sire: is your job boring? or just repetitive? and do you enjoy it?
  6. i might try that. the closest i got to dres was -25m, after crashing into it at 36,000 mps. i do not advise that route.it was supposed to be fun and cool looking as i blew past the planets surface.
  7. no, it lightgases if we are us, then who am i to tell you who i am?
  8. "so we can help you suck less". why don't all help representatives greet people like this?
  9. preferably plane, my good sir like, i was thinking ducted fan behind a plane kinda propeller science
  10. Okay. so im...mildly familiar with propellers in KSP, and its for the obvious reason- hitting things with them. why else would we have them? but now i want to do the unthinkable- LEAVE THE GROUND! after your done reeling from that suprise plot twist, could someone explain to me...how to do that?
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