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  1. Wanted to revive the thread, and also I had a quick/urgent question for anyone who's skilled at fixing old miniatures: I have had this LAAT L/E patrol transport for Star Wars Legion. I got an army set for my birthday back in January, and I wanted to fix it after screwing up the paintwork (ie, streaks, buildup on panel lines, rushed interiors, etc.) I used some IPA (I forgot what percentage I'll add later), which I have used for other miniatures to clean bad paintwork off of, and tried to take it apart. I forgot that I had sealed it, and it got really sticky, which I expected because a few of the other ones got like that too, but it wouldn't come off. I also was taking it apart, but snapped some pieces, so things seem pretty hopeless right now. My uncle who paints action figures and stuff, has offered to help me repair it, but as of the time of posting, he has had the flu for a bit now, and I just got better from two bouts with the flu at the start of 2024, so I don't want to get sick again. I'm also concerned that it may not be up to a tabletop standard, which is a bit of an issue if I can't fix it. Now, on Amazon, it's more affordable than the price that I bought it for in 2021-ish at a store in Utah when I was up there, and I can have it for pickup at an amazon locker thing nearby before the end of the week. I'm considering just getting a new one, which may be easier/convenient, but I don't want to waste my budget on another one, because who knows what could show up, and I'm trying to also save for a decent gaming computer and setup. help? also i'll put pics of my new army later. link
  2. yeah, it's impractical, I know. it's mostly for a harder challenge in nerf battles and to impress people. My side blaster (one in question, it's a small, uzi/mac-10 type) is at a high enough fps and has a fire rate option (semi-auto, 3 round, and full-auto) that i can just point in the general direction, fire, and I score a hit. I play casual games (hoping to go semi-competitive), so most people can't dodge quick enough unless there is some cover. Some blasters, like the Jupiter or Juno use Rival balls, which you can feed through a tube with a backpack. I use these little half-length darts, which can't be fed through a bag, but I could probably create something that would work. Ammo is my main problem, so if I can make some sort of switching system or some expanded magazines, it could work.
  3. how do people dual wield weapons? I see these a lot in video games/movies and tv and the characters but it seems like a challenge to dual wield/reload some large weapons (ie, rifles, smgs, etc) or swords, which could leave you open to attacks if you aren't wearing armor and aren't skilled enough, or reloading if you are dual wielding some guns. Now with things like Star Wars, the blasters have gas storage in them and then used magnetic induction to turn it into a blaster bolt, making reloads (mostly) unnecessary. In the Splatoon games, there are the Dualie class of weapons, which are basically water pistols that shoot ink/paint. Cause squids/octopi. In Splatoon, you have an ink tank which is basically ammo. If a weapon has high/low dakka, and less/more damage is dealt by the shots fired from it, then you use more ink. Anyways, once you run out of ink, you can't use the weapon until you refill your ink tank. It slowly refills in Inkling/Octoling form, but in squid/octopus form, which you use to swim around in your own ink at high speed, you fill/reload your ink tank much faster. These are a few examples from tv/video games, which aren't accurate, but in real life, how would you be able to do this? I mostly want to know so I can dual wield some high dakka Nerf blasters.
  4. reviving the thread Splatoon 3: side order is pain.
  5. banned for using a line angling right at a 45 degree angle.
  6. POSITIVE STRIKE TEAM @BA-Forums @TwoCalories @Kimera Industries @Kerb24 @Singhnaut @dsplaisted @AtomicTech lets go! P 1
  7. POSITIVE STRIKE TEAM @dsplaisted @TwoCalories @Kerb24 @Kimera Industries @AtomicTech @BA-Forums P 63! War's almost over guys, lets get this done!
  8. P 42 the answer to life, the universe, and everything. POSITIVE STRIKE TEAM @Kerb24 @TwoCalories @BA-Forums @Kimera Industries @AtomicTech
  9. POSTIVE STRIKE TEAM @Kerb24 @TwoCalories @BA-Forums @AtomicTech @Kimera Industries P31
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