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  1. How does Nate Simpson have anything to do with it? It was clearly someone from take 2 looking at numbers in a spreadsheet and seeing an easy cost cut. These are the people who deserve removal from the industry, and heavy fines. Even if it doesn't do much a slap on take 2's wrist is something to hurt them. I just hope that Harvester (original ksp dev) has a chance to take back the ip for his future space game which he plans to make once kit bash is a full game.
  2. Pizza oven made perrarion sentient mutations with mushroom brains and peanuts
  3. Banned for spelling stuff like Americans (brits do it right)
  4. I make a nuclear bunker in a new hill
  5. When I play minecraft I never fill up the creaper holes.
  6. Rock paper scissors shoot Edit: Ok no offence but I win this one. I invite someone else to go against mine!
  7. The dog might be immortal meaning it doesn't die but it good get into such a good lucid dream every time that it is unresponsive for 100,000 years. If the Earth is round how come rulers don't need to bend?
  8. Granted. Kerbals will have to use bdarmory weaponry you defend against an invasion of fallout characters if you win the last soldiers will give you parts of their broken weaponry as form of surrender. Wish Matt lowne double dupes us by playing the real rss when everyone thinks that it will be another joke.
  9. Showing light in your profile pic get the vampire banned
  10. Please can you add visual basic the the list of codes you can add. It is the only code I know particularly well and I'd love to start automated flights!
  11. Do you like using bdarmory? Do you like making tanks? Well, this is the challenge for you! I have designed a very capable tank which destroys almost everything that goes near. Your challenge is to build a craft that can beat it from a range of 1.5- 2.0 km using the AI bdarmory. It can look however you want but as long as it doesn't take flight during the battle it counts. If it does then you lose that round. It will be tested in a recent version of bda+ and will have 3 chances. If it is 2-1 to you or better I lose and have to try and redesign my craft. i have attached a link to a photo of my craft and the craft itself for your own testing. Please DO NOT enter if this post is more than a month old when reading. https://postimg.cc/2qFKF3H7 https://file.io/6vNvI4egurJ8 Send craft links here and I'll get to them when I can
  12. idkgeek


    That should work. Thank you!
  13. idkgeek


    What have I gotten myself into! where would be the best place to not just share craft but have an update/progess thread.
  14. idkgeek


    Ksp 1. Thank you.
  15. idkgeek


    Thanks! Where would be the best place to make a thread for updates on my fighter plane?
  16. idkgeek


    Hello, while I might not be that new to the forum I have mostly just been looking at ksp2 dev updates. I'm planning to do alot more now. I have been a heavy user of bdarmory and plan to show battles with my cursed creations! I have had ksp 1 since getting my laptop in February 2021 for primarily schoolwork and imidately got ksp. In terms of spaceflight I am very bad and haven't landed on the moon with my own creation (in one piece) but are totally obeyed with spaceflight and astronomy and extremely skilled in SFS!
  17. In ksp2 there is a blueprint mode which is one of the new features it brings. For ksp1 no idea
  18. Not sure how to reproduce it, it just happens to all vehicles regardless of when the were launched. here is a screenshot, mod list and log file as requested in the tutorial thing. sorry i dont have any reproductions steps it just started happening and i don't know why. if you need any more info, just ask I'm quite active on here. https://ufile.io/qjm1tfnb https://ufile.io/gc6l880m https://ufile.io/hj7fqcdh
  19. Awsome! Now I can brick my laptop in syle! When frost is released, is there the possibility of you making it for ksp1 too because while ksp2 is out. It is in its early stages of development and ksp is a far more reformed game missing such an awsome feature!
  20. Ok. Was worth a shot. Sorry for bothering you.
  21. As said above, the creators of bdarmory plus will likely not work on such a thing until there is a stable built in modloader and a stable and optimised game to build upon. However there are several different creators who are trying to make an equivalent mod. The main one is Sticks Armory who are likely to be at least a few months away. Here is their discord though so you can watch its development. https://discord.gg/aCecrjbS2B
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