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  1. Hi installed these mods that you posted but I have no clouds in game....I also have scatterer installed and mosule manager but thats it. - IO-Visuals.zip - IO-EVE-TexturesWithOPMVO.zip (recommended, or alternatively IO-EVE-Textures.zip) - AVP_8kTextures.zip (you can probably download the lower res textures if you want) - if you are using Extrasolar, the EXVE Textures included in that download is required
  2. If I would have known this game was in such a sad state...I would have waited. You guys charged me so much for an early Alpha of a game.
  3. Hi all CKAn is telling me that this mod is not compatible with current game version? Is anyone running this mod?
  4. Will this mod and the parralax mod be compatible together? CKAN said this---"AstronomersVisualPack 3:v4.13 depends on AVP-Textures, which is not compatible with the currently installed game version"
  5. I installed this to the game data directory but ther arent any clouds on the planet at all...
  6. Hi I downloaded this thru CKAN and I am getting this error graphics bug when trying to assemble a space craft together....Capsule looks too big or the booster and fuel tanks shrunk somehow. I have a screen of the mods that RSS included in the download thru CKAN. I would really like to hear what is going on and see if it can be fixed. Mod looks fantastic. Really hoping to get it up and running properly https://imgur.com/jZgDEAu https://imgur.com/n1XI0tT
  7. That’s what I am having issues with…thx a lot!!!
  8. I having issues getting the boosters to line up on the brackets. They seem to be connected to the shop but when I try another stage, the boosters don’t release.
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