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  1. True, but I don't find it annoying. I've encountered many situations in KSP 1 where a Kerbal could not go from one ladder to the next one... whereas is always worked in KSP 2. Maybe it could be set as an option?
  2. Wow! What an impressive list of fixes & features. Can't wait for patching to end!
  3. Tested blocked parts again this morning on 0.1.5. Got blocked ladder whereas it was working fine on the launchpad, and even the possibility for Valentina to climb the invisible ladder! Took a picture of it, with the blocked ladder mouse-hovered (green outline). The fairing was not present at first, but there once reloaded (that might block the ladder, of course!) Image: https://imgur.com/a/62Zo4Al
  4. Still in 0.1.5. Even worse, when part is inverted, the mirror clamps are inverted also: https://imgur.com/a/SvY7Ngm
  5. I had this problem with a spaceplane docked to a nuclear-engine heavy vessel. When trying to land after reaching destination, I undocked, and struts disappeared, resulting in falling in pieces.
  6. I think this is duplicate from another report : https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/topic/219108-engine-is-shifting-individually-to-the-overall-craft-when-under-timewarp/
  7. Never saw this info was displayed in-flight! I confirm the report on my machine also. My craft also drifts in flight, but I never figured out why. Many thanks Pidove78!
  8. I confirm that I've got this bug a few times without nuclear engines. Usually, reloading solves the issue.
  9. A little workaround: putting the shield on a mounting plate. The plate has a bottom-node...
  10. Got this one with a ladder unable to deploy after being uncovered (mounting-plate fairing) on my Eve-Lander. Strangely enough, my Kerbals could still climb both ladders (the blocked and the non-blocked) while not deployed! I was unable to reproduce it by launching the lander without its rocket. Ladder not blocked, unable to climb into thin air. I was also unable to reproduce on Eve, because restoring the game crashed the lander (tripod flipped) or simply sank into the ground.
  11. Sure that's original. The difficulty, for me, is it to transfer sufficient speed to the glider itself to even reach VAB! Up to now, I managed to land at the control tower, but no farther yet... Still trying...
  12. Yes it does. You can do it all automatic, or partially, with visual guidance.
  13. I love your Kraken ! The flapping of its tail is so nice it feels alive. Good job!
  14. This was a tough one! Encountered a few bugs on this particular mission: - no highland or lowland displayed on Micro-engineer. Just dust or rock everywhere! - kerbal stuck in ground while hill-climbing Tylo - kerbal (and even lander) getting sucked into the ground (still on Tylo) - displaced motors after time warp -> the ship starts spinning foolishy - no fuel displayed once boarded back -> no maneuver available to get back. Managing to get a SOI encounter without node is tough... but doable! Finally, I brought back my Kerbal almost right on the KSC (yay !) after planting a single flag on low white solid floor. I took too much fuel for the trip back, but not enough on the lander... And chose a too-weak motor for the lander. Slowing down took ages, and getting back to orbit even worse! Anyway, this was a nice journey; took a few pictures on my way ;-) Very impressed by the toughness and maneuverability of my big 5-Mammoth engine rocket (excepting it falls apart on the launch stand, it sticks together in the air!) Photo Album
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