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  1. That is like saying someone must've enjoyed a movie because the doors to the theater were locked and they couldn't leave for hours.
  2. The new aerodynamics and weakened RCS really do require you to revisit the fundamentals. They even took away the runway lip so now you are force to make a plane that is capable of rotating off the ground.
  3. 1: put a communications satellite into keostationary orbit 2: tried creating a cargo spaceplane only to be slapped in the face by the more realistic physics of ksp2. The thing barely took off, and the engines struggled to keep the thing up in the air. It was very similar to playing KSP1 with ferram and AJE mods. I like it.
  4. KSP2 is okay, but there is no point in playing it because it doesn't offer anything that KSP doesn't have, and KSP does almost everything better. I think I'll come back after they add colonies to the game or open modding support, whatever comes first.
  5. Yea, you're correct. It was just a problem with launching rockets. I thought the lift was way off, with the center of pressure always being ridiculously high up, but I suppose that is somewhat realistic. It just forces you to keep your rocket close to the pro-grade vector or it will flip out once you get to a high dynamic pressure. However I did notice that the mod seems to put a lot of lift on certain parts, like probe cores. You can exploit this by placing these parts on the bottom of the craft.
  6. How can I tell how much food/water/air a kerbal needs per day? Can't find it anywhere. EDIT: Figured it out. It wasn't on the side of the other mods so I was a bit confused.
  7. I noticed a bug that causes my ship's orbit to change, and explode if I enable this mod. I think it is a special case, though... Didn't have the issue before.
  8. Hey, a while ago I simulated a realistically sized kerbol system that was stable with n-body physics. I abandoned it because a lot of stuff was happening in my life at the time, but I can dig up the data gain if you wanna use it for this mod. It does make the game harder because kerbol is A LOT bigger (the current sized sun cannot sustain fusion), which pushes out the orbits quite a bit. I tried to respect the orbital periods in stock with the new sun, but I did have to space things out a little to make sure the orbits remained stabled. It is harder to get into orbit as well because with realistic densities, the planets had to be bigger as well.
  9. So apparently this is a parody of a "mod" that someone released that just added command line options to the ksp.exe? Ok...
  10. Underground on another planet. Planets are friggin huge, no way anyone is gonna accidentally stumble on your base, unless you are spitting out radio signals constantly. Even with all the probes around and on mars right now, I think a person can easily set up a base unseen. I wouldn't keep my station up in space because there is way too much nothing out there. Things are easy to pick out in front of a background of nothingness. Hell, we are able to find asteroids that are as big as buildings from millions of miles away. A warm space station should be easy to pick out if you have a vauge idea of where to look. If I had to stay in space, the most obvious location will be the earth, sun L3 point. However, once someone sends a probe out to investegate the area the station is pretty much screwed. As soon as you fire up those engines and start moving again, and probe knowing what to look for should find you extremely easily.
  11. For the KSO, here is a config I have been using over the past week. Includes modified engines, fuel tanks, and FAR values for the aerodynamic parts. Didn't resize because the cockpit always went back to its original size after I loaded a save. Was able to get about 2 tons up into a 200x200km orbit with it, with about 600m/s of delta v left. http://pastebin.com/dDhFf4uv Heatshields need to be beefed up for reentry, though.
  12. Well, the reason I am interested in the mod is that such a backend will allow a mod that will allow you to create a map based off whatever you want. Want o make a map of the magnetosphere of jool for you to create the most antimatter possible with jool? Just track your altitude around jool and your current location in relation to the surface of jool and you can find the optimal orbit to collect the antimatter. What if you wanted to make a suborbital trajectory system based off of the kethane or extraplanetary launchpad resource data you collected? Again, once you get the raw data you can find the most optimal paths for your needs. Things like that are only as good as your space program is. If you have gaps in your data, you may not end up with the result that you want. This type of gameplay isn't for everyone, but for people who enjoy playing based off of the data their space program creates (even if they don't have much time to play like me so campaigns may last quite a long time), it opens up so many possibilities for them. And really, it is the options that the player can take (through mods) is what makes ksp so great.
  13. Ah, gotcha. I have been procrastinating on making my own mod, but if you release this I may get off my lazy butt and finally get to it! Since I have a background in signals intelligence this type of thing is right up my alley. Looking forward to whatever you come up with.
  14. I'm using rss and I noticed that the flat clouds do not show up until I bring up the alt+n menu and load the save. Even then the flat clouds show up at a lower altitude than where they are defined. For example, when I set the altitude to 10,000 the flat clouds seem to hover at about 4km but the volumetric clouds are at at the proper height of 10km. The city lights also seem to clip in the terrain in some spots after a certain altitude (the water does as well, though). I'm not asking for a fix or anything, just trying to understand what is happening. Does it have something to do with PQS settings or what? It may be an issue with RSS with the city lights, but I don't understand what is going on with the 2d cloud layer. P.S. Excellent job with this mod, rbay. It really helps add that little bit extra that the vanilla game is missing. Keep up the good work.
  15. I just downloaded and installed the latest version from github so my config works well with that. Also I noticed you can link bump maps in the config file. Does this mean you can make better looking terrain with a higher res map?
  16. So are you saying you can transmit raw telemetry data, like in the form of a csv file or something? If this is what you are getting at, that is AWESOME. I would rather get the raw data and make my own graphs than have a mod do it for me. Also how do you feel about extending this beyond telemetry? Maybe be able to send the temperature from the thermometer, or maybe even send values from the various sensors from interstellar? Like you know, have the user be able to pick a sensor on his/her ship and choose to log a certain data field from it every x seconds? Since all these sensors will require many channels, maybe allow the user to use multiplexing for some channels? Even introduce a priority where x seconds is devoted to sending data of priority 1, x/2 seconds to send priority 2, x/3 for priority 3, etc...
  17. This is the right link for it: https://github.com/rbray89/EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements/releases/tag/Release-7-1LR
  18. So I finally got around to making my own rss config. I always wanted a config that converted the stock kerbin system to a realistic system that can exist in our universe. I started out making my own config that kept the stock kerbol system flavor, but with realistic density values of each planet. I noticed my numbers were matching jsimmons's numbers that I just decided to use his values for the mass and radius. However, I simulated the physics on all the planets for about 700 years using universe sandbox so they would settle down into stable, realistic orbits. To keep the orbits tight to the star like in the stock game, I modified kerbol to be about 57% the radius of our sun and changed its mass so it is bright enough to allow kerbol to keep its same orbital period as in the stock game and stay at a comfy 20C (actually kerbin ended up settling into an orbit where it it should be at 19.6C... close enough ). So, if kerbol was a real star is should shine only at 15% of the brightness of the sun and have about 57% of the radius of our sun. The moons of the planetary systems have changed a bit as well. Minmus is no longer inclined because the gravity from the mun pulls it into a orbit of low inclination over time. I didn't make that many manual changes for the jool system, but I did push out tylo and vall a little bit. If I didn't vall would crash into laythe every time. This minor modification forced vall into a neat orbit that would change in eccentricity over time due to the gravitational influence of laythe and tylo. When vall got dangerously close to laythe, tylo would eventually pull it back and once vall got dangerously close to tylo, laythe would pull it back. Vall follows this pattern ad infinitum, but since ksp doesnt simulate gravity that way I just put the moons where it is in the middle of this cycle. Bop also crosses under pol's orbit and says hi to pol every so often, which can make for a very easy transfer between the moons. If principia gets to a mature state, moon hopping in the jool system may become interesting with its n-body physics (the moons should stay in a stable orbits, though). I also modified the scale heights and atmosphere cutoffs a bit to be at the same atmospheric pressure that the Kármán line for earth is defined at (1/2200000 atm). Again this was another spot from where me and jsimmons came to the same numbers with so I kept them mostly the same. However I messed around with eve a bit. Wanted to contain iodine in its atmosphere, so I came up with an atmosphere that is composed of 80% Iodine, 10% Hydrogen, 80% Iodine, 9% CO2, and 1% mystery gases. No idea if such a combination can exist (maybe that 1% mystery gas is what makes all the difference) but it works nicely with the numbers I wanted to achieve. Eve being composed of mostly iodine makes it interesting as the oceans may be iodine liquid since the pressure at the surface at eve is so great. Or maybe eve's oceans are made up of litium instead. If this is the case, Lithium iodide will exist in great quantities on eve, allowing the kerbals to easily make batteries for machines that will filter out the CO2 from the atmosphere into oxygen, which allows them to stay on the planet for indefinite periods of time. So leaving your kerbals stranded on eve isn't as bad anymore! I didn't change jool's atmosphere, though. I figured since you cant land on jool, the height of the atmosphere doesn't matter that much. I also dont know of a gas that would make such a green color and has a melting point that is at about -150C. Chlorine gas is green, but at the temperatures jool should be at, chlorine will be solid. However, some crazy electrical action may be going on at jool which may be causing some gas to glow green, giving jool its color. Or maybe the tidal forces of the moons causes jool to warm up (I used that as an excuse to keep laythe at a temperature of about 8C, to allow for its water oceans). Anyway here is my config file for rss: http://pastebin.com/p0Qq6qVH Also for you guys who have universe sandbox this is the system I used to get the orbital values for (if you don't use the most accurate setting, weird stuff will happen like gilly being shot off into its own orbit and jool's moons doing wtfever they want to do): https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/17644930/kerbol%20system.ubox
  19. I'm editing the config file so this thing can work better with rss, but when I rescale the cockpit it seems to go back to its default size when I load it from a save. I assume this has something to do with the iva. Any way to ensure it stays the right size?
  20. So I noticed that there isn't a radar altitude. There is an ASL altitude, and a Terrain altitude but no altitude that tells you how high you are off the ground. This makes no sense, when Im flying I dont care how high the terrain is but rather how far from the terrain I am. Can you add an altitude that subtracts the terrain from ASL and produces a radar altitude? Maybe make it replace the TER altitude? Nvm, was a RPM issue and I fixed it.
  21. I like scansat and I like figaro GPS. Perhaps there is a way you can combine the two for GPS information? Anyone that is doing a full IVA playthrough of KSP will likely appreciate teh realism figaro GPS offers and will probably like the plugin to be able to pull data from their GPS network to determine position. Being able to navigate off of what you have found on your own is a huge plus for me. Just my .02 cents, its your plugin so of course you can do whatever you want with it. Been using your displays for my playthrough and I'm loving it, though. Great addon for RPM.
  22. Mine explode when I try to make the climb to orbit at 1km/s. They explode because of g force tolerance... but makes no sense because I am not making large attitude changes at all.
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