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  1. Just wanted to show my appreciation for this pack- it's become a must-have for me. The selection of stock probe cores is very lacking, and it's great to have a lot more variety to work with- plus all the really well modeled science parts. Can't wait to see what comes next after IUE and Viking - maybe a probe core based on the deck of the Phoenix (and InSight) landers? Keep up the awesome work!
  2. The extinction already makes EVE clouds on the horizon look reddish (especially in RSS), but I'm not sure what they exactly mean by "yellowing".
  3. Maybe this isn't the right thread for this- but using RO, Kerbals that are spawned in rescue missions have zero life support resources in their pod- and that means that when you EVA them, they don't have any resources to take with them. Which gives you a three minute time limit to get the rescued Kerbal into your rescue ship, or they die of oxygen starvation. I just lost a Kerbal to this because I tried to use the EVA pack to burn off a little relative velocity- and that Kerbal died less than a meter from the hatch of the rescue ship! One second more and they would have survived. I understand that they do not require resources until loaded for the first time, but at least giving them some oxygen would be nice.
  4. Maybe this is a dumb question, but how should I land probes on non-atmospheric bodies if I'm playing with signal delay? I'm playing in RSS, and while the 1.2 second delay from Earth to the Moon is concievably something I can still fly manually, trying to land anything with engines anywhere else seems like an impossible task. What do people do for that? The flight computer seems like it'd be difficult to get the timing right, and it seems to screw up when playing with RealFuels- I had an engine with 50 ignitions and it managed to deplete all 50 of them within about two seconds when I tried asking it to execute a maneuver node, in addition to sending the craft into a wildly uncontrollable spin upon completion of the node.
  5. Reentry plasma trails are also incredibly long. Check this video:
  6. I looked around in the scatterer config files and the ingame settings and couldn't seem to find it, so I'll ask here: is there any way to change the load distance for scatterer? Specifically, when using RVE, the scatterer effects don't load past about 10^8 meters- which means that the atmosphere of Earth appears nonexistent when at or near the Moon, which looks kinda ugly. Is there an easy way to change that load distance?
  7. Oh wow, this is a great idea for RSS with procedural parts where I almost never use stock tanks. Thanks for this!
  8. I love it! If you're willing to tweak and add to it, maybe using the Unity trail renderer could get a similar effect without as much of the performance hit.
  9. The orbital inclinations are definitely incorrect- while they are correct relative to the ecliptic, standard RSS is designed to have them all highly inclined in order to simulate Earth's axial tilt. Installing this mod over stock RSS overwrites even the regular RSS inclinations and acts as if Earth has no axial tilt at all, like Kerbin.
  10. I haven't played with RSS in more than a year, but I decided to pick it back up again. I distinctly remember that all the orbits of the planets (and the Moon) were heavily tilted (to simulate Earth's axial tilt). However, upon installing RSS a few days ago and playing with it, I realized that this was no longer the case- it now seems to be acting as if Earth has no axial tilt at all, like Kerbin. Looking back a few pages, it seems like someone else might have this problem too. This is just a hunch, but I'm wondering if it might have something to do with installing RSS-Expanded? Or not clearing the Kopernicus cache, or something like that. I will try removing and doing a fresh install of Kopernicus, then RSS, then see if it works- then install RSS-Expanded and see if it changes anything. EDIT: It's RSS-Expanded that causes the problem- not regular RSS. I'll bring it up in that thread if it hasn't been already, but I'll leave this here in case anyone else has this problem.
  11. Gah. I thought I had gotten into the habit of checking back a few pages before asking questions, but apparently I forgot. Sorry! Now that I look, though, you said that EVE doesn't have a module for self-illuminating cloud layers- but didn't it used to? I distinctly remember that older versions of EVE used with certain packs (Astronomer's Pack comes to mind) had glowing aurorae visible at night. Was that a custom plugin for that one pack?
  12. Is it just me, or are the aurorae only visible on the light side of Kerbin- as if the self-illumination property of the texture isn't working? I am using Scatterer with the "draw atmosphere over EVE clouds" option, but even turning that off still has this problem.
  13. Hey, just a heads up: on 1.1, the pod flickers and turns partially transparent when highlighted/moused over. I've tried it with the 4k and 2048x versions and it happens on both- I have not tried it on any of the other texture resolutions, though. (You can also see that the icon in the editor looks a bit messed up too.) pics here: http://imgur.com/a/bg1sq
  14. Ah, found it- thanks! May I suggest that the lights be on by default if possible? Trying to find that switch when sitting on the launchpad at night is somewhat difficult.
  15. I tried the Yarbrough pod IVA in 1.1- it's gorgeous, but I feel like it might need interior lights! It's impossible to see a lot of the buttons unless you're in direct sunlight. (If there's an interior light switch already, I'm dumb and didn't see it- maybe the lighting button should be self-illuminated?) That said, though, it's an incredible IVA and I love it.
  16. This mod is so small, but makes such a huge difference. It should be stock!
  17. http://imgur.com/a/kOcgY I took a couple screenshots- maybe they're using a newer shader since The effect looks super exaggerated, but it's definitely there.
  18. I think Space Engine does tint the sun through the atmosphere- at least in the latest beta,, the sunsets/sunrises on Mars are distinctly bluish.
  19. [quote name='Stickuz']I'm having a weird bug with Sarnus, the rings render behind the planet. But Urlum's rings look fine however. [url]http://imgur.com/a/bC6uU[/url] Anybody ran into this before? I'm running tons of mods and 64bit, but didn't have this problem before 1.0.5.[/QUOTE] I'm actually getting this too. Lots of mods and 64 bit, but I never saw this happen before updating to 1.0.5. Using the latest Kopernicus, OPM, Scatterer, SkyTonemapper, latest EVE- those should be the only relevant mods.
  20. Oh wow, this is the first I've seen of this and I really like it! Consider me a fan of both the tiled look and the RCS integrated into the heatshield. I'd agree for sure with the "bevel the window edges" suggestion- a sharp corner on a window can lead to fatigue of the structure when under pressure, and lead to disaster- it killed a lot of people in the de Havilland Comet airliner back in the 50s. Also, it looks better. :wink: If someone's doing an RPM config, I would ask that they look into giving it the "ASET treatment"- there's been a few pods that have gotten ALCOR-style IVAs, and they look [U]incredible[/U]. Check out the Mk1-2 pod: [url]http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/129315-IVA-1-0-4-MK1-2-Pod-IVA-Replacement-by-ASET-%28WIP%29[/url]
  21. Man the Advanced Science Lab is hilariously good. I loaded it up with 10000 data around Jool from a Vall and Bop landing expedition and I'm getting 250 science a day out of it. Timewarp four or five days, transmit, repeat ad infinitum. Really easy to get to warp drive that way! :cool:
  22. Will my subscribed threads be preserved? I have a ton of them bookmarked for my favorite mods and stuff, and if I'm gonna lose them I'd like to save the links beforehand so I don't have to find them again.
  23. Wow, that's gorgeous. Love it! I almost feel like it should focus more on the haze instead of the clouds if you're going for a Titan kind of thing, though.
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