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  1. Is there a way to make solar panels work with kerbalism that don't use the stock modules? Trying to get the SSTU panels to work in background simulation. Following mm-patch adds the solar panel reliability to them: @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[SSTUSolarPanelDeployable]]:NEEDS[Kerbalism,SSTU]:AFTER[SSTU] { MODULE { name = Reliability type = ModuleCurvedSolarPanel title = Solar Panel redundancy = Power Generation repair = true mtbf = 36288000 extra_cost = 2.5 extra_mass = 1.0 } } But that doesn't seem to be enough. I also did read the docs and been hoping there would be some sort of part module or something that could work around the need of the stock solar panel part module. If anyone could help me out there that would be awesome. Thanks.
  2. I just tested the saturn pad in KSP 1.4.1 and everything seems to work nicely, except for the crane. It just doesn't move. Tested it with staging and action group.
  3. I run in a odd problem on my early space program, where I only have directional solar panels. The Kerbalism calculations for EC seems to not take into account that a craft would align itself to the sun all the time, so I have to jump from craft to craft to make the game recognize that it still has power input. This is especially a big issue when you want to timewarp for a while (as example to finish one or more time based contracts) and on manned vessels, since the life support systems are shutting down. Is there a way around this issue? I really like the mod, but it's no fun to jump from vessel to vessel all the time.
  4. It was meant to be a joke with no intention to be rude. I apologize.
  5. I was wondering why my props don't work (KSP 1.4.1, SXT and I found in Firespitter/Plugins a Firespitter.dll.mdb instead of Firespitter.dll. So I would conclude someone @linuxgurugamer has grabbed the wrong file out of the github repo and put it in the latest release But don't worry, it happens. You're doin a great job maintaining the mod.
  6. Hey, great improvements with the latest update. I got a problem: In map screen I can't get the body info window appear again. It disappeared (in version 1.3.2) at some point (or I accidentaly closed it) and I can't find a way to make it show up again. Tried the old Alt+N, reinstalling, updating to the latest version, checking the wiki and google, but no success.
  7. I thought some of you might be interested in my KSP youtube series. Playlist: Have fun and please leave some constructive feedback. I've just started producing videos
  8. I know, it's just for authenticity. Guess the ST-HAB-A1 looks also ok-ish as BEAM:
  9. @ShadowmageIn a future update, will there be another inflateable hab like the ST-HUB-D? Really miss that thing. Was the BEAM on my ISS replica. I liked it very much. Was also great for radial attachment, without taking so much space like the other inflateable habs.
  10. The SSTU-ST-HAB-D is missing in the latest version ( @ KSP 1.2.1 x64)
  11. I love nyancat. keep the rainbow moving. free nyan! <3 (dare you mods and delete this; it's acually a valid feature related posting)
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