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  1. Many thanks. And, by the way, it's better to keep showing collect all button after all experiments are performed (now it disappears if there are no experiments in the list, i.e. if I activate all available experiments, then all buttons disappear; so it's needed to manually select collect all from container's PAW).
  2. Wow, I feel for those poor creatures that live on planets where lightning strikes live every second or two across whole planet (provided that there is any life form that can survive this). maybe there is way to decrease flash frequency so it'll look less like a disco ball?)
  3. As I understood from explanations in previous post, it should transfer experiment results from equipment to container/pod. In my case it works like this: When experiment is available, I see animation, click on mod's button, see menu with buttons to perform all/w/o EVA; collect all, list of experiments. If I click collect all, nothing happens (well, ok, let's say I didn't have any results in equipment so nothing should happen). If I perform all experiments, all button are gone (including "collect all"), results stay in equipment in which they were performed. If a new experiment is available, then all buttons appear again as listed above, BUT click on "collect all" does nothing, i.e. previous experiment results are not transferred to pod. Is it working as intended?)
  4. Does "collect all" require some specific type of container? I though it would transfer data from equipment to landing pod, but it seems to do nothing instead. Do I miss something? Thanks for advice.
  5. When I look at some planets in map or regular view there are white/blue dots randomly and quickly jumping around planet, look like on screenshot below. There are also some fumes around Moho.. Any ideas?
  6. That critter crawler is SO COOL! I spent an hour just slapping together stupid contraptions and running around KSC
  7. Isn't this gonna take a lot more than 3k dV? You're going to suffer lot of gravity losses during such an ascent (though with load of TWR and lot of dV and not looking at budget, why not). P.S. And how should I know how much juice I'll need to make that burn from Solar orbit (+braking on target most likely will require enormous amount of dV, as it'll be done way outside of transfer window which will cause approach at speed angle and krazy relative speed).
  8. Fuel tank seems to have passenger seat. I think it's not really cozy in there
  9. Yep, the one for kerbals customization. Not a game breaker, just wanted to clean up overcrowded toolbar a bit, taking into account I never use it
  10. How can I disable toolbar icon? I've found this in config folder and changed to false: // Enable toolbar icon that activates GUI for customising Kerbals. isGUIEnabled = false But it's still there =\
  11. Got same blue world issue (KSP 1.3.1 x64, win 7 x64), thought that it may be related to texture replacer+custom skybox and/or EVE, but looking at all those replies I'm sorta started to doubt it
  12. Antennas seem to returned to control window, but not solar panels. Will report if I'll find any relation to other mods
  13. Not using RT. Kicked out Kerbal Atomics and Cryogenic engines, it's not them. Also not Near Future. Will try to launch w/o other mods too, didn't have much time to test
  14. Trying to attach chutes to probe floating in space, when I do this, I get "x broke apart due t g forces 2253 / 50 G". Any ideas? Didn't ever have such issues before 1.3 (stupid patch, lots of trouble and nothing really useful). Update: forgot to hold H during attachment, fancy hotkey system, forget it)
  15. Yep, same story with antennas, I just care about them less than about solar panels Papa_Joe, thanks for advice, I'll try messing around with other mods.
  16. Ook, here is screenshot of situation (newly created sandbox with simple test rig): http://imgur.com/wXOJHMl Also KSP.log on google drive: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B3LEHQBD7i8laUxJZk1aOW9GSXM What else may I provide? Not a crash situation, don't even know what to attach
  17. Yeah-yeah, I say that time to time, then I just switch to some other newly released games that take just 20-25 hours to complete and get boring (except just few of them), then I get back to KSP with new ideas. Feels like getting back home after a long trip Though waiting for all mods to update after another patch is somewhat irritating, especially when patch didn't fix that much of ancient bugs/problems and didn't add that much of useful stuff.
  18. Trajectories v1.6.8 KSP: 1.3 (Win64) Other mods: Reproduction: create any new game, launch anything, go to map, check show trajectory, then check in-flight, crash. Logs, if it helps: on Dropbox
  19. Checking "in-flight" button in map view causes immediate crash (even though vessel is in orbit, so nothing much to calculate). Any ideas where to dig?
  20. Is it normal that SM doesn't show any extendable solar panels in corresponding control section? Just started playing since 1.3 update and noticed that issue (also strange that solar panels on all ships were retracted, though it's definitely not SM's thing).
  21. Thanks Err, I haven't played for a month or so, so somehow I was totally sure there were some LH2 in NF, but nevermind that
  22. I remember there was a promise to make option to disable boiloff, but I don't see anything related in extras folder, am I missing something or such option wasn't implemented? Also, will boiloff apply to LH2 tanks from other mods? Like if I have a ship build with Near Future parts, will it start losing LH2 after I install Atomics?
  23. Err, my bad, reinstalled mods again (including MM 2.8.9), removed everyting that doesn't have 1.3 on it and it started. So sorry about thinking bad of MM Though I still have to find out what the heck is causing this: UPD: It's KIS/KAS, really weird
  24. It was usually crashing at loading of textures for procedural parts (not always the same one, which is strange), not parts themselves, so I tried disabling those first (both texture mods and procedural parts themselves) - no effect, unfortunately. I didn't try only disabling all dependent mods while leaving MM itself enabled to see what will happen, good idea came too late, will test that too. That was one of first ideas, so I disables everyting that wasn't updated for 1.3 - didn't help. Intuitively I feel that MM shouldn't cause crash on its own, so, perhaps, it's some specific mod+MM, got to spend some time testing
  25. Got similar issue: after updating to 1.3 I've updated all mods that were updated, game crashes at ~75% of loading, while KSP.log is spammed with "[something] has no database record.Creating" entries. Tried disabling ALL mods, done steam file verification to be sure - game launches normally. Reinstalled mods and started disabling them by several at once, starting from those for 1.2.x - found out that only disabling MM and mods that are using it (done automatically via CKAN) makes game launch. Rolled back MM to 2.7.6 - game launched, but kerbonauts in main menu got some strange parts on their backs instead of normal EVA backpacks and at least 1 ship fails to load due to missing part (it's modded, but mode is up-to-date and part is in same place and unchanged since before 1.3).
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