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  1. I’ve listed lots of information regarding kerbal space program 2. I’ve gathered lots of information from various YouTube videos and the wiki, compiling everything I’ve noted so far into a comprehensive list. Here it is: Current state: As of right now, KSP2 is in early access. Launched on February 24, 2023. It’s missing interstellar travel, interstellar parts, other star systems, multiplayer, EVA reports, re-entry heating, tech progression, the tech tree, carrier mode, asteroids, comets, moving parts, funds, R&D, and science. However, all of those features are going to be added eventually. KSP2 fun facts: ⁃ The Mohole bug from KSP1 has returned as a feature in KSP2. ⁃ The tutorial voice is called P.A.I.G.E ⁃ Howard Mostrom composed the soundtracks for KSP2, each soundtrack linked to specific events (In low Kerbin orbit, at the KSC, landing on Duna, etc). ⁃ KSP2 is not under squad anymore. Instead, it’s owned by Private Division and Intercept games. ⁃ There are alien monuments and statues on Duna, Minmus, and Tylo, hinting at ksp2 lore. ⁃ Eve’s surface is no longer purple, but is now brown. The atmosphere and clouds make it look purple from space. ⁃ Minmus is now no longer made of ice ⁃ Kerbin now looks more realistic and has actual tress, grass, palm, cacti, kelp, clouds, and more. ⁃ The Mun now has Lunar maria and is more like the moon. ⁃ Minmus is now made of glass because the KSP2 team realized that an ice moon of kerbin would be scientficly innacurate. ⁃ Eve now has a thick, volumetric cloud layer. ⁃ Ike has dormant stratovolcanoes now. ⁃ Dres is the most changed celestial body, with Chariklo-like rings, an equatorial ridge, and a surface that resembles Iaptus, and they of course kept the iconic Dres canyon. No longer the gray ball it used to be. ⁃ Jool now has a way more realistic aperance to a gas giant, with a swirling green cloud layer (Because it's a gas giant) also with volumetric clouds. ⁃ Vall is tidally locked, so the side facing Jool is now rough and light with mountians, while the side facing away from Jool is smooth, shiny, and darker blue. It also has a small lake now. ⁃ Bop now has a huge crater in it, possibly from another asteroid collision. ⁃ Laythe has a volumetric cloud layer now, and is much more realistic. ⁃ Tylo now looks like Ganymade. No longer the gray ball it used to be. ⁃ Pol now looks like a lumpy version of IO. ⁃ Eeloo is now very shiny and more icy (somehow even more icy than before), with better canyons and craters. ⁃ The Kerbal space center has gotten a massive overhaul. Now looking more like an actual space center, it has 4 large launchpads, 2 runways, and no Spaceplane hangar. It is also much larger, and even has a boat launching bay. ⁃ The entire space center is about twice as big, and maybe about 8 times as big if you include the space taken up by the launchpads. ⁃ The VAB now can construct spaceplanes, removing the need for a spaceplane hangar. ⁃ The Kerbal space center now has 2 massive multi-story parking garages. ⁃ The Kerbal space center now has 4 large launchpads on the northwest side of it. ⁃ The Kerbal space center now has 2 long runways on the south side of it. ⁃ The Kerbal space center now has a much larger vehicle assembly building ⁃ The Kerbal space center now has one larger VAB, one tracking station, many small R&D buildings, a flag, An astronaut complex, a training center, 2 large parking multi-story garages, and a boat launch bay. ⁃ There are be 3 more Kerbal space centers being planned, each equidistantly placed along the equator by 90°. ⁃ There is now a very small mountain range behind the Kerbal space center, separating the land it’s on from the rest of the continent. ⁃ The Kerbal space center now has an artificial water area around the launchpads purely for the looks. ⁃ The island airfield runway has been taken down, with only the rundown runway and a single tank left on the island. ⁃ There is a new building called the "Training center", where you can watch the new animated tutorals, and fly rockets in a simulator without affecting the real KSC. ⁃ In an interview with the art director, they asked "How do you differentate seriousness vs sillyness when creating stuff? In response, they said that if it's an asset that the kerbals are in charge of, it's usually silly, due to the fact that Kerbals themselves all have a silly and goofy personality. They also said that if it's an asset to speak to the seriousness of the star system around them, or something govened by the universe and not the Kerbals, then that would be way more serious. ⁃ In ksp2, they went with a more realistic style, while keeping a vibrant and slightly cartoonish feel to it. They also have UI elements a retro style, along with many images and videos having a retro color scheme. ⁃ The sound design for the rocket engines and the VAB are authentic. The sound design team recorded real sounds of a real rocket, along with a variety of sounds from the real life VAB. ⁃ KSP2 will have interstellar travel ⁃ KSP2 will at least 4 planetary systems. There’s the Kerbolar system, the Qeg system, the Debdeb system, and the Tunn system. The Kerbolar system is, of course, the starting solar system. ⁃ KSP2 will have colonization of planets and moons ⁃ KSP2 will have multiplayer support, with 4 kerbal space centers being added. ⁃ The KSP2 multiplayer will have 2 options. You will either be able to work together in the same agency, or you can play as rival agencies. ⁃ The team behind KSP2 is dedicated to scientific realism. They have entire teams dedicated to realism and accuracy, such as a chemistry team and a rocket engineering team. ⁃ There is currently 3 interstellar different engine types coming KSP2. The first is a Metallic hydrogen engine mixed with cesium, which is pink and about twice as powerful as any current known propellant. The second is a nuclear pulse engine, which involves spitting out tiny nuclear bombs against a pusher plate to create thrust. The third is a torch-ship engine, which was described by the developers by “The holy grail. It’s A torch that you ride. Screaming white death.”, and it’s highly optimized for fast interplanetary travel but is inefficient and doesn’t go interstellar. ⁃ Hydrogen fuel has been added, and there’s also hydrogen engines. There’s the NERV, a small hydrogen engine, and the SWERV, a large hydrogen engine. ⁃ Hydrogen has an absurdly high efficiency, it’s light, but it also works poorly in-atmosphere and is also relatively weak. ⁃ Xenon, Hydrogen fuel, Solid fuel, Methalox liquid fuel, and Monopropellent are all in the game already. ⁃ There is now a Spherical hydrogen fuel tank, which is very useful for interplanetary craft. Celestial bodies in KSP2: Debdeb System Debdeb - Debdeb is a young, red dwarf star roughly analogous to Alpha Centauri. Estimated to be only 5-50 million years old, Debdeb is a relatively young star. It has a reddish appearance, meaning it could possibly be a K type star. It will also likely have a visible planetary disk.  Charr - Charr is a heat blasted rocky world, rich in iron. Charr is relatively close to its star, making it extremely hot. It’s very cratered, and has certain areas that seem to be slightly glowing red hot. It lacks any atmosphere.  Ovin - Ovin is a large rocky planet with rings. It has a dense atmosphere, and four times the gravity of Kerbin. It seems to by decently mountainous, with a tan colored surface.  Gurdamma - Gurdamma is a young rocky planet resembling early Earth during the late Hadean Eon approximately 3.9 billion years ago. It has liquid water-filled craters, some lakes, and a Kerbin-like atmosphere. It also has a ring system in which its moon is forming. The rings themselves were a product of a collision with another planet, creating rings from the debris. This planet recently had undergone planetary impact, hence the rings and the moon, but has since cooled down to normal temperature. This impact mirrors Earth’s collision with Theia. Likely had a temperature, mass, and radius similar to Kerbin.  Donk - Donk is a moon of Gurdamma, currently in the process of gathering material from Gurdamma’s rings to form further. It looks very much like our own moon, with a gray and cratered appearance. It likely has similar heat, mass, and radius of the Mun, although slightly less radius and mass, as some mass is still in the rings.  Lapat - Lapat is a rocky planet with a rusty, red surface, along with vegetation and a blue, cloudy atmosphere. Likely in the Goldilocks zone.  Axod - Axod is a planet with a single moon called Umod. Not much else is known about this planet, as it was unintentionally discovered in a developer video, leaked.  Glumo - Glumo is a colorful gas giant planet with large rings and colorful pinking-tan and light blue bands. It also has two moons, Noj and Merbel. Given that it is a gas giant, its colder color palette, and its freezing moon, it is likely freezing cold.  Merbel - Merbel is an icy moon of Glumo, orbiting just outside the rings. It has liquid water oceans, a blue atmosphere, clouds, and an icy surface. It is likely to be freezing cold. It also has a stunning view of Glumo in the sky, situated very close to the rings, making the view even better. Tuun System Tunn - Tunn is the central star of the Tunn system, and roughly analogous in position to Barnard's Star as shown in the game’s files.  Rask and Rusk - Rask and Rusk are two binary planets that orbit around each other in a binary orbit. Due to tidal distortion from their distance to each other, they have many spots with magma, due to a distorted surface. The rest of the these planets’ surface is has a brown and cratered surface. The surface of rask and rusk is seen to have lava lakes and rivers due to the tidal forces, making them both extremely hot.  Verda - Verda is a potentially habitable world with liquid water oceans and a breathable atmosphere. Not much else is known about this planet, as it was leaked.  Puf - Puf is a small rocky planet nicknamed the "Eyeball Planet" due to a singular, central ocean. Puf has a thin, blue atmosphere, blue water, and a brownish-tan surface. It also has decently large ice caps, indicating that it’s likely in the habitable zone, and may be a few degrees colder then Kerbin. Qeg System: Qeg - Qeg is the central star of the Qeg system, and roughly analogous to the position of Sirius as shown in the game’s files. It is likely to be much brighter than Kerbol, and possibly more massive. Discovered in the game files, there is limited information about this star.  Skut - Skut is a small rocky asteroid with an arrowhead-like shape. The pointy side looks rough, with many rocks and boulders. The other side is smooth and brown.
  2. Notes (NOTE) Simple plugin to take notes in game for Kerbal Space Program. formerly KSP_notes and adopted with express permission. By @zer0Kerbal, originally by @agises (hashashin) Preamble by @agises Features Take in game notes anywhere Multiple notes support Multiple directories support List/open/delete/save notes dialogs Optional Blizzy78's Toolbar integration Movable windows with position save Configurable keybind, font size and mouse button Autosave open note when scene changes or game quit, even on <ALT> + <F4> Ship's log Unity default skin and KSP skin Includes workaround for linux version bug Basic RasterPropMonitor support Rich text support, info here Screenshots Help Wanted Localization - work in progress How to support this and other great mods by zer0Kerbal See More Discussions and news on this mod: See Discussions or KSP Forums Changelog Summary for more details of changes : See ChangeLog Known Issues for more details of feature requests and known issues : See Known Issues GitHub Pages : See Pages Installation Directions Use CurseForge/OverWolf App (currently does not install dependencies) 1 or 2 Dependencies Kerbal Space Program 3 4 Toolbar Controller Suggests Module Manager is NOT required Supports Blizzy78's Toolbar Raster Prop Monitor MOARdV's Avionics Systems (MAS) *red box below is a link to forum post on how to get support* Be Kind: Lithobrake, not jakebrake! Keep your Module Manager up to date Credits and Special Thanks Blizzy78 - for creating the toolbar! agises(hashashin) - for creating this mod Legal Mumbo Jumbo (License provenance) Current (1) - zer0Kerbal Forum: Thread - Source: GitHub License: Disclaimer(s) Bundled add-ons/mods are distributed under their own licenses (if any) Art assets (textures, models, animations, sounds) are distributed under their own licenses Original (0) - Author: agises(hashashin) Forum: Thread - Download: SpaceDock - Source: GitHub License: Salud. this isn't a mod. ;P↩︎ this isn't a mod. ;P↩︎ may work on other versions (YMMV)↩︎ Be Kind: Lithobrake, not jakebrake! Keep your Module Manager up to date!↩︎
  3. Ever run out of ideas for ship names? Well I've done the work for you! I've curated a list of 400+ ship names Obviously the google docs version is easier to read but I didn't wanna make this post 11 pages long Timey’s Amazing ship name list Acropolis,Adamant,Adirondack,Aether,Agrius,Aion,Aken,Akira,Albany,Alborz,Allegheny,Altai,Amargosa,Ambassador,Ammit,Amun,Amunet,Anake,Andes,Angara,Anhur,Ankara,Annamite,Anubis,Anuket,Apache,Apennines,Apep,Aphrodite,Apis,Apollo,Aquarius,Arachne,Aravalli,Archer,Archeron,Ares,Argos,Argyll,Artemis,Artful,Ascension,Ashigaru,Aspire,Astana,Asteria,Astraeus,Astute,Athena,Atlantia,Atlatlist,Aura,Avanchinsky,Avenger,Azul,Bakha,Bakossi,Baku,Balkan,Ballista,Bastet,Belgrade,Bellicose,Bendeleben,Bern,Berserk,Bishop,Blackbird,Blazer,Blenheim,Blizzard,Bratislava,Bucharest,Cairngorm,Caraballo,Carpathia,Cataphract,Cederberg,Celestial,Celestra,Cerberus,Ceres,Cerro,Chandra,Chthonius,Clachnacuddin,Clymene,Coeurd’Alene,Coeus,Columbia,Conquistador,Constellation,Constitution,Cotopaxi,Cottian,Crimea,Crius,Cronus,Crossfield,Curiosity,Cyclone,Daidalos,Danube,Daring,Darter,Dasher,Dauntless,Dauphine,Dedun,Defender,Defiance,Demeter,Devastator,Dione,Dionysus,Discovery,Dragonfly,Dreadnaught,Dromon,Durham,Dzhugdzhur,Eagle,Earhart,Elkhorn,Endeavour,Endurance,Enterprise,Entoto,Eos,Epimetheus,Erebus,Euclid,Eurybia,Eurynome,Excelsior,Falcon,Fearless,Firebolt,Fletcher,Frankfort,Gaia,Galactica,Galaxy,Galeras,Galileo,Gaugamela,Genesis,Giraud,Gladiator,Gorgon,Grossglockner,Hades,Halsey,Haraz,Hathor,Hatmehit,Havoc,Heka,Helios,Hellcat,Hemera,Heqet,Hera,Hermes,Hersir,Hesat,Hestia,Horus,Hoxha,Hubble,Hussar,Hwach’a,Hwarang,Hydra,Hyperion,Imhotep,Impi,Independence,Inquisitor,Intrepid,Invincible,Irazu,Jaguar,Janus,Jarl,Jawaijaya,Juno,Jupitor,Kaishek,Kamnik,Karakoram,Karelides,Karwendel,Kebechet,Kelut,Kelvin,Kepler,Kern,Keshik,Khensit,Khepri,Khingan,Khonsu,Kigluaik,Kilauea,Kipengere,Kirthar,Kjolen,Krakatoa,Kulun,Kuray,Laboon,Lancer,Lapetus,Lebombo,Lelantos,Liberty,Ligurian,Lisbon,Lithium,Loki,Loyal,Luna,Maat,Magaliesberg,Magellen,Mahale,Mandara,Mandekalu,Manticore,Marauder,Mars,MaunaLoa,Menhit,Menoetius,Mercury,Mercy,Meretseger,MeruMati,Meskhenet,Metaurus,Metis,Minerva,Minotaur,Misquah,Mnemosyne,Mnevis,Monaco,Montpelier,Munificent,Nebula,Nehebkau,Nekhbet,Nemesis,Nephthys,Neptune,Newton,Nimitz,Nova,Nyx,Oberth,Oceanus,Odin,Odysseus,Ogo,Olympia,Onward,Ophion,Orion,Orleans,Ortler,Osiris,Oslo,Osogovo,Ouachita,Ourea,Outeniqua,Overlord,Pacifica,Pallas,Pamir,Panacea,Parliament,Pathfinder,Pawnee,Pegasus,Pelta,Pelter,Perses,Perseverance,Phalanx,Phanes,Phobos,Phoenix,Pinatubo,Pioneer,Podgorica,Pontus,Popocatepetl,Posidenon,Prometheus,Providence,Prowler,Pultowa,Puncher,Pyrenees,Qetest,Qin,Ra,Raider,Rainer,Rainier,Ranger,Raptor,Ratikon,Raven,Recusant,Renpet,Resolute,Revenant,Reykjavik,Rhea,Rhino,Rigel,Rosetta,Rwenzori,Rycon,Sabre,Sakurajima,Salamander,Saratoga,Saturn,Scorcher,Scorpion,Seawolf,Seker,Sekhmet,Selene,Sentry,Serapis,Serket,SierraMadre,Siphani,Skopje,Slinger,Sobjk,Solaria,Soyuz,Spartan,Spearhead,Stanovoi,Stomper,Styx,Sumava,Swartberg,Taal,Talon,Tambora,Tartarus,Tbilisi,Temis,Tempest,Tenenet,Tercio,Tethys,Thalassa,Thanatos,Theia,Thor,Thunder,Thunderbolt,TianShan,Ticonderoga,Tirana,Toa,TobaKakar,Topeka,Trident,Triton,Triumph,Twilight,Udzungwa,Ulawun,Uluguru,Undine,Unzen,Usambara,Vaduz,Valiant,Valkyrie,Valorient,Vanguard,Venator,Vengeance,Venus,Victory,Vigilant,Vilnius,Viper,Vulcan,Vulture,Warrior,Wasp,Yashuman,Yerevan,Zagros,Zeus
  4. Hello there, I am the guy that (almost) never posts, but I wanted to help the community at least a bit, so here's a list of which mods have been updated to work with KSP 1.3 Disclaimer : Not all of the listed mods have been tested. Most have just been updated and I included them here. Reply with the name of any "compatible" mod crashing the game and I'l remove it, or with a mod not included here and I'll add it List of mods in the spoiler, sorted by alphabet in sub-spoilers. WARNING: It's really long By the way, I'll be updating this list as often as I can Last Update : June 26th, 2017
  5. A list of 10 things that are essential for the new KSP player to know. 1) Watch some videos. It's a great way to see what goes on in the game, and to learn more tips about it. 2) If you find that your computer is having framerate issues, go into settings and turn down the graphics. It's better to have a high fps and low graphics, than a horrible fps but fantastic graphics. 3) Before you even create a new game, go through all the tutorials. They really help in teaching the controls, how to get into orbit, landing, and how to use things such as maneuver nodes and the symbols on the NavBall. 4) Use sandbox mode first. It can serve as a guide to get you used to the game, and go on to science and career modes. If you load up the game for the first time and pick 'Career' without knowing anything about the game or it's controls, you're gonna have a bad time. 5) Kerbals aren't invincible. If they hit the ground too hard, they will die. If they go through a rocket engine that is on, they will die. If they are going through re-entry, they will also die. To avoid losing all your kerbals while you are starting out in the game, turn on 'Missing Crews Respawn' in the difficulty options menu. Your kerbals will still die, but a few days later they will be back at the Astronaut Complex, ready to go on a mission. 6) Attach parachutes! If something goes wrong, and you want to save your crew, parachutes are vital! 7) Attach a heat shield. A heat shield will protect your craft from the heat of re-entry. If you don't, your craft will most likely explode due to the heat. 8) This is a bit cheaty, but if you want to play the game without your rockets or planes exploding or breaking apart, press ALT + F12. This brings up the debug menu, and allows you to have infinite fuel, RCS and EVA fuel (jetpack fuel), prevent your craft from breaking apart due to weight or high G forces, prevent parts from exploding due to overheating, and allow you to hack gravity (have no gravity on planets). 9) Check your staging! Before you launch your craft, go through the staging (the orange list thing on the right). You don't want your parachutes to deploy when your engines fire, do you? 10) Use the Engineer's Report. This shows all the info about your craft, including it's weight, length, height, and so on, but also tells you for example, if your engines aren't receiving fuel, or if you are going to accidentally discard a fully fuelled part of your rocket due to staging errors. And there you have it, my top 10 tips for new players in KSP! If I missed anything, or you want me to go over a certain bit, tell me!
  6. This is very handy, so you can copy and paste in the content of your GameData folder quickly, rather than creating a screenshot. Just keep in mind, that this may not show all mods, as some mods just create cfg files inside other folders as is the case with scatterer and EVE configs, or texture replacers for instance. Also, some mods have patches that change how other mods behave, SSTU is a good example but there are others. If you have CKAN installed then simply go to File menu->Export installed mods... This creates a KSP CKAN Mods Export.ckan file which really is just a text file like the game config files. Otherwise... Few notes: This will create a simple text file containing the listing of the directory. You will be able to open it and just copy and paste the list into a forum post. In both cases, Mac and Windows hidden system files are not shown, but we don't need them for this. Both files and folders are included in the list. The list will be alphabetical and will ignore the Windows "folders first" directory listing convention, so that may throw off Windows users. There may be other ways of doing this. How to create a text listing of a folder's content and save it as text so it can be pasted or emailed? Windows Go to the directory you want to list. For example, GameData to list all your mods. While holding the SHIFT key right-click inside the directory. Select "Open Command Window Here". In the command window type the following and hit ENTER: dir /b >directory.txt There is a space between "dir" and "/b" then space after "/b" again. This will create a text file called directory.txt in the same directory. Explanation: - dir lists the content of a directory - /b makes the output bare, i.e. without all the dates, sizes and permissions as we only want the file ad folder names. Mac Open the Terminal If you know how to, then change to the directory you want to list. Otherwise, find and open the Terminal.app Start typing cd then hit space then drag and drop the directory to the terminal window and hit Return. (example if I was listing my Dropbox folder I would drag and drop the Dropbox folder and see this: cd /Volumes/Storage/Kerbital/Dropbox). Do not miss the space after cd! Now type in the Terminal ls > ~/Desktop/directory.txt. Again, pay attention to spaces, there is a space after ls and after > This will create a text file called directory.txt on your desktop. Explanation: - ls lists the content of a directory like dir does on Windows - as opposed to Windows, ls output is bare by default.
  7. Howdy, back in the day, i used to to pick out mods from this one big list with almost every mod available. It was split in sections like, "parts", "gameplay", "life support", and so forth. Every mod had a link to its forum page, a brief description, and the version of kerbal on which it worked. It wasn't a "my favorite mod list" thingie, it was merely a compilation of, like i said before, almost every mod out there. Can't seem to find it, though. Does anyone know if it still out there? thanks
  8. Hi there, i dont know if i'm allowed to link to Reddit over here but i am creating ( with the help of the community ) a big list of updated mods for KSP 1.2. You can find it over at Reddit - https://www.reddit.com/r/KerbalSpaceProgram/comments/574puy/the_big_list_of_updated_mods_for_ksp_12/ So please feel free to comment and add to it !
  9. I've been enjoying ksp for a few years now and have become completely addicted to numerous mods out there, and in the last years ish it seems like the community mods and plugin list has gotten crowded with currently out of date mods that don't work with the latest build of ksp. My thought is maybe we should start another page just for the mods that are fully functional/updated in 1.2 for the ease of finding them instead of going through a huge list of incompatible mods, I'm in no way saying anything negative towards the mods but the current list is a bit overwhelming, especially when they may or may not work with the latest build.
  10. I have noticed in the past, a massive lack of mod lists, and lists that have all the mods being compatible. So, I have decided to go where no kerbal has gone before, to embrace the motto of the Kerpollo program, "Failure is always an option" and have created my own list, these mods are all for 1.1.2, and can be found on spacedock, these mods will all work together on the average computer as well. Here is the official Kerpollo program mod list: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- B9 Aerospace - I love this mod for all the parts it adds in, as well as how perfectly it blends with the stock parts. As well as this mod's cockpits have actually functioning buttons for sas, rcs, staging, and abort. I cannot imagine where I would be without this mod! BD Armory - This mod adds in something I have wanted for a long time, weapons! Say good by to the airfield on the Island because with this mod, you can bomb, shoot, shoot, bomb, missile the heck out of everything! DMagicOrbitalScience - Have you ever wanted to put a spy satellite into space and spy on your fellow kerbals? Well no you can, this mod adds in all the things a big brother needs to "protect" his kerbals HLAirships - IT HOVERS!!!!! Finally, A way to hold a Mid- atmospheric refueling station for all your small SSTO's that need a top off. Endurance - Like many of you, I loved the movie interstellar, and have always thought the ships in it were awesome, well this is your lucky day, because now you have the parts to build all the ships! Plus, they are also fun to mess around with. OPT - Do you like cool ships? Do you like SSTOs? Do you like Hyperediting large ships into space to have awesome space stations? Well, this mod helps with 2 of the 3 things! It adds a whole load of new parts, if you use SSTOs even occasionally, this mod is for you! Hyperedit - pfff, who needs engines to go to space, when Hyperedit will do it for you! PlanetaryBaseINC - This adds parts so you can build a nice base, anywhere! T.G.O.L. group - I love, love, love, love, this mod. It adds 3 engines, designed for the back, or bottom of ships, the work so well for V.T.O.L. craft, as well as, they are highly efficient for In space craft! KAS - Kerbal Attachment System - Have you ever wanted to lower or raise things, how about lowering a rover from a ship, that you don't want to land, or tethering you HLA Blimp to the ground, you can do all of this and more with KAS KIS - Kerbal Inventory system - This allows you do more with KAS, as well as eat a taco in an eva around the moon, completely worth it Jeb. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is the list so far, I will release new ones as updates come out, as well as this list will get bigger, as I find more of the best mods for Kerbal, so until the next update "Failure is always an option!"
  11. Hello, my name is Stone Blue, I have OCD, and I am a KSP mod hoarder... I have had a spreadsheet going, which I have been using to keep track of mods that I use, or find interesting, since before KSP v0.25. This is by NO means a complete, all-inclusive list. This is MY personal list, so there will be lots of popular mods NOT on here. Since, I, and it seems many others still play older versions of KSP, I'm getting caught up on an updated list for every version of KSP from 1.0.5 to 0.25, that has the most recent (last) versions of mods for each version of KSP. I also wait a month or two after each KSP release, for mods to catch up to the new release, before I start playing the new KSP version. It makes for a lot less broken saves and crashed games. Instead of scrambling around every few days as modders hurry to push working mod updates, I update my list. Once the dust settles after a few weeks, and everything tends to stabilize, THEN I will have a nice organized list to quickly work thru for getting STABLE, mod updates for the new version of KSP. I play heavily modded, and "collect" every version of every mod on this list, and then some... That makes it difficult to keep track of mod updates & new releases. It especially gets crazy when a new version of KSP drops every few months... Once I get it completed, it will make it easier to keep track of mod updates as I jump from each current, to each next future KSP release. It will also help me clean out (delete) lots of old, unnecessary .zips, and make it so I have (hopefully), only the latest copy of each mod, for each version of KSP. I thought I would share it, not only because there are a lot of "odd", unknown mods that get little love, that people might like, but mainly as a spreadsheet people can download it if they want, and use it as a template of their own, and add or delete the data as they wish, to keep track of the mods THEY use. So here it is. I have just over 600 mods on it. Unfortunately, its gotten bigger and bigger, and its now WAY too much for me to keep current. I had previously posted it, and had some offers to help maintain a live list. At the time I wasnt sure it was a good idea. I guess I STILL dont know if it would be or not. But if anyone is interested in colaborating, please post. (Serious offers only though...This will take a bit of time & dedication) At this point, I guess I'll throw it out there, and hopefully get feedback on whether this is worth publicly maintaining or not. Feedback on ways to structure it, or to make it easier to maintain for private use would be welcome also. I'm about ready to trash it, as it takes up too much of my time. I know people who use CKAN, which seem to be the majority now, will probably see absolutely no point in this list, but maybe there are still enough of us holdouts to get some use out of this. This is downloadable, in case anyone wants to download it, and use it as a template and add/delete/maintain THEIR favorite mods privately. Right now its a bit of a mess. Anything with “zd” AND is highlighted green is pretty much up to date (within the past few days as of Apr 1, 2016). So use it at your own risk, ALWAYS check the release thread for the most current info. DO NOT pester mods or post on release threads about ANY information directly from this list (ESPECIALLY about old versions). PLEASE post questions, issues, noted discrepancies, feedback and opinions on THIS thread ONLY. I also welcome feedback and opinions from mod authors on having this information publicly listed in one location like this. If any author would prefer not to have their mod listed at ALL, feel free to PM me and I will see its removed. ALWAYS, ALWAYS, USE YOUR HEAD, AND CHECK THE MOD RELEASE THREAD FOR THE MOST CURRENT INFO. ESPECIALLY BEFORE POSTING ON THE FORUMS THAT A MOD IS BROKEN, DOES NOT WORK, OR YOUR SAVE GOT DESTROYED. On outdated mods, 98% of the time, I bet someone has already asked/posted about any issues, so DO the research if you want answers!! That is what I created this sheet for: keeping links and notes that I've had to dig up and/or research ONCE, so I dont have to keep doing it all the time. ALWAYS make sure the mod version matches the KSP version you're playing. I removed the links for direct downloads. Also, this is WIDE...It goes over all the way to column " Y "... And now the DOWNLOAD LINK: Stone Blue's Top & Odd Mod List
  12. All of this below is now irrelevant. Per RIC: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/126746-new-pinned-thread-in-addon-discussions-poll/&do=findComment&comment=2307233 --Ok so we got a new forum. So I got at request. Could we get a sub forum where users could submit mod lists. Such as their favorite mods, mods they think are essential, mods that improve career mode etc. etc. This would be super cool and bring a new aspect to the Addon section. It would also give less visible mods a chance to shine. I am sure there could be problems and rules needed but boy would it make life easier if you find a list with exactly the mods you like to use. And think about how many new users could be helped. Further explanation of my reasoning: FIrst, Mod list threads, due to their lower comment traffic, very quickly get buried in all the Mod traffic. This has the rather strong effect of making it impossible to keep track of a list of you run across one and don't choose to follow it, making it impossible to easily compare list if you can find them at all. Having your list quickly pushed off of the all important front page makes it a dead letter. Almost no one will see it at all. Taking the time to create and maintain a list is hardly worth the time of posting on the forum if almost no one is going to even see it. I would argue that far more people would share their mod list than those who currently do if there was a convenient way to ensure that it would not get lost in the noise. A place where other list could be compared and the community could collaborate, brain storm, and inspire each other, in a meaningful and useful ways. Second, I know I almost never go into the discussion forum and I think most users are this way, that is primarily a forum for, from what I have seen, those wishing to contribute ideas for mods or are mod creator's themselves. I would venture to bet the vast majority of traffic is through the Add-ons release forum, and since these list would be lists of released mods it would seem more appropriate in Addon-Release forum. Hmm I am not sure the mod list tag will cover it. You have to remember to search on that tag to find the lists and the person posting has to remember to use that tag as well.
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